Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you believe in any old wive’s tales when it comes to beauty? If so, what tale(s) do you believe? If not, what was the funniest one you’ve ever heard?

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21 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you believe in any old wive’s tales when it comes to beauty?

  1. Tekoa

    I don’t believe in old wive’ s tales generally because I’ve experienced many as not true. Like the one that says rubbing achohol will dry up acne and cure it. Never try it. -_-

  2. Tanya

    “you are what you eat”

    After becoming a vegan I can really see how this saying is true :) I also feel that it applies to the vitamins that I take…which I know it wasn’t meant for but I really think it fits.

  3. Erin

    I brought this up in another thread, but the one about how older women should wear only matte shadows. If you wear it right, anything is flattering.

    Oh! And Louise Z, the MAC artist, made sure everyone at the seminar I was at knew that lining only the outside corners of your eyes (stopping in the center), in her opinion, does not make your eyes look wider. She said short of lining the entire eye, nothing’s gonna do that- and I agree.

  4. Carrie

    I have a book of New England superstitions & folk medicine that says rubbing “baked bean juice” on your scalp will help prevent baldness.


  5. victoria

    no don’t believe in old wives tale when it comes to beauty. the ones i’ve heard are gross that i don’t even want to write about it.

  6. Annie

    Isn’t there one about if the woman has a wide nose, she gossips too much.. LOL!!! Completely not true…

  7. grace

    well, my friend claims this worked and it’s really kind of weird so i thought i’d share it O.o

    she said that when she was an infant, her grandmother plucked/shaved her eyebrows off, then applied olive oil where just where the brows should grow, so that she would have nice brows in future -.- (supposedly, the hair would only grow back where the olive oil was applied)

    i’m kind of sceptical, sounds too good to be true!

    • vinna

      Actually…. i think theres some truth in that. I know of people who trim infants eyelashes so they grow longer and thicker. And i did try trim my lashes in the corner of one eye (becoz i’m that desperate for gorgeous lashes lol) and although it did take a while to grow back, it grew back longer.
      As for the olive oil… a popular eyelash growth enhancer DHC eyelash tonic is made primarily from olive oil. I’ve been using it for the past two months and my lashes do look longer if i say so myself lol
      So yeah… this is an interesting one 😀

      • I think that there may be some truth in that. I mean, if you shave your legs, the hair does grow back thicker! Almost every woman will agree with that.

        But my friend used to wear false lashes. Because she was so impatient, she used to pull them off, instead of using the special remover serum. This meant her real eyelashes were pulled out, too. They’ve grown back now, and we both agree that they look longer than before. We thought it may have been how she puts her mascara on, but seriously, they are significantly longer.

        I might try trimming my eyelashes. If anyone’s interested, I could try it out, with before and after pictures with and without makeup and send it in to Temptalia?

        • kat

          Doesn’t grow back thicker, but the individual hairs are thicker. What happens is when you first grow your hair is has a finer tip, which causes it to look thinner. When you cut it, you slice it horizontally so when it grows back you get the full “width” of your hair on each hair… that’s why it looks thicker and fuller :)

  8. Cosine

    I think no one can beat my insane (which is what I believe her to be) grandmother when it comes to this. I remember that during my puberty period, I had regular breakouts (everyone goes through that horrible phase) and she told me to wash my face using a basin of vinegar under the full moon… apparently the power of the full moon is supposed to help. And I thought Sailor Moon was supposed to be my era… LOL

    • The term lunatic is derived from people going crazy on the full moon. Nobody really knows why this is. Also, women used to have their periods around the full moon time. This doesn’t happen any more because of all of the unnatural light. Spots can be related to hormones, and as this relates to the moon, then there MAY be a small amount of truth in this. But as there’s so much unnatural light around these days, it probably wouldn’t matter as to when you did it…

    • Steph

      LOL. My nanny (yes, we had nannies in the Philippines, lol) told me when I just started getting my period to wash the underwear with the blood and then rub it all over my face to prevent getting acne. Pssh, I tried it once. I still had horrible acne, lol. xD

  9. talking bout old wives tale… my mum crushed green bean and put on her face as a mask a few day ago! apparently it tighten the face and prevent wrinkle. I have yet to dare to try.

  10. Allison

    The only”old wives” tale I’ve ever bought into was washing my face with powdered milk(my mom’s idea) She 76 and has beautiful nearly wrinkle free skin

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