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Because of the collections that are coming out now (Fafi, BPPs, etc) I’m starting to get into blushes now. I used to go for only 1-2 blushes before but now I feel like having fun and trying out more colors.

I think it would be Hipness blush from Fafi, True Romantic BPB, and Cargo SuedeBlush in Gold Coast! πŸ™‚

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Mm, yay for True Romantic πŸ™‚ I’ve reached for Hipness a fair amount of times (though soon enough it’ll get relagated to the back of the blush row, lol).

I never really explored blushes as an option, I thought they all more or less look the same πŸ˜› But ive been inspired by your blush collection to look into them now… i have 5 and counting! yay! Definitely not too bold with them though… i feel like a clown with a bold colour on my cheeks! 8 out of 10 times i use Fleur Power i end up looking like a clown! πŸ™

I love blush, although I didn’t wear it for years. I’ve learned that blush is a necessity for me. My cheeks don’t show up without it unless I’m smiling wide (and I hate that). I only use about three different shades to contour. My favorite is Nars Madly. I try to use all my blushes and Pearlizers, and MSFs, but I am guilty of letting about half of them go unused, especially the ones that come in premade palettes and cream blushes. I have about 30 different blushes (not counting other face products used as blush or the blushes in palettes. That would double the number.).

i only have two blushes πŸ™‚
i think i use them more for the “applying blush gesture”, than to really get rosy cheeks…

i have a blush by Nichido (cheap but nice brand), and one by Bourjois πŸ™‚

i love the small, round packaging, it is so cute ^^

I used to have a small blush collection (by BB and MAC), but with the recent MAC launches it grew quite a bit. I love playing around with blush now, I used to stick with a couple of shades (one cool, one warm), now I pay a lot more attention on what shade to use in a look.
I have both the Fafi and all of the Beauty Powder Blushes as well as Alpha Girl BP from Heatherette and I love them dearly!

I never have been a blush addict in the past. For some reason I always thought it looked comical on dark skin, but now I love it. It totally makes or breaks a look. To me the right blush is key so I have recently been expanding my collection.

I bought one of the new MAC beauty powder blushes the other day, and I love it. I think I am going to have to go back and get the rest.

I used to be a one blush kinda girl (NARS Orgasm) but lately I have become obsessed with blushes … I even dream about them. Very sad. I bought 2 of the new BPs (Eversun and True Romantic) and I think I must go back for more. I am also loving Stila Convertibles and anxiously waiting for my Avon package with the Jill Dempsey blushing the Muse was raving about.

I love blushes. I only have about 7 but I am wanting another BP blush and to start a palette with Trace Gold Well Dressed and Sunbasque
any comments Christine for what other 3 I should put in?
I have medium complexion skin and I am a teen who likes shimmer.

I’m definitely a blush addict! I love wearing blush and I love collecting it too. Unfortunately, when I buy a blush, I wear it everyday for a number of weeks and then I replace that blush with another and the cycle repeats itself. Sometimes I think they all look more or less the same with the exception of the really distinct ones (e.g. say NARS Orgasm compared to BeneFit Dandelion).

i think i might be starting to get addicted to them, every new collection first thing that i check out is blusher! haha

I love blush and it’s probably my favourite type of make up! I go through phases of only wearing about 2 colours but like bec (above post) I replace it with another one and it starts all over again! My obsession hasn’t really been helped by the new colour collections that keep coming out though!

i stick to one. i think blush is just supposed to be a natural thing, just like foundation, so something like that should be a staple that doesn’t change. peoples skin tones don’t change every day, and since make up is supposed to be just an enhancement of what you naturally look like, i don’t think blush or foundation should change daily either.

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That’s a really interesting point of view, Stephanie! It does make sense, but I suppose lips were meant to be natural too, and yet we see all ranges of color on it. What is your one blush that you stick to?

i never used blush untill last year — i always thought my cheeks were too pink naturally to wear anything. but, after trying a few MAC shades, i now have about 10 or 12 blushes, and i do wear them all regularly. i never realized that blush could really make such a difference in how i look, and now i dread going out without any on, cause i feel like i look totally pale and washed out.

Ohh, I think I am a major addict. I haven’t counted them, but I must have at least 45 full size blushes (blushes naturally)

I’m not too big on blush. I have NARS Orgasm blush and MAC Mocha blush which are the only 2 I really use. I have a few by NYX and a few others that I got just in case I needed a different color for whatever reason. Sometimes I’ll even just use bronzer or a light MAC MSF (like Lightscapade) on my cheeks since my skin tends to have a lot of pink in it to begin with!

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Hey Amy! Lucky to have that natural flush going πŸ™‚ I often just use my Dior Amber Diamond as a blush/bronzer kind of thing for natural looks, too.

Hey Cristine,

I do have many and i do apply accordingly ,im a matching FREAK GIRL!!But the thing is that im more focusing on EYES and LIPPIES,i mean i always do eyes lips first and then return to cheeks,in this way it helps me to match blush colours accordingly.


I love blush, but I only have three; MAC Fleur power, and two Bobbi Brown cream blushes in blushed rose and pink raspberry. I don’t think it’s worth to have to many, it takes so long to finish one pot.

I personally make sure i have a huge collection of every cosmetic product under the sun, so of course, blush is never neglected. Blush, like lippy, creates a look.

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