Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Are you drawn to packaging? Does pretty or well-done packaging sucker you in? Are you immune to the powers of persuasive packaging?

I love good packaging, and I’d definitely say I’m drawn in by it. However, I refuse to buy something purely because the case is aesthetically pleasing. It has to be useful and worth the price (on some level of justification, at least!) if I’m going to purchase it.

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20 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Are you drawn to packaging?

  1. lisa

    Pretty packaging just gets my attention and makes me look at it but as far as buying it goes i only buy it if i like the product.

  2. Tekoa

    The functionality of the packaging (ex. Squirt pump) trumps prettyness 97% of the time. However, if the decorations are above and beyond the normal prettyness factor AND the product inside is moderatly useful, I might get it.

  3. Adina

    Yes and no. I do love pretty packages, and do sometimes make purchases influenced on presentation. However, I need to really like the products inside too and think that they are something special.
    Case in point: Lancomes jewel lipgloss for the holidays. Sure the gem is very pretty, but the gloss is nothing special. Same with the dior light pendant (gorgeous packaging generic gloss and the ysl necklace (the red lipstick looked horrid on me, too orange!)

  4. Mary

    Like a moth to a flame. The whole “Antiquitease” collection, along with the MAC holiday stuff pulled me in and the Barbie Loves MAC packaging I was practically drooling over.

  5. I have to admit to being a bit of a sucker for pretty packaging and quirky names (hence my love of Benefit!) but, like you, it does have to be somethinhg I’ll actually use before I’ll buy it.

  6. yesssss….

    packaging is tempting. i like to think of it as art work, but it surely isn’t everything!

  7. Skyler

    Nah. I love pretty packaging (hel-looo, Heatherette!) but I don’t really care what it’s in. I can’t imagine buying something simply for the way it looks, especially at MAC prices. 😛 Although I admit, I’m glad I own one of the palettes from Royal Assets because it’s very purdy indeed. 😉

  8. Tanya

    OMG YES YES YES! I am such a sucker for a good package job :) Oh and if its accompanied by good wording…gahhhhhhhh! Luckily, I hate spending money above my price breaking point LOL which is quite low. So I think almost all products are tooo expensive which keeps me from buying most of those well packaged products. Again having become brand loyal, to MAC, also helps curb the spending. Lately the whole recycle/reduce/reuse marketing ploy is also helping play a factor in my buying. Trying to leave less of a carbon footprint one less beauty product at a time :) LOL

  9. Zsofi

    i bought many parfumes in the past,not paying much attention to the fragrance,but because the bottle would look good in the bathroom 😀
    clearest example: Thierry Mugler: Angel.
    i really don’t like how it smells,but the bottle is to die for gorgeous,so i had to have it 😀
    and i am drawn to beautiful ads in mags,too 😀

  10. I am such a huge sucker for pretty and shiny packagings. *cough* -stylistic- But I will only buy it if i have had similar pleasant experience with the products from the same line.

    Dior has always been coming out with nice dangling charms and chic palettes but I still think they are overtly overpriced. So yea, so far I’ve stirred clear from Dior palettes and charms.