Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you believe in anti-aging products? Is it all hype? Have you seen results?

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12 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you believe in anti-aging products?

  1. I definitely think that they help as a preventative measure!

  2. Brooke

    I’m putting most of my eggs in one basket – I’ve worn an SPF on my face every day since I was 15. I’ll let you know in a few decades how that works out. ;)

    I realized recently that I might not be reaping all the benefits of it since I’ve never put any on my neck. I’ve never gone tanning, and when I did spend time in the sun like at the pool, I had sunblock all over, so I’m hoping that the damage isn’t too bad.

    • Amanda

      I think that will make a bigger difference than any anti-aging product. I’m 28 and definitely have younger looking skin due to my no tanning policy. I get comments all the time on how nice my skin is. Being fair is better then being tanned and wrinkled any day.

  3. claudine

    there is no miracle cream against signs of aging
    but i think spf ….no outdoor tanning and sunbeds and a good cream anti- aging or not makes a difference for sure

  4. Yes and no. I have been wearing SPF for about 15 years every single day on my face all year ’round and a lot of people think I’m 5 years younger than I am, so maybe as a preventative measure it works. However, I have also been using anti-aging products (a million different brands from Kinerase to RoC to Neutrogena) for years and I can say I have never, ever noticed any improvement whatsoever! But I can say with confidence that tanning beds (SHUDDER), the sun and smoking wreak havoc on skin and I don’t do any of those!

  5. whitnee

    It doesn’t stop me from buying the products, but I have to think you could never tell what you would have looked like without them…

  6. slipnslide

    I believe sunscreen and moisturizer are their own reward. :) As fars retinoids, if there are visible lines you can zap, go for it- but an ounce of prevention’s worth a pound of cure.

  7. Angie Smith

    They definitely shouldn’t be the first line in your treatment plan. SPF and moisturizer definitely should be. But when our mothers were younger, they did everything they could TO get tan. All of the things created definitely are helping their generation. I love science, and the ingredients in the products definitely make a lot of sense for whey the products do what they do. Hopefully, with what we know now about what ages you, we will be able to use the anti-aging products WAY later in life. =)

  8. Liz

    No. The only anti-aging product I believe in is a good sunblock.

  9. Vivian

    kind of. Well, I think maybe in your late thirty’s, it’s fine if a woman uses it, but I don’t know if it works great regardless of whichever brand. Like some, I only believe in sunscreen. I hate sports and I don’t like staying under the sun for too long. I never tanned in my life, and never will. I started using suncreen regularly 2 years ago. I see an improvement – no more random brown spots popped up. YAY So does my mom.

  10. CeeBee

    For me, Dior Capture eye cream is the real deal. I turn 30 in January and I have way fewer lines (well, none really! :-) than women I know much younger than me. I still get ID’ed buying wine in the supermarket… I’ve tried others but in less than a week I am back to my little silver pot of magic. I think it makes a huge difference!
    Moisturizer is crucial, as is proper exfoliation and a decent SPF.

    As an aside, Catherine Zeta Jones in the Elizabeth Arden Prevage ads – so airbrushed it doesn’t even look like her!

  11. inuchan


    I believe in good hours of sleep, healthy food and a good moisturizer cream (if not the all-purpose NIVEA cream,yes I am that old school, and a no-sun exposure.

    I guess genetics has also its says on the matter.

    Besides, a baby skin at age 80, well that looks weird imo… I am not afraid of ageing anyway ;)