Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you color your hair? Have you in the past? What color is it now? (or what’s your natural color for those who don’t!)

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111 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you color your hair?

  1. Valerie

    I started colouring my hair in the summer of 6th grade and my current colour is medium brown I might colour again soon.

    • Hi Valerie,

      I’m totally overwhelmed by how many of you color your hair! It really does seem like the thing to do, LOL. I used to color mine several years ago, always wanted to get darker hair (kind of like an almost-black with reddish cast).

  2. Christine B

    I’ve been coloring my hair since I was a freshman in high school I think. I’m 23 now and I haven’t seen my natural hair color in years haha (except for roots). I’ve had just about every hair color except blonde. Right now my hair is black with pink highlights.

  3. kim

    i started coloring my hair red in 2004. i’ve done it black, brown, pink, and now it’s black with purple underneath

  4. Nicole

    Not anymore. I had highlights as long as I wore shoulderlong hair. But right now with my inverted bob like Posh Spice I decided to wear my natural darkblond color, and I like it.

  5. Zsofi

    my natural color is vey dark brown :-)
    a hairdresser told me once,that my color is very unique,and i MUSTNT ever color it :-DDDD
    BUT,i told her i will color it blonde once :-)
    she freaked out :-DDD
    then i bought a box of red and a box of blonde hair color.
    i couldnt ecide which highlight should i have :-)
    then i decided to use the blonde…
    step by step i have become a really blonde gal :-)
    i enjoy it,bc its better with pastel makeups :-)
    but i always am worried bc of my brows….
    they have been black,blonde,brown,black again… :-)

  6. Chica

    I’ve only ever coloured my hair once – when I was a wee goth in high school πŸ˜€ Bright red highlights but they were difficult to maintain , my hair is really dark – the darkest brown before black as my hairdresser put it – and red fades super quick.
    I got sick of them grew the bleached highlights out.
    I doubt I’ll ever dye it again , i love the colour of my hair as it is :)

  7. after a traumatic bleach experinece (which forced me to cut off all my hair), i haven’t dyed my hair in over 5 years, and i’m better off that way — no worry about root touch-ups, damaging my hair…………it’s really healthy and shiny, and luckily i’m a natural dirty blonde so it’s a good color :) only downside is that i have ALOT of grey, and you can see it more and more latley……

    • Hi Courtney,

      Oh no! I think I’d cry rivers if I had to cut off all my hair :( My boyfriend’s mom recently decided to “embrace gray.” My mom is still in denial, lol!

  8. Nell

    I donΒ΄t color it since it is very light blonde, a color lots of people pay lots of money for – as my hairdresser says. So I guess IΒ΄m lucky, more money to buy MAC, hehe!

  9. Inky

    I’ve been coloring my hair since high school (omg, 30 years plus!!) It’s brown naturally but has been all colors of the rainbow, blonde, black and various shades of red. Right now I am in a dark brown with plummy highlights mode :)

    As long as it’s not gray!

  10. Tanya from Oz

    lol, I just got my hair coloured yesterday!

    naturally my hair is a neutral flat dark brown colour (in summer it’s nice tho, cos it gets some natural highlights).

    I’ve been colouring my hair since year 7, but not often and not full-on. I’ve done a deep cool purple washout, and copper/bronze/deep golden brown highlights. Currently my hair is really natural-looking with cool toned medium brown/ashy dark brown/rich dark coppery brown highlights (lol thats alot of shades of brown!!)

    surprisingly I’ve never done a whole head of colour! One day I want to lighten my hair properly…but its gonna be hard because i’ve got REALLY dark eyebrows…..dammit i’ll have to tint them. maintaining ANY hair is hard and time consuming lol!

  11. Sandy

    I color my hair a chocolate brown color. My natural hair is dark brown. I have tried red and light brown with highlights before too, but I prefer the chocolate brown.
    I want to go black for fall. Haven’t tried that color yet :)

  12. Kimberly

    I color my hair once every 4-6 weeks, it’s brown w` platinum blonde highlights. =]

  13. Nana

    I color my hair regularly. My natural color is black and now it’s brown with some mahogany highlights

  14. Tayma

    I normally do but when my brother left for Iraq a year ago, I made a promise that i wouldnt cut or color until he was home safely.

