Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you accessorize your makeup or does your makeup accessorize you? Do you coordinate your jewelry, scarves, shoes, etc. with your makeup? Do you plan your makeup after you’ve picked out your jewelry and the like?

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16 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you accessorize your makeup or does your makeup accessorize you?

  1. I accessorize in my head and then I do my makeup! =]

  2. Josie

    To be honest- I definately think of my makeup of a type of accesory that assentuates what I already have. We work as a team. lol.

  3. Inky

    When I do wear make up, I am dressed vintage or vintage style, so my make up is yet another accessory to my look. I tend to wear the same neutrals, strong brow, liner and red lips all the time.

  4. I tend to dress and accessorize according to my makeup. I’ll pick out my eyeshadows that I want to wear and then think about clothes. I usually stick to neutral color clothes…black, brown, grey…so I can do whatever color eyeshadow I feel like.

  5. i chooose the dress first…then pick the accessories that i already have to go wth the dress..n then do the make-up as needed..
    but when i buy new e/s, i m tempted to use that new stuff…so the whole routine changes…then its makeup..clothes n accessories!!!

  6. Tekoa

    My makeup runs the show! If I have a strong idea, my cloths are chosen around the eyeshadow. *lol*

  7. Rio

    I don’t really think about it, to be honest. The only time I really coordinate is when I do black eyeshadow with red lips. Then I tend to wear dark jewelry. I wear makeup nearly every day and jewelry occasionally, so I’d say makeup is my accessory.

  8. The makeup matches what I’ve already decided to wear, for the most part. Color is an accessory just like jewelry or shoes – meant to complement the main attraction.

  9. I accessorize my makeup!
    I always do it before I get dressed so I always pick my makeup first. :)

  10. Kella

    I have a prized jewellery collection! So if I’m going out, I plan everything around the jewellery I’m going to wear.. I never wear the same piece twice in a row. So for me it goes: jewellery, outfit, makeup.. but my makeup is a reflection of the jewellery I’m wearing. Like if it’s a fuschia piece, I’ll wear a black top and shoes, and a fuschia lip.

  11. To be honest, my makeup is so neutral on most days I don’t even make a connection between my clothes and my makeup… haha. If I’m wearing something on my lips (I only had one lipstick until yesterday when I bought my first MAC Cremesheen in Party Line and I LOVE IT), I think I give it some more thought. Actually, I feel like I worry about coordinating my lips and my nails more than anything else (and I wear nail polish like 5x a year).

  12. love

    My makeup is part of my accessory, like some have mentioned.

    For example, If I wear blue earrings, I might wear blue eyeshadow, but a different shade of blue.

    Another example, I wore a black dress with gray strips, and a blue smokey eye
    Deep Truth, Deep blue green pigment and Shroom for highlight, Yummy!

  13. I pick my clothes first then my make up

  14. CeeBee

    My routine is to do my make up first and then get dressed but I can’t say I deliberately dress or accesorize to match my makeup – I don’t really think about it conciously but I do know there is a particular outfit that look super amazing with a bright red lip and I never wear pink lipstick if I am wearing purple (I don’t know why this is!) only nude or chestnut browns… H’mmm, this is really interesting to think about… If I wear really knock out eye make up or an intense lipstick I do tend to keep muted, solid colours near my face. If my clothes are patterned/floral/lacy I’d tend to go for a lighter, sparkly eye and gloss.

    But overall, I would say my makeup accessorizes me!

  15. HoneyBrown1976

    My makeup is the last accessory of my outfit.