Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Do you do themed holiday looks? For Thanksgiving, are you doing a combination of autumn tones? Do you do a green and red eye for Christmas? Black and orange for Halloween? Or do you find it cheesy?

P.S. – Happy Thanksgiving [to those who celebrate it]! What do turkey-goers have planned for the day? I can’t wait for the FOOD! I’ve been dreaming about my mom’s feast for weeks! And yes, Temptalia really does not take off on holidays, 365 days a year, baby! Or I’ll try, at least.

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9 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you do themed holiday looks?

  1. Mary

    It totally depends on what outfit I find, but usually some kind of glitter liner is involved, and a little body shimmer.
    Usually though, I go try to get in a red or green theme but I don’t believe I’ve put them together…. yet!

  2. Zsofi

    i only make holiday themed makeup on Christmas. then i am all about gold and red.
    unfortunately in my country (Hungary) we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or Halloween.
    Happy Thanksgiving to You anyway 😀
    i also love what my mom cooks,but the real kitchen genius in family is my grandma (genius,really), and my dad,who is a professional cook,but he doesn’t work there no more,he makes shoes for women,and has plenty of other jobs 😀

    THANKS that You update Temptalia daily….
    it has to be a lot of work,but so many girls and woman have so much joy in the site!!!!!
    i personally visit as much as i can,only school work can keep me away 😀

  3. Tanya

    Not so much on the “lesser” holidays BUT for Xmas I will bust out the red lipstick and wear it with green clothing which I wear very often since I am a redhead. Its really the only time of year that its ok to pair red lips with anything green IMO. Not so sure about green shadows and red lips (really true reds and true greens)…it would need to be done just right to be wearable even at Xmas….strikes me as something on of those blue haired quilt making grannies who wear those doggie themed christmas sweatshirts would wear.

  4. Tanya

    OH OH I forgot to wish you all a happy “don’t eat a turkey” day :) Been offline all day because I (ok ok with the help of my SO) cooked a amazing vegan thanksgiving spread for the whole family :) It turned out wonderfully and everyone finally left so Im now in my jammies curled up on the bed ready for some mindless computer browsing. Too bad my Lush products didn’t show up yet…a nice long bath with a bathbomb would have been nice.

    • Carrie

      Awesome! I had a vegan thanksgiving with my friends, tofurkey with A1 sauce is the best! Glad you had a great day too!

      Back on topic, no, I never do holiday theme makeup, I think mostly b/c I just don’t own many holiday eye colors! Red & orange shadows would be fun, but I can’t justify buying them, I’ll never wear them. :(

    • Oh, thank you Tanya! Wow, a vegan Thanksgiving! Congrats :) Mine was full of food, oh my goodness, I was so full!