Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Do you feel using primers (eye, face, lip, lash, etc.) is necessary? Do you have to use any?

Temptalia's Answer.

Definitely gotta go with yes on eyeshadow primers! Total must-have and really does make a difference in your look. I like lash primers, too. Face primers can work well if you’re oily!

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67 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you feel using primers (eye, face, lip, lash, etc.) is necessary?

  1. I use UDPP everyday. It’s a must have for my oily lids. I use face primers a few times a week, every time I feel like my skin isn’t up to par.

  2. AbbyL

    Absolutely!! Too Faced Shadow Insurance + MAC Paint Pots help with eyeshadow so much. I always use face primer too, I think I just like the way it feels :)

  3. Avatar of Ayat ayat

    I use UDPP everyday too and I think it’s very important to use and eye primer, sometimes my skin changes according to the weather so I feel that I need to use a face primer for the summer months so that ,y blush and foundation don’t slip away!

  4. carriespooner

    Absolutely for face. Absolutely for eyes.

    Lash primers not so much. Depends on the mascara formula you are using.

    Lip primers sometimes. My lips are pigmented primers will help keep the lipstick color true. I def use balm to smooth.

    I think all the preparation is a good idea. Much like in painting your walls you would do prep.

    Now on that note.. I don’t do the whole routine everyday. If I’m just doing errands I skip the face/lip primers but always use painterly paint pot before my shadows.

  5. Kristina

    I definitely believe that primers are a must.
    I use UDPP on a daily basis and no matter what I always apply face primer before I apply my makeup. I also apply line filler around my undereye area to keep my concealer from creasing. These primers help in keeping my makeup looking fresh all day.

  6. Saira

    I definitely thing that eye primers are a must. I use Mac paintpots whenever I apply eyeshadow and I find that the colour goes on smoother, the colours look truer and fresher and my eyeshadow stays put all day without creasing.

  7. Nars

    Think it depends on where you are talking about. Almost everyone said eyeshadow primers are a must, and I have to agree with them! I’ve yet to try UDPP but I’m very satisfied with my MAC paint pot so far–especially with its never-ending amount–, so I’m not sure if I’ll switch to UDPP. Since I normally wear smokey eyes I use Blackground, but I’m looking to try nude tones as well. When it comes to face primers I don’t think they’re an absolute must, but good to keep. I use Perfekt gel as a primer every now and then, and it does a decent job on keeping my face smooth. Since face primers are all silicone-based, I think I’ll try Monistat anti-chaffing gel (which has nothing to do with infections down there! lol) as a primer if I’m done with Perfekt.

    Lip primers- meh, a decent lipbalm would do under my lippies, since my lips aren’t so pigmented and they only need a boost of moisture. I really don’t believe in lash primers. They clump my lashes!

  8. I always use UDPP on the eyes and MAC prep+prime lip under lipstick.

    • Liz

      Emma, how does the prep & prime work for you as a lip primer? I’m looking for a good lip primer to show off all my new MAC lipsticks!

  9. Shealyn

    Face primer for me is an absolute must, ’cause my skin is always so dry and flaky, even with heavy moisturizer. Even on days I just want to conceal and powder, I use my smashbox or prep+prime face spf 50. And UDPP is a must for eyeshadow days.

  10. Lena

    I don’t know how I use to do it, but there was a time that I never used any primers and my eyeshadow and foundation looked just fine. Now, I am spending all this extra time and steps to get the same effect. I don’t know where I went wrong or has my makeup changed. It’s so weird.

  11. I LOOOOOOOOOVE primers!
    I used to wear none, but discovered Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion a year and a half ago. Can’t live without it now! and I’m only on my second one even though I use it daily. Great product!

    Also, this summer I discovered MAC prep+prime face. I didn’t think I really needed it, but whoa! It makes my makeup so much easier to put on, and longer lasting. I used to touch up once or twice a day. Now? Never. My makeup can be on for 14 hours and still look new.