    My natural hair color is a VERY dark brown( borderline black) and i color it auburn/burgundy. Last year i did auburn with bright red highlights but after a while- it looked auburn with golden/blonde-ish highlights which i love also.

    I really dont know if ill color again now since im starting to love my natural hair color.

  15. angela

    all the time!! i get bored and hair i think is the easiest way for a fast, drastic change. my hair is naturally light brown (from what i remember, haven’t seen it since middle school!)I did the blonde thing all through college, then last year i started going darker. right now it’s ‘dark burgundy brown’ but i wanna go light again!! lucky for me, my best friend is a hairdresser :) so i just go to the beauty supply store and pick my color and she does it for me :)

  16. gio

    I used to color my hair blonde, but my hair was started to get quite ruined because of it, so last year I went back to my natural brown color.
    I’m not sure if I’ll color it again as everyone says my natural color suits me best and I’m starting to like it too.

  17. dee

    My hair was fairly black, then I got a relaxer…after a while it turned dark brown(no difference indoors, but in sunlight you could tell).

    Last year I got a purple/plum rinse and 3 months ago I got a red rinse.

    I’ve never had permanent color or highlights. I’m cheap and since I have the relaxer, I don’t want to do too much to my hair.

  18. Quynh

    I haven’t had my natural hair color since 4th grade. Right now, it’s purple and pink on the front and shades of brown for the rest of my head.

  19. Dianella

    I’ve been colouring my hair for a couple years now. My natural colour is dark blonde, so for a few years I just highlighted it, but then I got bored, so I switched to red. I’ve been experimenting since then so I’m currently medium brown.

  20. Yeah I color my hair. My natural color is red, but I like to color it like an un natural red haha. :)

  21. Carrie

    My natural color is a light brown with a little bit of red.

    I’ve colored it off an on since I was about 14, starting with green and blue and then I was a copper redhead for a while, then black, then my natural color for years after I finished school. Now I keep it similar to my natural shade, reddish brown, but darker. I’m pale and I like the contrast of darker hair and pale skin.

  22. My natural hair color is a medium brown, and it pretty much always stays that base color (except for a few brief months as a redhead!), but I always highlight it. Right now, I have blonde and copper highlights, and I’d like to do something fun, like a few purple or hot pink highlights. I’m a teacher, so I can’t do anything TOO over the top, but I like to have fun.

  23. Laney

    I started coloring my hair when I was 12 or 13. So far I’ve done highlights, lime green, turquoise, medium blue, dark blue, purple, light pink, medium pink, hot pink, every shade of red–including fire truck red, all the browns, black, various blondes, orange, and combinations of all of those. Right now it’s bleached nearly white and my dark roots are about a quarter of an inch. I don’t let them get much longer than that : D

  24. Ariele

    Yep, I’ve died my hair for as long as I can remember, probably since junior high (I’m 24 now). Its been every color under the sun. Right now, its pretty close to my natural color though, which is a medium brown. Before this, I had it really rich chocolate brown with black low lights & red highlights. I think I’m going to go back to that :)

  25. Johanne

    I used to dye my hair all the time (usually dark, dark brown or black), but my hair hated it, so I stopped two years ago. My hair is naturally an odd reddish brown color. Pretty unique, but possibly not in a good way, hah :)

  26. I used to have Blonde hair 4 years back for like 3 years wen i was 15 but then then were tooo much damaged cause of continuous dying.And now they r in natural colour somewhere like brownish-red.

    HELP!!In btw plz let me know any suitable red colour (without cutting down the natural hair colour dye) if ever anyone have experimented for long time and still doesn’t have damaged hair?Thankx!!


  27. Heather

    Nope, I NEVER have, and I probably never will until I have to to cover grays…but that will hopefully be a long while :-) My hair is a medium brown I’d say.

