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I don’t actually because I don’t really feel that I have too much. (LOL!) But really I know I do have tons however I don’t go about telling people else they’ll try to stop me from getting more. Plus you can never have too much makeup! (metaphorically speaking)

Oh yes! I only ‘discovered’ makeup last year at 27 – and I’m the youngest, and my older sisters just assume its a phase, and that oh they went through it. Yet I know its more than that.. it makes me feel better, not to impress anyone. Its just for me. 🙂

Oh yeah, I spend at least 300Euro at MAC every month. I justify it by telling myself it’s okay because my friend works there and I get a discount, haha! When people tell me I have too much, I tell them that I do not drink or smoke, so this is my addiction. Which is far healthier than the 2 I mentioned…although my wallet might disagree!

Seeing how MAC products in Australia cost double to the US dollar ($40 for pigment pot) I do spend a lot of money on makeup compared to the next person. Though I calculate whether I will use this product on a regular basis and whether it’ll work on my skin so I pass up on a lot of hyped up items in favour or something that would be worthwhile in the long run. But as they say with the Lipstick Index, the tough times has made me steer towards lipsticks now! You need a good one to make you look and feel good and I find $35 isn’t a bad invesment for good quality as opposed to a chain store brand that may not work as well and be a waste.

Same here! It’s better to spend more on quality than less initially but, in the end, have to rebuy everything because of poor quality that goes in the garbage. My spouse is alwways “on my case” about having too much m/u, not having any room in the bathroom other than for my stuff, blah, blah, blah…
I always justify that he is a Star Wars nerd and that the stuff he buys just collects dust whereas I actually USE my stuff 😛
I also use the line of “I don’t smoke, do drugs (if m/u doesn’t qualify as one…), drink, go out too often, so that’s my only “fun thing” and he gets to benefit by having a good-looking spouse that doesn’t let herself “go” and become frumpy!!! After 10 years together, he can be proud of having me holding his arm!
I learned my lesson and go shopping for girlie stuff without him.
Overall, what others think of my m/u collection does not have any bearing on how much I buy.

A couple of my friends tell me I have too much and my boyfriend jokes about it sometimes though he thinks it’s an ok hobby. I just tell them that hey – all my stuff still fits in one tiny bathroom vanity drawer w/ plenty of room to spare. Like you said, it’s my hobby. =)

Im the only female in my family into makeup, so they think its a compensation issue, lol they dont understand its about artistic self expression, collectables, and fun!!!!
I dont expect them to understand it, i simply ask that they respect it.

My boyfriend tells me ALL THE TIME that I buy so much make up lol. I actually had to sit him down one time and explain (as much as I could) about why I collect it and how it makes me happy. I doubt it made any difference coz he still reminds me that I already have a good-sized stash everytime we go shopping lol.

My mother used to complain about it but now she realized that its actually my hobby and that I’m passionate about it so now she just accepts the fact that nothing will get me to stop buying more makeup lol.

My sister and mom tell me all the time!! But in defence I tend to use my makeup everyday so its not like I buy things and then not use them :)…xox

Just my husband, no one else knows how much I have, I don’t talk to many people about it because I don’t want them to tell me I have too much since its not their business anyway. I just talk to a couple friends who have as much as I do:)

No never. But I never buy loads. Just slowly building up my stash 1-2 products at a time, spreading over months and months. I have been buying more makeup since I discovered MAC though. Who can resist all those pretties?

All the time! But do I look like the type of person that cares what other people think? Absolutely not!

yes people around me keep telling me that I only have one face and I do not need that many products! Lol…but I just love it! Of course compared to ya, mine is a small small stash~ ;P

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