Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Are you planning to get anything from MAC’s Grand Duos collection? Did you already order online?

Temptalia's Answer.

I’m waiting for my order to come — ordered all six! It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow, but I’m not sure anyone will be here to sign! Sigh! You know it’ll come as soon as there’s nobody here 😛

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68 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Are you planning to get anything from MAC’s Grand Duos collection?

  1. Because Grand Duos is launched in Singapore earlier then in the states (about a week ago), I’ve already picked some stuff up. I got Intenso, Light Over Dark and Grand Duo. I absolutely adore Intenso!

  2. Manda

    I think I’ll just wait for Sugarsweet and Rose… ugh I want too much

  3. I bought 6 of it! >.<

  4. yes!!! i want all of them but i know i cant have them all… for sure i want earth to earth and i want one more but i cant decide which one… either love rock or moon river i think because i want something pink too

  5. I want the blusher ! The color is so pretty. Since I’m not MAC fans, this is the first time Im really interested to get the collection.

  6. We got them in Northern Ireland last week, I’ve swatched them all and really am not impressed. Waaaaay to glitter. Moon River would be the only one “perhaps” I’d consider but thats only because its more of a highlight colour

  7. Victoria Maria

    I agree with dressjunkie – my local MAC had them last week, and I got Moon River – the others just didn’t tickle me in the right places :-) Moon River is perfect for my very fair skintone, and I have it on today, and I’m loving it! When I first saw them, I was panicking, couldn’t figure how to pay for them all…so now I have money for Sugar Sweet :-)

  8. ets

    hmmm looking forward to grab…it, this weekend…hopefully it’s not too glittery…it’s already launched in Malaysia & Singapore…hmmm

  9. elle

    I haven’t checked them out yet but from the pictures I definitely want a few. I thought, and was hoping, that it was going to come out here (Australia) like month or so after the US but its been out here for about a week. And we still haven’t got HK so I’m waiting for that. I’m might pick some of these up once I recover from HK. They’re permanent, right?

  10. cathy

    yeah i got the moon river one, (could only afford one)
    but its amazing, it has this very nice pink sheer,
    and i just LOVE it,

  11. Sarah

    I’ve got Hot planet and Intenso and abso-bloody-lutely love them both!

  12. Andrea

    I don’t have a mineral blush so I’ll get just one because I’m saving up for the sugar sweet shade sticks, new dazzleglass and color forms prep and prime!

  13. Virginia

    I might be the only one but I really don’t get the hype about the mineralize stuff…and MAC offers so many pretty permanent blush colors, so nobody really depends on these LE items. In my opinion putting out so many limited collections all the time is a really cheap trick to make people buy more.

  14. Nicole

    Not a thing. They are way too expensive for the size that they are. In Canada they are $27.00 and still the size of regular blush or the mineralize eyeshadow duos. So not worth it at all.

    • melissa

      i agree..they’re so pretty and id love to give mineral blushes a try but they’re too expensive in canada =(

      • Nicole

        And it’s not even like they are the size of a MSF. I would buy them if they were, but they are the same size as a regular blush which is $23.00 CAD as it is. So not worth it at all.

  15. Angie

    All six? Wow! But I thought I saw 7 on the website!

  16. I want to get one of it.. all of them are so pretty not sure what colour i should get.

    • BINNIE

      its best to go to the shop and swacth them cos when i saw the preview on the website i had made my mind on the colours i wanted but when i went into the shop some of the colours didnt swatch as well as i wanted onto my skin as im nc40 xx

  17. sprut

    I haven’t decided. I’m not by a mac store anymore and I’ve been hearing that these are ones that you really want to see in person because of the shimmer. Also, I was going to get the blush from Rose and I don’t like having too many blushes because blush takes me the longest to go through. If I do get one I will probably pick up moon river as I have really fair skin.

  18. BINNIE

    This collection was launched about a week ago in the uk I have 4 out of the 6 as i spent so much on the hello kitty collection :S

    I got Love Rock (Gold violet m

  19. Cat

    They are nice but I think I’m going to pass. Nothing really screams to me “you must buy me”.

  20. These are way too shimmery for my taste. Also i have enough NARS n MAC, Cargo n now Coralista blush for my cheeks..they all are doin their jobs pretty well….n m not a collector…so doesn’t matters!!!

  21. I have already got them last week. I bought Intenso.

  22. I’m not planning on getting this collection because they didn’t impress me at all. I’m waiting on Sugar Sweet, Rose Romance, Double Dazzle and Style Warriors. Although they look pretty but I’m going to pass on this collection.

  23. I’m passing on these. I much prefer beauty powder blushes over mineralized blushes. I think they last longer on me….these new ones look very pretty especially Love Rock but I’m holding out for the collections coming out in May

  24. Shayla

    Earth to Earth is one that’s caught my eye…also Moon River. Maybe another one or two, but I really have to see what I’m getting once I swatch them in store. Hoping to make it down there on Thursday :)

  25. IvyTrini

    These duos came out in SoHo last week and I picked up just the Grand Duo. Its gorgeous! I am going back this week to see what else I could get.

