Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

How long do you usually spend doing your makeup? Exclude skincare and hair… just makeup!

Temptalia's Answer.

Usually twenty minutes or so! If I’m in a real rush, I can get something thrown together in five minutes or so. I prefer to spend about twenty minutes, though — maybe a half hour at most. Then my feet get tired of standing :P

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80 thoughts on “Temptalia Ask You – How long do you usually spend doing your makeup?

  1. Generally about 15-20 minutes. Then another 10 on my hair usually.

  2. waaaaaay too long. :p

  3. Evelyn

    like 30 min
    my friends and family think im crazy.

  4. Shealyn

    about 35 minutes. my friends and family think i’m crazy too, but oh well.

  5. Kayc

    About 45 mins for a full face. If I’m in a rush then I can get myself together within 20 mins lol.

    • Kathleen

      Me too, I take about 45 min in the morning in front of my vanity table. I am not ashamed of how much time I take because it is “MY” time. I enjoy it and I cherish it.

  6. Roxanne

    Usually 20-30 minutes… but I’ve been known to hawk the bathroom for HOURS on special occasions :)

  7. jess

    15-30 minutes.

    If I’m doing something special or trying something new, it might take a really long time.

  8. fatsheep :)

    15 mins or less if is a sch day :P
    if i go out at nite for clubbing then,,,,45 mins?haha

  9. Cat

    During the work week about 20mins….but on the weekends or special occasion can take around 45mins.

  10. Shereen

    it usually takes 15 minutes when I’m in a rush (which I usually am). But if I actually have time, I’ll take 30-40 minutes.

  11. SaraLacquer

    Fast makeup – 5 min
    Usualy – 20 min
    Going out – 40 min

  12. ice

    i’m a novice so i take like a full hour or more to do my makeup & hair for an occassion. My husband go nuts about it! But on a normal day, like going to the grocery or shopping, I’m usually done in no time:)

  13. For work and weekend days, I’m done in under 10 minutes. I’ve gotten pretty fast in my years of makeup wearing! When I’m getting all dolled up, I can take up to 40 minutes, but rarely do I need that long.

  14. Plastica

    Well when it’s for work 5-8 min, now for going out it’s 20-30 min depending on my mood.

  15. Andrea

    I’ve never really timed myself but I’m going to guess about 20 minutes….. only because I always let primer, foundation, etc dry longer than needed before layering over it.

  16. kelly

    On weekdays I spend around 10-15 min ( usually powder foundation, concealer, simple wash eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick)-I love my beauty sleep!!!
    On weekends ( especially Saturday night) I like to take my time and devote 30 min for a full made-up face.

  17. lala

    Max 20min on a everyday look. Just, because I like waiting after I moisturize, prime, conceal etc.

  18. Taj

    15-20 on normal days, and much much longer if I wanna go for a more refined look.

  19. Stephanie

    about half an hour

  20. dee

    10 to 20. If I don’t do eyeshadows it’s closer to 10. If I wanna do a nice coordinated look, then closer to 20.

  21. sprut

    most mornings just 5-10 min but if it’s an evening/weekend/special event and I’m going out-out then 20-30.

  22. Jennifer

    I take a good 10-15 min every morning. I’ve worked my routine of makeup that I love (MAC) and good brushes help in the application process from (MAC), because the makeup goes on flawless!!!

    So it’s all in the product + really good brushes

  23. Rio

    Around 10 minutes for full face. Most of that is spent on eyeshadow though, as I only lightly brush some powder on my face if it needs it.

  24. Brooke F

    Less than 15 minutes on regular days – powder foundation + blush happens in about 2 minutes, eye primer + shadow + mascara + liner takes a little longer but not much.

  25. pia

    If I want to do a full eye make up, it’ll take about 40 mins. But for days when I just have 30 mins to get ready, 15 minutes.

  26. It really depends on the look. A simple look about 10-15 min. A very ornate/dramatic look about 30 min- 1 hr.

  27. Chrystie

    5-10 minutes for workdays. My commute is quite long so I don’t want to get up any earlier. I really get dolled up on weekends.

  28. taymi

    20 to 30 minutes

  29. Elle

    If I have time to waste, I spend an hour on hair and makeup. Otherwise, for every day, I can do foundation/eyes/lips/hair in about 15-20 minutes. Oh, and perfume, too!

  30. Ashley

    15 minutes.

  31. geri

    hmmm, about 5 minutes for my (just enough to get me out the door face) and about 15-30 mins max for other times depending on the occasion.

  32. Nicole

    15 or so during the week — I usually just put on mascara, some concealer is I have a break out (luckily my skin has been FABO), and some Carmex and/or lipgloss.

    30 minutes or when I’m going out or for other special occassions.

  33. HoneyBrown1976

    15-20 minutes

  34. Norma

    I takes me about 30 min.

  35. I probably take about half an hour, but mostly because eyeshadow takes forever! I also wait for my moisturizer and primer to set and that adds to the amount of time it takes me.

  36. Kella

    Really rushed makeup takes me 15 minutes. (Liquid foundation, powder concealer, powder foundation, blush, bronzer, mascara, lips)

    Day-to-day makeup takes me 20-30 minutes. (Liquid concealer, liquid foundation, powder concealer, powder foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter, liner, mascara, lips)

    Going-out makeup takes me about an hour. (All of above, plus eyeshadows & more liners, lashes, etc.)