    Just a month ago I discovered lip and lash primers (use MAC). Since I love red and bright coloured lips the lip primer is a must too. Also I find it moisturizes your lips while still feeling sticky on top of them and really gluing the lipstick to your lips.
    The lash primer… well. I have unnaturally long and thick eye lashes to begin with so I’m not really sure I NEED it. But I like it because somehow using a lash primer as a base makes the mascaras look even blacker that without. And makes the mascara easier to remove in the evening. No rubbing anymore! :D

  12. I MUST use an eyeshadow primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion) and a foundation primer. Eyeshadows just love to crease on me and foundation turns grey!

    the others, I’m not really bothered with. I don’t like lash primers since they’re white and if I don’t coat my lashes properly, the white bits look very obvious

  13. I use two face shadow insurance everyday as well as MAC shadesticks,NYX jumbo pencils and MAC cream bases it helps the shadows stay all day and help the colors pop, sometimes I use mascara primer.

  14. Emm

    Primers depends on skin. I always use a primer because my lids/face are oily. For eyes UDPP works amazingly well, for staying power as well as stopping creasing (can they design a new packaging though, the bottle is not efficient). Though I use MAC Paint pot as well but not only for primer reasons. MAC Visage I use because it makes my skin smooth for foundation application.

    As for lip and lash primers I can take em or leave em.

  15. Anitacska

    I only use eyeshadow primer on a daily basis, but the other day I forgot and my eyeshadow still stayed on and didn’t crease all day. I’m sure it all depends on the quality of the eyeshadows too. I own some face primers and use them if I remember, but to be honest, I can’t really see a huge difference. I don’t even own lip or lash primers.

  16. i only use primers on my eyes. i dont think face/lip primers does anything or maybe i jus haven’t found a good primer yet.

  17. I always use eye and face primers because I can see the differnce…
    Sometimes i use also the lash primer…but my lashes are already long…so I don’t feel like I have to do it

  18. Debbie

    I use BE’s Prime Time on my face (but I am going to try the Oil Control Prime Time as soon as my Sephora order arrives) and UDPP on my eyelids. I use these products every day because I think they help give my makeup a smooth finish that lasts all day long.

  19. Katya

    i have 2 have some priming on my eyes every time – just makes eyes stand out much better – UDPP and mac – paint pots

  20. Jennifer

    OMG…Yes I use a face primer (the new MAC skin refined zone…LOVE IT) that’s a must before my foundation. Leaves my skin so nice and makeup set for the entire day. I also use MAC’s eye lash primer a absolute must for me to use before my mascara application. I also can’t live without my eyelid primer from Laura Mercier, it makes my eyes look awake and takes off the gressy lids.

    PRIMERS bottom line are a complete must.

  21. Selena

    I always use primers. They smooth everything out, and help the makeup last all day. I use UDPP, MAC prep lash, and have recently replaced my Smashbox photo finish with a much, much cheaper although kinda embarassing Monistat chafing relief powder-gel. I’ve done tests and the drug store cheapie works the same for me, however I cannot find a cheaper dupe for UDPP.

  22. Virginia

    I use MAC shadesticks and paint pots as eyeshadow primers. I always wanted to try a face primer, but my skin is actually quite nice, so I’m not sure whether it would make a difference at all.

  23. Nicole15

    I’m a huge believer in primers. Mainly because of my skin type. Eye primers make a huge difference in color pay off & longevity of your eyeshadow/look no matter what kind of skin you have so those are a MUST. With regards to face primers, I have to use won b/c of my skin or my makeup melts off and/or disappears by day’s end. Never tried a lash primer though. Fortunately, my one good feature is my lashes as they are full & long so I haven’t had the need for a lash primer…yet. Who knows what age will do to them down the road though.

  24. Ju

    Yep :D

    My must have for :

    - eyes : UDPP, the only one who not crease on me.
    - lips : the lip primer from Mac when I want shades like “Hue”, “Not so Innocent” etc
    - face : the primer for dry skin by Fyrinnae.