  28. Sisi

    I have strawberry blonde hair and I’ve never dyed it. My friends always told me not to, but I’ve always wanted to try semi-permanent streaks in a wild color. Unfortunately, those brands caution blondes that it might not come out so I’m too freaked to try.

    • Hi Sisi,

      I had a friend who was a dirty blonde, and she always did crazy colors, but I think she also bleached to get them to show up well.

  29. lisa

    I usto do it for like 6 years i have had in colors like,red, purple, light brown, blonde highlights, etc. Everytime something changed in my life like if i passed to another grade id put a different one in. It was just a phase i guess. Now i have it my natural color which is black.

  30. Carolina

    I started with highlights 3 or 4 years ago. I go for a mixture of redish/brown highlights as my natural colour is a dark brown. I renew the colour every couple of months, but I recently got bored of the colour because the highlights became too light and I don’t do blonde. So I asked to do a darker colour. The colour person warned me I woulnd’t like to see myself in such a dark shade, but I love it! I think I’ll go back to my natural colour and just do a Gloss every once in a while.

  31. Candace117

    My hair was strawberry blonde growing up, and now it is growing in a bit darker. Right now it’s a pale baby blonde with some of the strawberry streaks coming through the bottom layers. I really like it and so does DH. I take really good care of it and never skimp on hair products to make sure it stays in great condition and doesn’t get damaged from the processing.

  32. Zoila

    I had been coloring my hair since 2006. I had a dark strawberry red hair color, then I tried dying it black but it came out like a brownish red color which was alright, then last year I dyed it black again, and thankfully it came out black! After that, since my natural hair color is medium brown, my roots kept growing out and I kept dying my hair black (august 2007-march 2008), but I stopped this March because it was damaging my hair, and I want a change of hair color. I’m thinking a really pretty brown with a red tint is next, especially for fall :)

  33. my natural color is black. since 6th grade, most people assume i dye it black because i have very fair, rosy skin. its always been frustrating that people thought that! recently, white hairs have been popping up and they stand out so much on my dark hair that I started using l’oreal root touch up on them.

    • Hi Meagan,

      Oh, grays definitely show up so glaringly with black hair (my mom has black hair). I’ve always wanted jet black hair myself!

  34. Crystal

    I have been coloring my hair consistently since 2001! I stopped coloring briefly during my engagement and started right up after the wedding! Right now I am an auburn/red! Getting a rinse tomorrow! I love coloring my hair, although I have to be really careful and take better care of it!

  35. Tammy

    I have been coloring it for 14 years now…woah!

    I have been coloring it jet black for about 6…my natural color is a medium ash brown…but being that I am of Hawaiian and Native descent the black is very natural looking…

  36. Tekoa

    Yup! I’ve dyed it a multitude of colours ranging from burgundy red to black with blue/green layers. That one looked awsome! Unfortunatly I can’t afford to pay $200 a month to get the blue/green/black artistry done a month ontop of my MAC habit. Therefore, I’ve returned to dying it brownish/black. Its about two shades darker than my natural hair.

  37. shimmermoss

    i never wanted to, but i have gray hair all over the place and i’m just 27 (been dying for 2 years now)
    but i think about stopping, letting the grays show, because i’m sick of spending all that money just to damage my hair.
    btw, i have (had!!!) dark brown-black hair dyed mahagony.

  38. As soon as I was allowed to I started dying my hair. From red streaks to all over purple (but never a crazy bright colour)but I haven’t dyed my hair in about two years and I’m pretty happy that I don’t have to deal with roots anymore! My hair is naturally jet black (I’m chinese) and even though I get urges to dye it brown I don’t plan to dye it again any time soon!

  39. Brenda

    I started colouring my hair in mid grade 6, I remember the bleach didn’t sit long enough for blonde hair so I ended up with bright orange hair which within the month was recoloured blonde, red, and then a light brown. It’s been years though I dyed my hair so much during my youth that it’s pretty dead so I stopped completely and now there is a small patch of my bangs that’s a copperish colour from my grade 12 year I believe but otherwise I have DARK brown.

