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Although I have many blushes, I tend to stick to BeneFit Dandelion and Dior Floral Blossom (’08 Spring Collection). I have a weak spot for subtle, girly pinks.

I hardly have blushes (and I have a pretty large makeup collection), just a couple varieties though. That is the only thing I do not have many of… My Brozers, mac sculpt is usually what I use for blushes.

I think my favorite that I pretty much wear all the is emote. looks espically awesome with the scult and shape powder.

I had to get a blusher only a couple of years ago when I started using Bare Escentuals mineral foundation. It’s still hard to find one that goes on natural enough for my taste! I’ve got a Nina Ricci colour coordinates powder that I keep coming back to, it’s so natural you can’t even tell it’s there (without seeing the flat, white “before” face, that is).

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Ahh, so super subtle blushes are your thing, Lingping? It’s good that you’ve found one that works, though. I use Margin blush ALL the time because it gives me the exact coloring I want, too.

I love blushes!!..I have 2 pallets, 4 cargos, all the hip blushes, all the jane blushes, all nyc blushes for a very natural look…some of the max factor, a few neutrogena blushes, 2 of revlon sculpt blushes ( my fav. finds) lots more…

I always have that jlo look..dewy face blush, loads of mascara, and a nudie l/g.

I’ve got 6 MAC blushes(one full case) and one Chanel.
One beauty powder from 2006 (Summer collection) which I use as a blush,and 3 MSF.

I only have 1 blush! haha I never think about blush and I don’t usually wear it… I am more obsessed with eye shadows and lip glosses. 🙂

ive found just recently that i love blush. it really pulls together a look for me and gives me a healthy glow. as of today i have 2 mac creme blushes ladyblush and pink william. i also have 2 dream matte mousse( my fav). I have a peach and dark red/pink. I will be adding more though. maybe some powder blushes? whats your take on the 2?

I have 6 blush colors that I use separately or mix and match. 🙂 Basically a blush palette of MAC blushes; (arranged according to usaga, most to least used) Foolish Me, Springsheen, Devil, Peaches, Azalea and Peaches. Sometimes I’ll mix them around with MSFs 😀

They are~!! I use my 183 (<3<3) and tap the brush lightly on the blush. I sometimes tap on Devil followed by Azalea. 😀 It’s nice.

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I think I just got the 183 (if I remember correctly), so I’ll have to try this technique on my brighter blushes (of which I think Dollymix may be the only one left!).

Lol you know. I just realized I typo-ed really badly there. I meant the 182 D: D: I don’t own a 183. Although I would really like one to try. Sorry!!!

I looked on the MAC site for Devil and Azalea being curious about what colors were so potent that they would make Christine “blush” 🙂 I couldn’t find either color.

My collection for blushers is not much. Only 4pc from MAC, 4pc from RMK (japan brand),1pc from Nouba (Italy) & 1pc from Shu Uemura. Well I think that’s all..

But among the blusers, I only use MAC Dont Be Shy & Shu Uemura E33. There are both pink colors for a nice glow.

If you consider MAC MSF also as blush, then I will add on 4pcs MSF: Northern Light,Petticoat,Global Glow & Gold Spill.

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That’s not a bad collection, Chuarmk! It’s pretty good, actually 🙂 Don’t Be Shy is a great blush! It’s surprisingly versatile for both warm and cool tones.

Hi Christine,
I love blushes and I have quite a large collection: 13 mac blushes(azalea, fleur power,pink swoon, sunbasque, frankly scarlet, melba, fleurry, emote, cheek, peaches, desert rose, tenderling and desirous), 2 chanel’s (turbulent-bright fucsia- and in love.coral) and 1 sisley’s (pinky rose, rose and light rose).

My blush selection is pretty slim.I’m sort of blush challenged..LOL.Never know what I need.I have:

Lancome Miel Glace
MAC Strada
Flirt Caramel Belle
Maybelline Not so Nude
L’Oreal Color of Hope
LORAC Partially Nude
Avon Peach Champagne
BB Blushed

Gosh, I really don’t think about my blush very much. I only have one, NARS Orgasm, and that sounds rather boring! New year’s resolution: more blushes!