  25. classic

    I used UDPP everyday…, couple time a week I used smashbox primer light to go…

  26. Aramis

    only on my eyes..eye insurance is the best and no need to depot=))

  27. yes, I must use a eyeshadow primer. didnt know how i did without them in the past. Usually I switch between TFSI,Paintpots, Paints, Shadesticks, etc. But TSFI is the easiest and first thing I reach for.

    face primer – I use it 90% of the time, unless have no time.

    Lash primer – no no no…. i don’t even use mascara. Ha ha. If I do lashes, I just put on falsies.

    Lips – no primer.

  28. mars

    I never do a full makeup without priming eyes, face, lashes & lips. On days when I don’t really wear makeup (just brown mascara and lipgloss) I still use a face primer without foundation, and a eye primer. If you don’t believe that primers really make a difference try just using them on one side of your face and see how you look at the end of the day. Trust me, you will see a difference.

  29. UDPP is a HG product for me! Lash primer, not yet tried it but would like to some time soon :) Lips.. I use UD’s Ozone lip liner sometimes which is pretty good!

  30. Anna

    Priming the eyes definitely make a huge difference when you want bright looks, but if I had to choose ONE type out of those you mentioned, I would have to choose face primer. I really need full coverage, but my foundation us to get really cakey and gross each time I tried to as I built it up to full coverage. The primer really helps it look smooth and natural.

  31. Angie

    Yes, it’s a must for eyeshadows!

  32. Sugarcrumb

    Yeap! Primers are great for smoothing out the skin and to help all the makeup sit more naturally. for eyes, i use prep+prime eye AND paint pot for better coverage (my eyeshadow used to crease like craaazy!). For my face, i use either Elizabeth Arden’s Good Morning Skin serum or Prep+Prime Face. I don’t prime my lips; after a nasty bout of food-poisoning last year, my lips got super dry and a bit sore; now, any kind of pencil lip-liner (the ones that need to be manually sharpened) triggers off bad flaking, swelling and patchiness – the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Protectant Stick for Lips (just like a lippy) used under my lipstick keeps my lips normal

  33. lisa

    For me i find face primer and eyeshadow primer to be a must! They make my make up look so much better!

  34. Shefali

    Eyeshadow primer – absolutely!!! Face primer…not so much. Sometimes maybe.

  35. lunatwinkle

    I have oily skin, so face and eyelid primers are everyday must-have products! I love using Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel on my face and UDPP on my eyelids! XD

  36. Yes, but only if you are using them to achieve a more smoother finishing. Face primer, always! Lip primer should only be used before lipstick, not for lipgloss.

  37. Michelle G

    Eyeshadow primers for me are a MUST! But Face primers not so much. I think I’m the only person in the makeup world that uses BE PRIME TIME for Eyes n stead of UDPP lol. I have extremely oily lids and that BE primer works wonders. It holds my shadows for hours and hours. But when I use my Smashbox Photo Finish for my face my makeup honestly doesn’t hold up the way I wish it would.

  38. Jody

    I recently purchased Mac’s Soft Orchre paint pot for an eyelid primer and I am hooked! This makes my eyeshadow go on super smooth, it lasts the entire day, and it make my eyeshadow color pop. Aquavert is so much more pigmented with this.

    I really want to try Giorgio Armani’s face primer but I have not tried face primers yet.

    I also use a lash primer and was very skeptical about it at first but it really does make my eyelashes thicker and longer.

  39. Kristine

    UDPP and MAC’s Prep + Prime Lash are essentials for me!

  40. Avatar of T Violet tremorviolet

    Yes, for eye primers. I have really hooded eyes and get majors creasing in like 15 minutes without it. I use UDPP followed with a PP or paint to make the color pop.
    I only use face primers when I’m going out at night; for daily wear, I like a light coverage foundation and haven’t really seen a need for a primer.

  41. Stephanie

    i always use primer on my eyes, and my face since i have oily skin

  42. ali

    yes for eye primers – i use UDPP daily before anything else!

  43. Vanessa

    Yes, especially with eyeshadows! I finally tried UDPP about a year or so ago and I fell in love! I also like Smashbox face primer but I only use that on “special” occasions.. but I do notice a huge difference!