  40. Hillary

    I used to color my hair a ton. Started in the 6th grade, just browns, then I got to reds in the 8/9th grade, then all the colors of the rainbow 10th….then I kinda stopped. way too much breakage, my hair is like hay. but now I dye it black every once in awhile. but my natural color is light blonde, so i always have my roots showing because I’m too lazy to keep up with it.

  41. HeavenLeiBlu

    Yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever stop, until I’m fully gray, than I’ll cut all the colored hair off.

    It has been jet black, dark blue, and now it’s a reddish auburn, but I’m way overdue for a touchup. I might kick the red up a notch, too. I dye because it compliments my complexion. It doesn’t really cover my grays, LOL after a few shampoos, my grays pop out, like “HEY GIRL!!!!!!!!”

    My natural color is off black.

  42. Lish

    My natural color is a dark chocolate. i have never dyed it.

  43. Stacey

    I’ve been colouring my hair since I was 12 years old… I’m naturally blonde, and stayed blonde for a while, then tried red, brown and black (not a good look) when I was in high school. I tried chocolate brown last year, but now I will never stray from blonde because it suits me best and it’s torture to die your hair back from dark brown to light blonde!

  44. Elizabeth

    yes it is a must now cuz of my grey. At first I colored my hair for fun but now I find that it is a must. My current hair color is Black with Light brown and red highlights.

  45. elaine

    yes, been dying since the sixth grade
    ive gone
    light, medium and dark brown

    red and blonde at the nape of my neck

    platinum blonde thick higlights all over my hair with light brown base color, and dark brown w/ the highlights after that. made me look like a bitchy stripper hahha!

    NOW… ive gone back to my natural hair color (asian black) for the first time in yeaaaars
    much easier to maintain!! and my hair looks much healthier. i will probably stay like this for a while

  46. Tanya

    LOL nope my hair is NATURALLY bright pink :) hehehehehehehe

    My hair color adventure started many, many years ago…when I was 12 :) with a bottle of Sun In….from there I got bolder and more adventurous. I would say my hair has been every color under the rainbow at some point. Some version of red has been my color of choice for the last 10 years. With a couple minor breaks into blond and black for a few months each. However, I always go back to red :) Temptalia readers might recall that I asked about coloring my hair pink a few months ago….well I did it and OMG its sooo much fun!! I love the pink hair its like living the life of a cupcake :)

  47. JackA.

    I did alot in high school and then for a couple years I stopped, except for the occasional Halloween or black dye job. Recently though I’ve gotten back into experimenting, but I’ll probably go back to black in a couple days until I can decide what I want to do after.

    • JackA.

      Oh, and as far as my coloring right now, it (was) coppery auburn on top with black underneath framing my face and going all the way around. The color has since faded and become dull and I’ve shaved one side of my head.

    • Hi JackA.,

      I’ve always been envious of black! I just have always wanted to go jet black, but I’m scared!

  48. Kirsten

    I am a natural dirty blonde (bleach blonde up until middle school when it started to naturally darken) so in 7th grade i got some chunky blonde highlights and continued until highschool where i then got all over lighter blonde. At the end of 10th grade i dyed my platinum hair DARK chocolate brown (which faded to a really weird medium brown fast due to blonde dye underneathe) just for a change and to shock everyone, and i got really good results. I kept that for about 6 months then started to long road back to my old blonde…now i am turning 17 and it is back to platinum all over with some golden blonde lowlights and i plan on keeping it

  49. Leigh

    I’ve been coloring my hair for five years. It’s been: blue black, hot pink, green, purple, red, blue, burgundy, black, dark brown, and it’s currently medium golden brown. Surprisingly I always get comments on how healthy my hair looks so I guess the damage couldn’t have been that bad, haha.

  50. Jenna

    My hair is black! πŸ˜€ I think it’s either black or a very, very dark brown. I haven’t dyed my hair yet, but I would dye it a nice shade of red that would fit my skin tone πŸ˜€ I love red!

  51. Karen

    i coloured my hair brown, & natural hair color is dark dark brown almost black.
    n i wanna dye my hair blonde. n im azn. but u c lot of em go blonde now these days