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I get quite a lot on ebay, really. A lot of brands are hard/impossible to get or insanely expensive (how about >$70 for a jar of ID bare minerals foundation?) where I live.

I started out knowing that I paid for finding out if a seller had original mac, BE, zoya polish or whatever it was, and now I have some favorite sellers I keep buying from. My last ebay success was the Velvet Rope set of UD 24/7 liners – I love those! My last ebay fail was fake BE a couple of years ago.

I can thank ebay for a fairly large portion of my collection 🙂

I buy MAC from ebay all the time – there is only one small MAC counter in all of Finland and it’s a two hour drive away, plus they don’t have all the collections! 🙁 I’ve never had any problems, it is in the interest of the sellers to have the real stuff too! Of course they cost more (prices are higher and the S&H) but I think I’m still saving, because MAC costs a lot in Finland anyway 🙂

I used to buy a lot of make up on ebay – Bobbi Brown palettes, Urban Decay e/s and palettes (I found many e/s for about 50 % of their retail price and also bought the Book of Shadows for dirt-cheap), MAC e/s and quads..and I have only bought two fake MAC e/s. :o)
I have found a few sellers that are selling genuine cosmetics and to those I return faithfully if there are items I can

I have never bought cosmetics from ebay and I don’t think I ever will. There’s just something about the whole concept that’s not appealing to me. Maybe it’s the chance of paying for a fake item?

Being French I sometimes don’t have much of a choice when it comes to stuff like Monistat gel as a primer, impossible to buy here. But most of the time, when I can buy in store for the same price or just a little more, I do, it’s more fun !

I feel same as Shortiee31. I need to se, try, swatch everything I want to b4 doing so! I always reserve my final decision of (not) buying AFTER playing with a product. Only I was trying to get some MacPro products recently (without swatching).
Yesterday (& still now) I have been very upset! At the MAC store I go to regularly, I am very well known as I am their top customer! I have “befriended” some of the MAs. Anyhow, one of the MA was going to a big city where there is a MacPro store for a personnal trip and offered to get me the stuff I wanted with her discount card. I thought “Wow! What a nice girl!”All I had to do is get her the cash and my order b4 she left (which I did). She was supposed to be back this last wednesday. I had to go there yesterday to buy some stuff so I waited patiently..
I found out that she was let go (to be fair to her, she only found out on her return). Apparently she never got my envelope with my $200 & my list (so she claimed) and the ppl at the store tell me that they don’t have such an envelope and never seen it!!
I am BEYOND upset and my sense of trust is shattered. Of course, I feel silly for trusting them (I usually don’t trust ppl that much). I thought of them as pros and I though that she was doing stg nice for me since I am such a great customer… I also did not realize that they are not supposed to buy stuff for others on their Mac card… She never acted like it’s not allowed…
She is supposed to call me today after rechecking her luggage at home… I’m praying that she finds the enveloppe but I am not holding my breath.
I want to boycott this Mac store (my city has 2). I cannot & will not boycott Mac products (it would be like committing suicide!!!) but I’m very bitter! 🙁

I agree with Sophia. If ever I get someone else to buy something for me, I wait until they return, show me the product, and then that’s when I pay.

How awful, I know how sometimes we just do something we regret.. Those SAs, NEVER think of them as friends. They will only consider their own benefits. You know what I think, I have a feeling that a LOT of your MAC pros are in this scam together. I will go to a store and be nice to them and say hi and maybe if I don’t buy something and feel awkward. But it’s always important to know that they’re there to be professional and serve customers. I find that a lot of SAs at department stores are snobby and cold anyway. Not that I want to buy from them, PFFT, their loss.

I am a true Ebay-aholic, always looking for stuff and always finding some great things. 🙂 I think it’s a great idea and most of the sellers are genuine, in fact I have never bought anything fake off Ebay. I have got a few bad deals when things weren’t exactly as described, but most of the times got a refund – always pay with Paypal is my rule. I think Ebay is great for finding things that are either rare or not sold in your country (I’ve recently bought some Mac MSFs and Smashbox’s Muse palette), and also for finding great bargains. I’ve bought many pieces of make up for half or less than the retail price. If I like something I always look on Ebay first. I’ve also bought some perfume much much cheaper than in the shops.

I also shop on eBay all the time. I like having time to examine the product, check reviews and pictures in my own time. I find stores rather stressful.

Me too! I hate stores, especially department. I really find eBay and other online stores very convenient and I have never had bad experience. It also saves time!

I like going on ebay to see what’s out there, but I’m too afraid to purchase b/c of the whole “fake” issue. If anybody has some good sellers they know about- please share! 🙂 Thanks!

I strongly like buying in store. Sometimes though I can only find what I’m looking for on Ebay, like a long lost Moonflower or Firespot. Oh, my beloved Firespot!

Nope i don’t because i don’t know who to trust on the net i wish i had a list or knew of some honest sellers that many have bought from if i knew at least a few of them id probably buy from them. Does anyone know of some good sellers who sell genuine stuff?

no way, i bought from there once.. it was Aquavert eyeshadow.. once i recieved it, it came to me looking more like… sum. olive eyeshadow.. clearly.. NOT aquavert, never again!.

Yea, some of my fave ebay hauls include the following:
1. MAC parrot e/s
2. BE mineral veil (totally cheap and wasnt available where i live then)
3. all my palettes, the 10 pc blush, 6 pc contour, 26 eyeshadow and blush (cos the Coastal Scents shipping is so ex)
4. Ben Nye concealer wheel
5. NYX Round lipsticks

I don’t buy MAC from ebay except for the Parrot, because I am afraid of counterfeit, and I don’t like pple charging black market prices for some litmited edition item on ebay, and I refuse to pay ridiculous prices. And I would rather feel and touch my MAC in person before buying.

I buy from Ebay all the time. I mean all the time. I get something maybe every day :(. I just really got into mackeup within the last year so I’m trying to catch up. I have a couple reputable sellers I buy from. I think Christine and I bought from the same seller for the Dazzleglasses! I am happy I got tem early btw so now I can put all my money into Style Warriors.

Once, I got pigment samples from Ebay, but now I wouldn’t dare ( even if the restrictions were lifted). Luckily this was well before fakes were so rampant. Now, I stick to train cases, brushes, and the palettes that have become popular on Coatal Scents (their occasional stock issues and the recent CS vs Youtube fiasco has made me wanna give CS a break for a while).

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