  44. Tanya

    I am a huge fan of the MAC lash primer :) I really think it adds that special omph to make the lashs look amazing!

    Lid primer – yep

    Face primer – mostly if I am doing a special look and wanna really look amazing and feel like taking the extra time to apply it. I like the way it makes the large pores on my nose seem to vanish.

    Lip primer – not really something I use, but I can see it being helpful for some

  45. No. Not necessary at all. I rarely use them. And you know what? My makeup doesn’t crease or wear off. In a way, I feel the primer market is making us believe it’s needed more than it really is.

    But apparently I’m a minority on this…

  46. Nice

    Eyes only
    Face never
    I don’t it’s great for the skin have so many products it’s insane
    MAtter fact it is said PRIMERS ARE BAD FOR THE SKIN
    I love skin products but not like “let’s have 7 products on your skin kinda thing”







  47. Nice

    Eyes only
    Face never
    I don

  48. Dee

    I have to have my Shadow Insurance! I’ve had it for a couple weeks now and that, coupled with the Paint Pots are doing wonders!

    I’m not into lash primers at all.

    Face primers I use about half the time. I don’t find that they make a difference in how oily I get throughout the day. I just prefer the way my makeup goes on when I use them. It’s a much smoother application.

  49. Luda

    Eye primer is a must. Shadow Insurance and MAC paint pot for me and the shadows DO NOT crease and stay on as long as I am awake. If I don’t have an eye primer – I might as well just throw the product out the window and stare at a wall for a half an hour because i just wasted my time and money doing make up thats gonna come off in a few hours. No face primers for me – they make me break out. I only use lash primer if it comes with the mascara I’m currently using. For lips primers – I read somewhere that lip primers are just regular concealers so I don’t buy them but I do put concealer on my lips before lipstick.

  50. dolce aria

    Paintpots, UDPP, or some other creamy primer before i EVER put any makeup on. Its the only way it shows up.

    I want to try a facial primer, but never have. My stuff seems to stay fine without it, I would just like to get one of the slightly green based ones to see if it evened out my skin. Mental note-next time I’m at sephora,I want to swatch the green on my face to see if its “too much”. I just havea little redness, but DEFINITELY not anything too severe.

    Lips, i’ve never really felt hte urge ot use a primer.

    Lashes-tried the UD Lingerie and Galoshes, adn didn’t think it did… anything… I may give it another try sine I spent the money anyways, but in all honesty, I don’t think I am particularly hopeful.

    So summary-eyes YES, face Maybe, Lips no, lashes no.

  51. msviolet

    I love my MAC painterly paint pot for eyeshadow priming. It’s my HG. :)

    I have a tube of MAC spf50 face primer, but I use it sparingly at best because it’s such a small tube. Little bit goes a long way, but I want to make it last as long as humanly possible until I can afford to buy another tube.

    Lashes & lips? I don’t have any issues with needing these primed, but I know the MAC lip primer works great for my sister; she has problems with lipstick bleeding outside her lipline. This fixes it right up. :)

  52. Michelle

    Eyes: Guerlain smoothing and priming base, works perfect

    Definitely want to try MAC paints as a base. Which colour would you guys suggest as a base?

  53. KyaLyn


    I use UDPP and paint pots for my eyes. I love both products they make applying eyeshadow so much smoother and the eyeshadow doesn’t move and looks much more vibrant.

    For face primer I use MAC Prep+Prime, another product I love. I only use it when I do liquid foundation, which only ends up being 2 or 3 times a week.

    Lash primer, I haven’t tried anything, but I want to. I’ve heard really good things about the Lancome primers.

    Lips, I may try if I want to hide my pigmented lips, otherwise I can pass. A lip pencil to keep reds from bleeding is good enough for me.

  54. Jessie

    Eyes, always. I usually use UDPP (And now UDPP In Sin! I LOVE LOVE LOOOVVVEEE ITTTT I got a sample of it. Rocks), and I use MAC PPs. Usually depending on the colors I use, depends on which I use. Layin’ Low, Painterly, Reubenesque, and Groundwork are the ones I use. Bare Study, too. That one matches my skin tone perfectly!

