Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Are you downsizing your makeup habits? Are you reducing your spending on makeup? Do you economize elsewhere so you can spend the same?

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26 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Are you downsizing your makeup habits?

  1. Inky

    I am definitely downsizing my spending – ran out of my favorite Smashbox primer recently and after some google-fu and research, I read that the Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel can be used as a primer. So off to the drugstore I went and yep, it works! saved me about $25 to spend elsewhere.

  2. Theresa

    Am trying to but its really really hard with all the upcoming lovely holiday collections. I limit myself to just one item (at the very most, 2!) from each collection compared to previously where I don’t hold back.

  3. lovekills

    Yes, I’m definitely downsizing, I went crazy for a while but the financial crisis and economic uncertainty, we certainly have to careful.
    I still browse to see latest launches etc, but I have decreased spending habits tremendously.

  4. Jessica

    Yes, just because I’ve been spending money on clothes instead. Also, I’m trying to be good until MAC’s holiday collection comes out as well as other brands.

  5. I’m really trying to curb my spending — especially with cosmetics, but with everything. now is the slow season at my job (i’m in sales), so i have to try to save as much as possible to cover for when i don’t make a killer commision :(

  6. Paola


    • Jen

      I really like the CVS ‘Essence of Beauty’ brushes. I think it was last week that they had a sale on them for buy one get one free. So I’m sure they’re bound to go on sale again.

  7. Neena

    I definately have, but not by choice… I’m saving up for the holidays and I’ll be starting cosmetology school in January so I have to stop shopping so hard. I guess it is by choice then, but I wish I didn’t have to choose between school and makeup :(

  8. Anitacska

    No, although I probably should. :) I do buy a lot of stuff on Ebay though that saves me 20-30% on the price. Still I have bought a lot lately and I’m also running out of space to keep them in, so I think I’ll be forced to slow down spending on make up soon.

  9. Nadia

    Im trying to be good and shop my current makeup collection but I’m also waiting for the holiday collections and I’ll treat myself.

  10. Rachel

    I’ve definitely downsized my spending/make up habits! I started getting addicting to MAC early this year and got impulsive with my purchases. I would buy whatever color looked pretty but now I actually buy colors that I know I’ll wear and started selling the items I won’t use.

  11. christine

    yes, definitely. My downsizing started when the prices of cosmetics just seemed to be escalating higher than my wages – probably the last couple years.

    I have always spent top dollar for foundation, concealer and mascara with less $$ on color cosmetics.

    But I would really like for companies to sell smaller sizes for less money.

  12. kat

    Unfortunately, I have to! Back from co-op (practicum) to school means I have to cut my spending a lot. But I have quite a bit at this point so it’s no loss!

  13. I’m trying but with these holiday collections it’s really really hard!

    Interestingly enough though, lipstick sales may be a indicator for the economy. If lipstick sales are up, then our economy is down. Look it up on google!

  14. yes. I’m trying to finish products before i buy another. For example i used to have 5 or 6 foundations on the go (trying to find the HG) but now I just have one at a time. And I’m trying to shop my current collection of color products. I just have to think “house deposit vs makeup” over and over again.

  15. Jennifer

    Yes and no – I’m spending less, but that’s largely because there’s not much I desperately want in the new collections. I haven’t gotten anything from Ungaro, Manish, Overrich, or Suite Array, only picked up two Cremesheens, and am not hugely considering anything but a lip set or two from the holiday releases. Plus, I have a massive quantity of Back2MAC things that I need to take in – something like 6 lipsticks worth.

  16. Diana

    No :(. But thats mostly because I went from a college student to a full time employee with a job. So I wasn’t really buying that much to begin with :). I try not to buy too much though and it hasn’t been too hard. A lot of collections that I really wanted disappointed me when I saw them in stores.

  17. classic

    Manish Arora is very attempt collection 4 me, but I have strong self control not to buy online.

    I save for holiday collection and only one cremesheen collection.

  18. I know my limits and if I haven’t got a certain colour or a product that works really good then I don’t mind getting it. x

  19. Cat

    Unfortunately yes…but its for a good reason. My and my hunie are saving up for a house. Everyone tell us this is the time to buy so we are going to take advantage. Even thou we are saving I really want the holiday collections.

  20. gracieo

    Nope..just the opposite for me.

    I’m a new mac addict so…. lol

  21. Not really, but I have come to a point I think I have everything I need. I have been a lot more selective of what I want. Another I might be spending less on makeup is because I am more selective about MAC’s LE collection. In the past, I will buy almost anything LE from MAC.

  22. Jennifer Ferm

    I haven’t downsized on makeup BUT I have noticed that I hardly get that urge to buy new clothes. Since what I spend on my makeup collection is less than I’d spend on my clothing collection, I end up spending less overall. :) So yay for makeup.

  23. Christina

    Yes! I am saving for a Clarisonic skincare brush 😀