  26. cloudburst

    I’d like to get all 7, but I need to swatch beforehand to make sure they will be worth the cost, as mentioned before they are $27.00 in Canada & I think that is pretty pricey considering the MSF’s are $32.50 and are WAY bigger than the blushes.

  27. lexi

    nope, not at all. I don’t plan to get anything from any collections until Style Warriors – and even then it’s just going to be the one dark brown e/s! – Naked Honey….now that’s my collection…waiting on the new perfumes!

  28. Swatched it the day it came out in Singapore. Was very disappointed with the size. I thought it would be the size of a MSF. None of the colours were screaming out at me too. I’m passing on this and saving up for the Sugarsweet and Rose Romance Collections. (:

  29. victoria

    i’ll pass, i have my eyes set on the next few collections but i haven’t seen the grand duos yet so i might change my mind and it must be something really fantastic enough to tempt me.

  30. ashley

    I’m not gonna grab the duos…im holding out for sugar sweet and rose romance

  31. Nars

    I already got my Moon River when it came out along with HK two or three weeks ago here in Korea! It’s truly gorgeous. There was (and still is)a big hype over Moon River and Love Rock here, and both of them were sold out within a few minutes of the release! Even one of the SA’s told me that she wished to have had a chance to grab one of the Moon River, but oh well. If you want Moon River only for the highlighter, the lightest part of Blonde skinfinish from the BBB collection is 99% same.

  32. HijabiApprentice

    I’m not getting anything from this collection either. I’m saving my pennies for upcoming collections.

  33. Alexa

    I might get moon river if they still have it …

  34. Plastica

    I will be purchasing Moon River, Love Rock, Hot Planet and Gran Duo. They all look so pretty!!!!

  35. Angie

    I’ll give this a miss – shimmery blushes don’t appeal to me! I’d much prefer to bomb my money on Rose Romance and Sugarsweet!

  36. bCreative

    I would love to get something but……..

  37. I will buy one or two – Intenso and Love Rock I think?

  38. KaylaK

    Hmmm I still need to see them but I’m pretty sure I might pick up 2 or 3!

  39. Michelle

    I’m not planning on getting anything. Shimmery Blushes just aren’t my thing… I’m waiting on Sugarsweet and Rose Romance. I’ll pick up a few things from those collections instead.

  40. Anitacska

    I bought 3 of them last week (I’m in the UK and the came out at the same time as HK). I wanted all 7, but had just spent

  41. Bona

    moon river, earth to earth, love rock!!

  42. I bought Intenso and Grand Duo – Intenso is (well I guess the name is a giveaway!) really darkly pigmented so I have to use it with a really light hand but I love them. I’m tempted to buy a couple more, moon river looks very pretty!

  43. Rita

    Maybe one, but I’m waiting for reviews first.

  44. Stephanie

    nope, I’m waiting for sugarsweet:)

  45. I want some. I just don’t know what. I’ve never bough a MAC blush!

  46. Carrie

    I ordered Moon River and Love Rock; they’re arriving tomorrow 😀
    I don’t think I’m going to get much from the other upcoming collections aside from Perfect Topping MSF.

  47. Shaee

    i got moon river and i am nc40 and it is not really a blush but more of highlight but i love the effect…. :)

    i will have to get one more as blush… cant decide on which one…
    any suggestions for nc40?

  48. hi

    I want Moon River, but I’ve been trying to lay off the blush as my cheeks are already pink. Its probably also sold out 😉

  49. i want both but am on a no-buy, completely restricted by the big zero’s staring at my from my bank account!! aahh :( so sad! they look so pretty!

  50. charlieee

    I got love rock and adore it! thinking of getting moon river too. but it’s really expensive here in australia at AUD50 :( hot planet is pretty too i think, but i don’t have really good control on blush application so skipped it.
    can’t wait to hear what you think of these blushes! :)

  51. melanie

    I want Intenso but I haven’t swatched it yet. I’m so worried that I”m going to be disappointed by the swatch. :(

  52. S.

    earth to earth ( I think its called and to lady to check ) seems somewhat interesting but Ill wait for your swatches!

  53. Yaya

    i won’t be purchasing this collection. i am looking forward to the other upcoming collections though. i need to save up for brushes- i only have 3 and no shadow brushes.

  54. I will probably buy 2 or 3 items. I get excited over most collections with the exception of hello

  55. cmferrets

    YES DEFINETLY ! almost all of them

  56. Rachel

    They’re too shiny for me! I’m saving up for upcoming MAC collections – would like a simple pink blush for Spring.

  57. migzy

    i also got love rock! i also wanted moon river since i couldn’t afford to buy both i got love rock

  58. Mikki

    Oh, I really want to! But no money

  59. I’ll wait for A Rose Romance!