Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Are you intimidated by beauty sales people? Do you hate going to the makeup counter/store because the makeup artists or salespeople intimidate you? If you aren’t, have you been before? If so, how did you get over it?

When I first started to get into MAC, the makeup artists would intimidate me a bit, only because I felt like such a beginner. It definitely doesn’t help that it’s not unusual to encounter a few snobby artists and sales people during visits to the store or counter. How did I get over it? I realized it wasn’t worth the trepidation – I loved makeup, and that should count for something. It did help that I was getting better at applying makeup, but honestly, I’ve gone without makeup a lot in the past year, without feeling uncomfortable. They’re there to help me, and if they don’t want to help me, I can bring my business somewhere else!

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33 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Are you intimidated by beauty sales people?

  1. Traci

    No. When I go to the MAC counter I sometimes know more about the colors and things than they do. They’re glad to see someone that takes makeup seriously so I enjoy it :)

  2. Tekoa

    I did feel intimidated at first…by the multitude of product choices! I didn’t even know what the difference was between foundation or concealer. >_

  3. zoe

    I have been lucky because i have had access to some great make up sites(hint hint) and there fore havent embarassement myself in front of the MAs.The MAs are nice at all three mac stores i go to and remeber me(the one near my house the one near my school and the pro store). But my favorite one is the pro store two of the MAs are absolutes sweethearts and always ask me how i am and hats going on in my life call me when they recieve the collections and let me buy them before they come out officially. They are so helpful. But i remember having a few bad experiences when i was younger in places like sephora where the staff would be like you dont know EXACTLY what you want!?!??”?”!

  4. Lindsay

    When I first started going to Mac I was intimidated and thought that they would be really stuck up..but for the most part I was wrong. Most of the MAs I have had are super friendly and helpful. There have been some bad ones but for the most part I have enjoyed every MAC experience!

  5. Carrie

    Generally, no; there’s just one MA at my local MAC counter who has a very intimidating presence. She really knows her stuff, but she gives off an attitude of “I don’t want to help you, you’re wasting my time.” For a while I would avoid the counter if she was working, but finally I just thought, heck with it, maybe that’s just the way she is, so what! Now I actually like having her help me even though she is unfriendly because she always has exactly the right product suggestions.

  6. I definitely was feeling intimidated going into MAC because I too felt like a beginner compared to all the MAs whose makeup always looks great. And the intimidation didn’t help much when you encounter those select MAs that are really looking for the sale rather than providing you a quality experience. But I realized that I was there for myself, that it was my choice to walk into the store and spend my money, and that intimidation shouldn’t stand in the way between me learning more about something I enjoy.

  7. Cristina

    I was intimidated when I first stepped into a MAC counter. They just seem intimidating, but they are actually helpful when it comes to answering questions and giving recommendations :)

  8. kim

    I was really intimidated at first.. especially since many MAC MAs are gorgeous from head to toe. I just thought they looked superior with their brush belt, their black chic clothes, and their makeup.. lol.. but I realized I can’t be shy around them forever. so I just sucked it up and the ones I encountered were actually really nice and helpful in the longrun =D

  9. I’m not, but that’s because I ask a zillion questions and get up in their grill. There’s one MA that I just don’t jive with though, and if she’s at the MAC counter then I don’t even bother.

  10. Vy

    Most of them will help me with getting the things I want. However, there are just a few who will just stand behind the counter and not even acknowledge me. To those, I wander off to another girl who is more willing. Recently, I started going to this one store pretty often. She was the manager there. The first couple of times, she didn’t even say hi or offer to help. Then she caught on when most of the time, I walk out with a hefty bag. Now she is enthusiastic, says hi, and grabs whatever we come up. I really don’t like to do business like this, but I guess it comes with the industry right? I still don’t have a favorite MA! =(

    • That’s too bad – I have that problem a lot of times, too, where nobody acknowledges me. It’s really annoying! I don’t have a favorite either. I used to, but then I moved away :(

  11. del

    Luckily, at the MAC counter where I shop, the saleswomen are very, very nice & helpful. If they weren’t, I’d just take my business elsewhere.

  12. I’m not intimidated anywhere but Sephora. For some reason they have a thousand employees working all the time and they make me feel like I’m wrong lol. I absolutely LOVE the girls (and guy) at my MAC counters in the 2 malls. They are a ton of fun which is very damaging to my wallet!

  13. Chloe

    I’ve had my share of good and bad MA at several MAC locations. Some seem to be so superior that they either do not acknowledge the customers or, if they do, aren’t very helpful. I’ve had one MA that didn’t want to reveal all her shadow colors! She basically said she was wearing “the new line.” It was horrible! However, today I have many great MA that know me by my first name. Two of them have even given me their personal cell #’s and now I keep in touch with them not only in the store but via telephone! So, don’t fear, there definitely are some generous and caring MA left at MAC!! =)

  14. dee

    I can be intimidated by the makeup artists. Last Halloween the girls at MAC were super bitchy to me, as though it were an inconvenience to actually do work. This Halloween I went to a different MAC counter where pretty much everyone there was funny, sweet and helpful. It helps that the one who helped me this time matched my color for me a few months ago.

  15. Zsofi

    Yes,i am initmidated by them all the time 😀
    when i started loving makeup i was very young,and they always made me feel,that they have the upper hand.
    by then,i knew not so much about colors and textures,i just listened to my instincts.
    they were even laughing at me. but i always knew,that when my time comes,they will be old and ugly 😀
    my love for makeup helped me get over this.
    after a time,no rude salesperson could keep me away from my Helena Rubinstein,etc.
    so happy end for me 😀

  16. Stacey

    The artists at my MAC counter are lovely!! I have one favourite who has been there since I became obsessed 4 years ago, and she always looks after me and always knows what I will like from each collection.
    Although, when I went in on Monday, there was a new MA that i had never seen before. She ignored my friend and I the whole 15 minutes we were wandering around and kept talking to her friend that had come to visit her. In the end we just left and went back later when she wasn’t there. Rude!