Friday, October 17th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you consider yourself a makeup collector? Or do you pretty much buy what you will use often? Do you just have a few pieces that you’ve bought for collecting’s sake?

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53 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you consider yourself a makeup collector?

  1. Cat

    lately yes…especially with all these beautiful collections. My hunie thinks its a bad habit.

  2. Julie Vognsgaard

    Definately a collector. I am obsessed with all of the MAC colors and try to get them all.
    I keep up with the new collections as best I can, since I don’t live near a MAC store. And all of the LE and Rare items I find on Ebay. I am very good and detecting fakes, so I have not run into any of them yet.
    My collection of shadows has long ago passed 100 count.

  3. Anitacska

    I didn’t start out with the intention to collect them, but some pieces are just too pretty to actually use, like Dior’s Blossom powder or the new Guerlain collection, and YSL do lovely palettes too. So they just sit in my drawers untouched. Bit silly really, but never mind. Fortunately my husband doesn’t know anything about this, or he’s think I was barking mad, lol! :)

  4. Jessica

    Yes. But not too hardcore yet. I used to just buy makeup if I knew I’d wear it a lot. Now I’ll buy even if I know I won’t touch it for a month because I’ll have it just in case. Just like clothes!

  5. carrie

    yes, I love makeup especially limited edition items. I normally collect Limited edition items and all other items i buy only if i need.

  6. Nicole

    I am not a collector. I built my MAC collection over the past 9 years and I use every product. I don’t have the money to buy every limited edition.

  7. Heather

    Yes, I’m absolutely a collector. Mostly my collection is of MAC products, but I have a bunch of Chanel and YSL also. I have to have all of the LE shadows usually unless it’s really hideous or something. I’m slightly choosier about my lip products, but I still often buy things I never or rarely use. I’m a hoarder so I just like having them!

  8. I do refer to my makeup as a collection, but I don’t think of myself as a true collector. I think I’ve reached the point, where I’m just buying to round out the colour spectrum, when there is something unique or I’m replacing staples. The need to have every piece from every collection has long passed, and I consciously try not to hoard endless replicas of my favourites.

  9. Jnnlis

    More of an afficionado really. To me, the term collector implies a removal from what you collect as nmost collectors don’t really use what they collect. I use and enjoy all of my makeup and would not buy a product of colour I did not like just for the sake of having it. That said, I do have a ton of makeup…about 60 pigments for example, but I use and love them all.

  10. No I just buy
    what I use :)

  11. SnickerDoodle

    To a certain extent, just because I have a lot of it, and it brings me immense joy :) And I am often attracted to things that have very pretty or collectible packaging. But I consider myself a practical collector, and only buy things that I really want or need, not just for the sake of buying or owning them.

  12. Gemma

    Hehe No, I consider myself a hoarder, but I’m trying to just buy practical stuff now. Hoarding runs in my family-it’s a real psychological disease i.e. my mother has junk mail and newspapers stacked to the ceiling in her house dating back to the 1960s and won’t throw them away.

  13. Dawn

    I’d say I am a makeup collector. It’s pretty sad because I really don’t think I’m going to use all the makeup I have. I buy most of it because It’s limited, which is their plan (evil MAC)…BUT I have it in case I need it.

  14. Alannah

    Unfortunately, I am kind of a collector. It’ll go bad way before I can even come close to using it up (especially with gloss–I have WAY too many of them). I’m really trying to cut back because I’m out of space and it’s getting ridiculous, so I’m only letting myself buy MAC these days and I’m being much pickier! If I think about all the money I’ve spent on this stuff it helps keep me in line!

  15. Yes! It’s the only way I can justify buying so much makeup to myself! Haha.

  16. slick

    hmmm well the only things i consciously collect are UD pallettes, Smashbox blushers and Softlights, and MAC black-handled SE brushes. I do use the items I collect (albeit occasionally…lol)….but at the same time I am always on the lookout for the ones I don’t have yet. If I could afford it I would totally buy backups of all my UD palettes and NEVER touch them. lol.

  17. grace

    yeah I am a collector. Now that I am super into MAC I like buying some of the older MAC collections for the packaging and colors. I’m starting to collect MSFs. I have 6 now and am planning to buy most of the ones from Sheer Minerals. But I do use at least one MSF per day. Most likely Warmed or Global Glow.

    I have 5 full size pigments too. I love seeing peoples collections where they have tons of piggies. Soo pretty!

  18. Eva

    I am definitely a makeup collector..I got sucked into it about a year ago and I spent *way* too much money n make up since then.
    I buy only what I use, but I will never, ever be able to use up what I already have…and yet I get practivally giddy with each new collection…

  19. charlene

    I am the collector QUEEN lol….sometimes hubby tries to steer me away from the makeup counter in the dept stores…but i dunno, i have an insane addiction!

  20. nikki

    i’m too broke to collect ANYTHING :( my heart breaks because i can’t buy all the makeup and shoes in the world.

  21. michelle

    I am such a collector!
    Esp. since I am more in the know about the collections that are coming out I just want them because of the pretty packaging or the fact that items are limited edition.

    For example, I managed to snag a lipglass from Manish Arora – the pink one – and even though I do not need it, and probably wont use it as much because I have enough lipglasses, I got it because it was LE and because it was pretty packaging.

    Must stop this madness. 😉

  22. I am a collector of certain items… but I don’t buy things just for the sake of having them if I know they won’t work on me. I like collecting LE compacts and liners. Eyeliner is my favourite thing in the whole world!

  23. K

    Late to the game, but wanted to chip in because I think I have an actual problem with collecting MAC. I most definitely identify myself as a “collector”. I collect anything LE and anything that becomes discontinued. It’s a crazy hoarding obsessive addiction! I have more than I could ever use in a lifetime and truthfully don’t have the intention to use it all. I could say it’s better than collecting designer purses or expensive shoes, but it’s not much better. I hope, like another commenter experienced, that I get past this someday but I’ve been buying MAC since 2004 and the buying has increased exponentially year after year!

    Don’t worry, I’m not in debt because of MAC but maybe I could’ve bought a car with all that money… 😉