    As for face, if I feel I’m oily, usually I’ll dust on Mineral Veil from BE or I’ll use just a small amount of Laura Gellar’s Spackle before I use my BE foundation. My skin changes in the seasons. Summer I use the mineral stuff from Bare Essencials and in the winter usually I use a liquid of some sort.

    As for lips and stuff, I dont use primer. Heck I dont even use face primer half the time. A nice sheer balm is usually what I use on my lips and my lashes are super long anyway, I usually just use a tint. However, BADGal Lash is my addiction. And Plushlash!

  55. Eye primers are a must-have! Too Faced Shadow Insurance and MAC Paint Pots are the best! For face, I used to use Rimmel Fix and Perfect Foundation primer but now I don’t use it anymore and I do want to try the Prep + Prime Skin for my foundation as well as the Prep + Prime Lip. For lashes, I don’t use primer for it either and should get the Prep + Prime Lash.

  56. Christy

    Definitely for eyeshadow for me. Face primers, less so mostly because I find it feels to cakey on. Maybe its just the ones I’ve tried but it always feels like too much makeup on when I use a face primer.

  57. L1onQueen

    UDPP+ paint pots are a MUST for me! I dont know what I did prior to dsicovering UDPP from you lovely ladies. I also use Macs’ Matte- IDK if that counts as primer, and I definitely want to try the new line filler.

  58. I never leave home without a shadow primer, at least Too Faced Shadow Insurance or UDPP. Sometimes I put another primer on over it, like a Paint Pot. I like MAC’s Prep and Prime for lashes, but I don’t always have time in the morning to get it on.

    I do like using face primers, especially one with some SPF like Nars, or the green Smashbox primer that tones down the red in my skin, but I don’t use one every day.

  59. nancy

    Yes! I use primers everyday: Smashbox Photofinish for my face, Too Faced Shadow Insurance for my eyelids, and the most important one…Lancome Cils Booster XL for my eyelashes!! I really feel like the lash primer makes a difference.

  60. MMT

    OMG, TFSI totally necessary every day. and it lasts FOREVER. face primer–haven’t found one that worked.

  61. Ash

    Gotta have an eyeshadow primer! Personally, I can not live w/out paint pots. Not only do they keep eyeshadow in place and true to color but I can see a difference in the texture of my eyelids, painterly is my fave and it seems to smooth my lids out. LOVE them. face primer? sometimes. I like to switch my makeup routines up alot so it just depends. Currently I am using prep n prime. prime time by Bare Escentuals is pretty good. Lash primers are amazing- they def. enhance any mascara but I think I am too lazy to use them on a regular basis. Lip primer- nah, not necessary imo.

  62. Sarah

    face primer definitely. i wear that, then concealor and a v. light dusting of powder and that’s the face done. eclat minute by clarins is one of those products i wear and jump a mile back when i see my face in the mirror, like ”whoa nelly, who’s that fresh faced chick?” hahaha! i seriously love it.
    too lazy to get into eyeshadow basis on a daily basis but will try my elizabeth arden eye fix primer soon. (have had it for ages, a freebie i forgot all about).

  63. niknik

    I haven’t tried UDPP.. but I use MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot and it works BEAUTIFULLY! I love it.
    I used to use Prep + Prime Face, but I ran out and am not currently using a face primer. I use Studio Fix Fluid foundation, and Prep + Prime helped with blending sooooo much, and now without a primer it’s much harder to blend even with a brush.

  64. dawn

    I definitely think eyeshadow primers are necessary. I did a look the other day and forgot a base and it got oily and faded really fast.

    I can do without face primers. I have tried them but they don’t make a difference for me, for my skin is oily.
    I like to put lip balm under my lipsticks and glosses just for the extra moisture. I can do without eyelash primers also.

  65. Theresa

    Because I have oily lids, an eye primer is an absolute MUST!
    I use face and lip primers occasionally…not on a daily basis.

    UDPP is not sold where I live. Would definitely love to give that a go!