Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to your makeup? Does everything have to be just right?

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13 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Are you a perfectionist when it comes to your makeup?

  1. Liz

    Only for some things. I won’t leave the house with clumpy mascara, crooked eyeliner, or smeared lipstick. However, most of my routine is imprecise and simple: a wash of cheek color, a dusting of eyeshadow, and so on. I guess I’m picky about what I’m picky about. :-)

  2. viv

    yeah i am! i’m quite concerned with my make up even if it looks slightly uneven, even though i know it’s impossible to make each side of the face look identical 😀

  3. basically! i’m known for spending a long time to erase mascara smudges and make sure both eyes look even, color-wise.

  4. DaniMae

    Abso-freakin-loutely! Just a few days ago, I wiped looks off twice in a row because I didn’t like how they turned out. I just kept doing it over until I got something out of it that I liked and that looked good on me. I’ve matured a lot make up wise, I think. When I was younger and I messed up or I didn’t like my look, I’d get really frustrated and pissed off, and sometimes I would cancel my plans because I’d run out of time to do something else. These days I just charge it to the game and start over, knowing that something will come out eventually. I just keep the creativity alive and wear my looks with confidence, it makes all the difference!

  5. Macaddict

    Definitely! I have to look perfect! Very rarely do I have to redo my m/u! Only 2 weeks ago, I did not likemy e/s combos. I removed & redid 3 times in a row until I was happy.

  6. Crystal

    I would love to be… I always tell myself “OK i’m going to wake up super early so I can actually take time on my makeup!” BUT when the alarm is going off all I wanna do is sleep in lol.
    On the weekend when I go out I do take my time, but during the work week not so much.

    • Hillary

      Yea, hardest thing for me too. Sleep VS Makeup.
      Sleep wins for the most part haha.

      but to the question:

      i try to be. i know when i see unblended or uneven makeup its all I can focus on, when talking to other people. I dont want to be the one with bad makeup.

      im a big blush fan, but am scared to wear it in places that people will be close to me often. certain lighting its like, wow too bright, others look great, and some look like i am not wearing it. so i get scared that people will think i look like some clown.

  7. Jessica

    If I mess up, I usually take it off, but after that I’m too lazy to redo it.

  8. CeeBee

    I like it to be just so, so yes, I consider myself a perfectionist but not to the point where I would wash it off and start again!

  9. Kathleen

    Absolutely. In fact, I use a magnifying mirror when I do makeup JUST to make sure EVERYTHING is perfect. It doesn’t take any more time then if I use a regular mirror, but this way I make sure there are no mistakes.

  10. yup, i’m a perfectionist when it comes to makeup…
    especially when applying eyeshadow & blush…

  11. carolina

    all the way. Specially when it comes to buying stuff. I have to make sure the color is absolutely perfect, there’s some pretty hidious stuff out there… lol, and I dont want it. When it comes to actually everyday stuff, somedays I wear makeup, others not. When I do put it on, I take my time and make sure it is just right. :)