Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Do you complement your makeup with accessories? Do you add a scarf during the winter?  Earrings that match?

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11 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you complement your makeup with accessories?

  1. victoria

    yes, pretty much. if i wear earth tone color outfits, i would wear warmer color makeup. if i add a bohemian style accessories, then my makeup would be a more richer tone. same goes for cooler tones, but if my accessories are bolder, i might wear shimmery white e/s with a red lipstick. it’s like if i add accessories to my outfit, i might want to add something special to my makeup as well just so my face could catch up with my outfit.

  2. Carrie

    Yes, I don’t have pierced ears, so I go for necklaces and scarves a lot. Headbands and other hair accessories a little bit, too. I like wearing little pops of color, and I see makeup and accessories as different ways to do that.

    • Wow, it is so rare to find women without pierced ears! My sister is lamenting getting hers pierced, but my mom is pretty set on it (she’s pretty much just scared of pain).

      I just got a bunch of scarves, and I’m loving how easy they accessorize an outfit. I expect a few headbands from my boyfriend in my second Christmas gifts, ha.

      Do you have a favorite fabric for scarves?

      • Carrie

        Yeah, strangely, not having pierced ears has become part of my self-identity! I just never have liked earrings. I tried it out once, but didn’t think it looked good and so I let the holes close up. So I guess for your sister, she may end up liking it, but she can always let them heal up again if she changes her mind after she gets them done.

        I think plain old cotton is my favorite scarf fabric. And I just realized that “scarf” to me means “knitted winter scarf/muffler” but to others may mean like “Hermes silk scarf.” I am addicted to knitted scarves.

        • I go through phases where I like jewelry and other times when I don’t. My holes never healed up, I don’t know why. I didn’t wear earrings for like… six years or longer, still there!

          Ohh, I assumed knitted scarves 😀

  3. Tekoa

    Ha. Yes. 90% of the time its with Alchemy Gothic necklaces. They’re very unique and I get a lot of compliments. There’s a rumor circulating in neighbourhood little girls that I’m a model who dissapears every summer to work in exotic places.
    *lol* In reality I leave the city to work on a military base.

    • Tanya

      aren’t little girls the best when it comes to a boost? I love your story and am often treated with the same sense of awe from the little girls in my sons class :) I admit that I love picking him up after school as they always notice if I have done something different to my hair, have a smashing shade of lipstick on, have on a new outfit…when no one else seems to notice. As far as they are concerned Tekoa, you are a supermodel in their world…you better work it girl!!

    • LOL! What a great rumor to have spread about you! I mean, hey, I’ll take supermodel any day 😉

      How cute!

  4. kinda
    if i’m doing a neutral eye with a pop of color i’ll repeat the color in my earrings or necklace.