I only have three blushes so far, and that’s only because I never go through them fast enough to warrant buying more. Maybe if I start to make a dent in any of them I’ll consider getting another one.

i have 4 blushes i use regularly: springsheen, fleurry, Plum Foolery, and Flirt N Tease

Add in Northern Light, Glissade, and now Light Flush MSF and that’s basically what I use 🙂

Blushes and Mascara are my morning HG !
I have loads of blushes of various colous and texture, and my recent fav is convertible from Stila, but NARS blushes always play the final touch !

I have Orgasm, Sin, and Outlaw from NARS and Cotton Candy (pink shimmer), Dubonnet (matte dusty peach), and Parfait (matte pink) from Jane Iredale mineral makeup. For MAC, I have Don’t Be Shy and Soft Flame from “Of Beauty”. Since I’m quite fair, Soft Flame is really a blush for me.

While I absolutely love my NARS blushes, I can buy two Jane Iredale mineral makeup ones and still have money left over because I can get them 40% off retail at work. Twice a year we have an employee event and I can purchase testers for even less! The downside to the testers is they come in screw-cap containers instead of the standard clamshell. Next employee sale, I think I’ll be ordering a BUNCH of eye brushes and toss out some of my LC art-store ones that are getting rather stiff. Much excitement for new brushes!

So far, I have to say NARS are my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, the Iredale blushes have lovely pigmentation and great color payoff (not to mention the price is right!)… there just isn’t the vast selection of both mattes and shimmers that NARS carries.

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NARS is definitely known as one of the best lines for blushes, so it’s no surprise that they’re your favorite. It’s good to supplement with a lower cost product, though, for some of those other colors you may not wear as often!

That’s the funny part, the Jane Iredale blushes retail at the same price as NARS. Thank goodness for employee pricing!!! If Jane Iredale made the same colors NARS, I wouldn’t own any NARS. Everything I’ve ever tried from Jane Iredale has been beautiful, it’s just a much more subdued/natural line compared to companies like MAC, NARS, etc who offer brighter, edgier stuff. The only Jane Iredale product I’d avoid is their lid primer (worthless) and their mascara (smudgy).

Right now, I have five MAC blushes. My favorite is Raizin. I am a real fan of the sheertone shimmers though(Sweet as Cocoa and Sunbasque). I also have desert rose and flirt and tease.

I have only one blush: NARS Sin. I wear a little during the day, and it looks exactly like a natural flush. I put a little more on when I go out at night, so that I get the color of when I pinch my cheeks. I’ve tried the other NARS blushes, but this is the only one that gives me a natural glow, so I stick with it.

I love blush 🙂 It just makes my face come together when I put it on, makes me feel like my happiness is shinning out though my cheeks.

Everyday colors are either
Dollymix (bright pink) or Desert Rose (very dusty/dirty pink’ish), I always apply beauty powder up top for a little extra glitter joy.
Tenderdusk, Drizzlegold or Natural Flare

For super low key days and hardly any color I will wear Blushbaby (dirty/dusty nude color with hardly any rose tint).

I also have Honour (no real color, maybe a little bronze, but a very chunky glitter in a blush form) which I hardly wear anymore because I think the glitter is a bit too big.

I love Dollymix so much that I don’t really see any reason to buy more blush.

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I so agree, Tanya! A little blush can really “brighten” my mood, haha. Ohh, a beauty powder fan? Yay! 🙂 I’m always putting one of those on, too.

Gosh, all these bright blushes I rarely touch, but you all love!

I don’t really consider it a slew of colors 😉 but I do use several brands, so I do have a wide selection of shades:

NARS – Luster, Sin, Taos, Oasis and Lovejoy
MAC – Ambering Rose, Dame, Plum Foolery, Sunbasque, Melba
Stila CC – Petunia, Peony, Rose, Gerbera
Urban Decay – Fetish, Score
Maybelline – Soft Plum
Smashbox – Lens, Shimmer (used to highlight)

Sometimes I layer different shades to get the color I want and I like having a variety of colors because my skin tone changes quite often (very annoying) because I tan easily.

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