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My fiance thinks I have more makeup than necessary but I don’t think I could ever have too much. That’s crazy talk. πŸ™‚

i completely agree with you
makeup is a hobby and an art form
so of course everyones going to want to buy everything and thats ok
for people who just use a little makeup every day like mascara or a little face powder
they might have to say to much is to much

Oh yes, definitely…I often feel like I have too much makeup and I rarely buy new pieces nowadays. I try to be pragmatic with my makeup, too – a color might be pretty, but if I know I’ll never wear it, I try to resist. For me, makeup is made to be used and I hate to have things lying around collecting dust.

It’s an art and a hobby! You couldn’t say it any better. I feel like I have allot, but never enough.

I definitely feel like I have too much and I have about 10% of your entire collection. I also feel that my makeup should be used up at some stage. But right now, I feel I have more than I can use up in my life time. However, it does not stop me from getting new makeup. I have personally made the decision to buy what I want this year and be more selective next year. That should put me at about 20% of what you have Christine, thereby doubling my current collection.

YES, you can have TOO much. I think sometimes we make rash decisions, and end up purchasing things on a whim. I have done that many times… i only use a couple of things out of my whole collection… for example, i only use 2 blushes in rotation when i have 7. i ended up giving out the rest to my mom…

i don’t think you can have too many skincare products though. with makeup, i think the basics are the best. a good foundation, concealer, blush, neutral eyeshadow palette, BB gel eyeliner, and a good lipstick/lipgloss.

Yes and No. It depends on why you have it. If you want different look and like to change up your make up you can never have enough. But if you are a makeup minimalist then of course. I have a lot but I love the variety I have so.. And if I feel I am not using a product I will give it to someone who would like it and use it.

Both yes and no. There are some people who collect vast amounts of make up but barely uses any of them. In that case, that person has way too much make up. On the other hand, I view makeup collection as a hobby and its application as an art. In that case, you can never have too much make up. As long as you budget and buy the items you know you will be using either regularly or from time to time then I think that you’re getting your money’s worth out of the products. Just don’t let yourself go into debt because of collecting make up.

I have nearly 100 of eyeshadows and 60 lipsticks, just MAC products alone. I know I have too much makeup, but at least I use them! Some people collect paintings and enjoy looking at them. I collect makeups and enjoy looking at them as well as putting them on my face πŸ™‚

NEVER when I am at a makeup counter, but when I have to tidy up my collection, I always wish I had not purchased that much. The brands keep on producing products of new formula and improving the ease of application really gives me the urge to keep on buying more and more new makeup.

My fiance thinks I have too much but I dont agree. I love it…its my hobby, outlet to let me be creative.

I have so many items I never use! So yes, when I’m spending my money on stuff that’s just going to collect dust… though they’ve be useful in swapping for items I can’t get here. πŸ™‚

My husband would say yes, you can definitely have to much but my response to him is that i collect make-up like he does sports stuff. Make-up is art & a way of self-expression. The only time i feel like i have too much is when i look at the section of my train case filled with the make-up i only bothered with once and don’t really like. Then i feel like i went overboard, but that happens rarely as i used almost everything, love it all & am always wanting more.

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