Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you consider your eating habits when thinking about your skin? Do you limit or omit certain foods? Drink extra water?

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41 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you consider your eating habits when thinking about your skin?

  1. Jenna

    SURE DO! I make it a point to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day (any less, my skin and body will suffer somehow) and I eat more veggies than rice at meals. I love fruits too! 😀 I don’t exactly avoid certain foods but I do try to limit my intake of fried food – good for my skin and body 😀

  2. Jools

    I agree with Jenna! You generally look, and feel so much better when you eat healthily, and have a well balanced diet :)

  3. Jennifer

    I generally have lots of fruit, veg, water, and green tea; not very much meat (and no red meat/pork at all); and a moderate amount of starchy foods. I don’t tend to like things that are greasy/fried or too sweet anyway, so it’s not a huge problem. Stress is what’s a lot harder to regulate – it affects my skin more, and it’s not quite so easily controlled as a diet!

  4. Emma

    Well I’m vegan so I don’t really have to worry about eating chocolate that might cause breakouts hehe. But I do drink loooads of water everyday and I still have crappy skin!

  5. Raven Fire

    Ummmm, no; I try to eat healthy, but most of the time my eyes and tummy take over and I eat all sorts of stuff. =D

  6. Ashley

    I just try to drink a lot of water and stay away from sweets and fast food. However, we all indulge on occasion, don’t we?

  7. Jennifer

    I try to stay hydrated, and I take a vitamin every day – those are the only two things that seem to make a difference with my skin food-wise. The one thing that DOES affect my skin adversely is stress…

  8. LippyNBlush

    Lots of water & vitamin C. Life’s too short not to indulge in coffee, choc & spicy food! I dont drink & smoke tho.

  9. LOL, not really. I should, but, well… I have so many other things on my mind as it is! But I do know that I need to drink more water!

  10. Nope. I don’t tailor my eating habits to my skin, but my health in general. I actually watched this thing on Oprah (yikes) that proved that drinking excess water made no difference.

  11. I’m not too worried, as I am fortunate enough to have very clear skin… even when I was a teenager! I do try to drink at least a bottle of water a day but it’s easy to forget… especially in winter when it’s so cold!

  12. Skyler

    I don’t so much when it comes to things like acne because a lot of the food-skin connections have been proven false after years of thinking there WAS a connection (e.g. chocolate makes you break out). But generally, I try to maintain a healthy and balanced diet because it certainly makes certain parts of the body feel, or at least look, healthier. I definitely drink a lot of water–not because I have to but because I want to, especially in summer; I actually love water!–and try to keep it in the back of my mind which foods will promote healthy skin, hair, nails and teeth. I definitely find non-food things affect my skin much more, such as stress. I should be more conscious of these things but really, there is so much contradicting research about food and skin that it’s hard to know when you’re actually doing something good or when you’re just wasting your time. :\

  13. I usually don’t, but maybe I should.

  14. claudine

    i try to drink alot because water is good for your skin other than that i try to eat healthy to stay skinny hehe

  15. Karen

    this go made me go drink some water

  16. Well, I try to drink lots of water anyway, but I recently started a diet…well, not really a diet, but just trying to eat better, lots of fish, veggies, fruits and natural stuff and I have noticed my skin looks a lot better!

  17. dee

    I watch my eating habits because I wanna lose weight(and I have I’m down like 40 pounds from last year). My skin hasn’t ever been super bad but then again I haven’t been the type to gorge on food for a least a few years.

  18. Laney

    im bad at eating healthy (LOVELOVELOVE fried chicken and ranch)
    but i drink a llllot of water just cuz it keeps me from having chapped lips and hydrates my skin :] im so vain.

  19. Kharina

    Nope. I’m just really blessed because I’m 5″2′ and 100 lbs…can eat like a pig and not be affected…YET that is…because after a certain age it all goes south. I’m starting to watch what I eat just for the sake of being “healthier”. But the time of the month is what actually messes up my face :(