Friday, March 27th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Are you planning to pick up anything from MAC’s Colour Ready Collection? Passing?

Temptalia's Answer.

You already know what I got, LOL! I had all the color makeup from before, so just picking up the new Prep + Prime products. :)

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51 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Are you planning to pick up anything from MAC’s Colour Ready Collection?

  1. aaj83

    oh my my…your review really has got me lemming the line filler base…i had NO plans whatsoever to get anything!! 😀

  2. No, I’m not getting anything :)

  3. Cat

    I really want to check it out in the store but maybe the Line Filler and Skin Refined Zone.

  4. Kristyn

    i’m going to get the lipstick in snow orchid,and maybe the finishing powder, and the line filler, but snow orchid is a must! :)

  5. Emm

    Def. the penultimate liner and debating on between the Prep +Prime skin refined zone and Prep + Prime Transparent finishing powder.

  6. I am very interested in the new prep and prime products!!!
    Twitter: makeupgirl513

  7. Rita

    I was interested in the blush brush, but then I read that it’s no good. Is that true?
    I suppose I should test the line filler, but it’s not really usuful if it is LE.

  8. monica

    ive been really looking forward to this collection simply for the…setting powder. i bought MUFE HD powder a few months ago, and it worked fine. but i liked the idea of having a setting powder with a little extra..sparkle in it, so i really wanna try the new one coming out in this collection.

    other than that, im good. i just saw christine’s lip swatches, and impassioned does look GORGEOUS, but i already have a lippie that’s similar to that ill have to pass on it.

  9. Manda

    hi christine, was the penultimate in this collection the same as the one from CHILL? your swatch looks much better than the one i got from that one haha

  10. Alexa

    not yet sure I wasn

  11. tremorviolet

    Probably not. I have a lot of bright pink lipsticks that I don’t wear that often. I already use MUFE HD powder so unless MAC’s is substantially different, there’s not much point. I own Bitter (and like it much less than Eyepopping, a much better chartreuse) and Solar White is gonna be too frosty for me. (interesting that the people who need a line filler the most(i.e. the 40+ like me) are also the people who probably should avoid using too much frost)
    I could use a line filler but I loathe to start adding another step to my routine. I’ll definitely check it out tho’.

    • I gotta do the calculations and figure out if MUFE HD or MAC is cheaper. That I’d like to know!

      • tremorviolet

        I bet MAC will be cheaper; MUFE is $30 for 0.35 oz or $85.71 an oz ounce. How big is the MAC container?

        I’ve been reading about the Kryolan HD Finishing Powder and wondering how it compares. It’s about half as much as MUFE.

  12. Julia

    Maybe the filler base.

  13. Lynn

    Picking up the Prep and Prime powder. I hear it looks great over the Studio Sculpt foundation.

  14. Prep + prime skin refined zone, I really want this to work wonders on the large pores on my cheeks!

  15. cmferrets

    i want both l/s and both e/s, i already have the penultimate liner from the cill collection. i dont know about the prep and prime , i will have to see what it looks like in stores and see if it really wows me., but froom the swatch that wrinkle filler looks awesome.

  16. kat

    One day I may go for the line filler one, but i’m too young to worry about that kind of stuff haha! So nothing :)

  17. Kacie

    I have all the color already too, I’m going to snatch all the prep+prime stuff up before my freelance jobs next weekend. I’m so excited about the line filler especially. Not so much for work since the girls I’m working on are all 17 or 18 with perfect young skin, but def. for me! :)

  18. Angie

    I’m picking up both lipsticks and the line filler…thanks Christine…I was planning on skipping this collection! :)

  19. Nicole15

    i will wait to read some more reviews but if the thumbs are up across the board for the P&P Line Filler & Skin Refined Zone, i will want to try them. So far hearing good things, but need to get some “real-deal” reviews. Hopefully you can help me out with that Christine 😉 MAC’s face products sometimes cause breakouts so I am hoping these don’t.

    • I am slightly worried about the Refined Zone, just because all primers now make me nervous, but the Line Filler seems good :)

      • Nicole15

        I know you had a horrible run in w/Smashbox primer like i did the first time i tried it. Ugh – breakout city! i was bold enough to try their Photo Finish “Light” Primer for acne-prone skin & it has not bothered me at all. I just cannot slather any silicone-based primer all over my face. Needs to be a water-based formula for me to not have any issues.

        • That’s good! I’m scared to try the Light version, LOL. I’m like, nooooooo! I don’t really have any oil problems, so I’m like, “Pfft, forget primer!”

  20. Kharina

    Nope, not me! For once MAC ain’t getting nothing from me….ha!
    (Just felt sooooo gooooood saying that…hehe)

  21. Anitacska

    Nope. This collection doesn’t interest me at all. Still waiting for Sugarsweet over here anyway… :(

  22. Philippine

    If “impassioned” was an eyeshadow, i would definitely purchase it!! It’s a gorgeous color… but i don’t like it as much as a lipstick

  23. Tami

    I will more than likely check out the Prep+Prime products. I already have the liner from the Chill collection. Bitter shadow looks interesting but I doubt I will buy it.

  24. Christy

    I’m thinking of the Skin Refined Zone (since warm weather will be coming soon) and the Penultimate liner.

  25. Zoffe

    The line filler is seriously amazing but I’m not gonna pick it up since I really don’t have many fine lines.
    The refined zone primer seems great too so I might get that 😉
    Like you I have all the color products already 😉