  37. Ashley

    About 30 minutes for a full face. I rarely feel like doing a full face though, so I usually spend no more than 10-15 minutes.

  38. slick

    I do a full face every day and it takes me about 20 mintues. On weekends I take up to 30-40 mintues but its just because I can take my time……I also like to putz around with my products, inspect everything, get distracted by shiny colors, etc. ;-)

  39. I’d say around 15 minutes, give or take. Usually no more than that, though.

  40. Anitacska

    I do mine in a few goes, so about 10-15 mins on the eyes, then later I do my face (foundation, powder, blush), then lipstick, so added together it’s probably 20-25 mins. But could be more if I have more time.

  41. Super quick makeup to just feel awake: 5 minutes
    Usually: 20-30 minutes
    If I’m going out/just playing around: as much time as I have! 45 mins easy ;)

  42. Kate

    20 to 30 minutes. If I’m in a rush, I’ll just put on some lipstick and eyeliner and go.

  43. Normally 5 minutes? (eyeliner + lipstick).

  44. Allison

    i usually take as much time as i have! i can be ready in five minutes i i have to be, but if i have more time i use it all!!
    rushed = five minutes
    regular day = fifteen minutes
    special = 30 minutes

  45. It sort of depends, especially as I tend to multitask while in the morning. If I hit the ground running, so to speak, it takes me about 40 minutes in the morning to shower, dry off, get dressed, comb my hair & put it up, do my skincare routine & then makeup. If I get up earlier or I have more time though, I like to include breakfast and take more time with my routine… in which case it can easily be 1:30, lol. I would guess that I spend between 10-25 minutes on my makeup. If I don’t do anything with my eyes, I can be done in 5 minutes.

    I feel like I have a lot of extra steps though, lol. I use UDPP and Painterly, and I have to use a mascara base, and my eyelashes are a PITA to curl b/c of they way they don’t follow the curler well and then get all crinkled up. I’m getting a lot better though! It only took me 3 minutes to do my lashes this morning. :D It used to take 10 minutes when I first started and I’d still have mascara all over my lids, lol.

  46. KaylaK

    In a rush probably 5-8 min. But I usually spend 15-20 minutes tops!

  47. Michelle

    everyday daily routine is 10-15minutes
    if I’m going out (party, club, etc.) its about 20-40….. I feel much better after reading all these posts. I use to think I took way too long. Apparently I’m just average :)

  48. Whitnee

    5-10 minutes…5 if i skip foundation and go for just powder or use a msf…10 for foundation and quick blush lipstick and shadow with mascara. 30 for a regular night out or if i have the time and up to several hours for a special date.

  49. Avatar of Faiza Faiza

    Usually 40 mins, because I like to take my time! My family is driven crazy when it’s a special occasion, because then I take an hour or so.

  50. Megan

    If I take my time and Im in no rush…then I’d say about 15-20 mins. If Im rushing then I take about 5-10 mins

  51. Sarah

    Like Megan it’s 15-20mins normal everyday looks, and when rushing I’m done within 5-10mins, scrape my hair back in a rough low pony et viola, done in a jiffy!
    i hate mornings, but makeup is so therapeutic it transforms me from grouch to sassy in minutes. and i sit cross legged on the floor with makeup all over carpet and several mirrors etc.

  52. Avatar of T Violet tremorviolet

    In the mornings for work, around 30 mins although there’s usually a break in the middle where I go iron. For going out Saturday, 45 min to an hour, full face with contouring. For Sunday brunch, I have plenty of time to just experiment so probably about 45 minutes for that too.

  53. hi

    Special occasion makeup: 45 to 60 minutes – A whole HOUR? You’re darn right a whole hour! lol :)
    On average: 30 minutes
    Fast rushed-for-time makeup: 20 minutes
    The “Minute Face” when I have like no time for full makeup: 10 minutes – quick liner on top and bottom, smudge it with shadow, blend the shadow onto the lid and do a quick swipe of mascara, brow liner.
    I had to go to a FANCY bat mitzvah a few months ago in a black halter cocktail dress, and I spent an hour and 15 minutes overall – a 60-minute time block doing the majority of my face, 15 minutes added altogether of scattered pieces of time being nitpicky with finishing touches. :)

  54. BabyDollB

    It really depends on where I am going, doing or who I am seeing. On an average morning about 30-40 minutes. My foundation and eye make up takes the longest because I like to make sure my foundation is blended properly and my eyes are my favorite feature so I love to play them up :D

  55. Heidi

    i usually take about 20-30 minutes depending on if im taking my time or not.

  56. Heather

    If its just my everyday look about 10 minutes, but If I’m doing my eye makeup more dramatic like 20 or 30.

  57. Edna

    15 minutes = daily makeup routine + straightning my hair @ the same time! gotta multi task!

  58. Lia

    Work (retail) – 5 minutes tops – not worth doing anything more then foundation, MSF and maskara.

    Grad school/everyday – 10 minutes, simple eye shadow/pencil liner and lip gloss.

    Party/fancy event – 25 or so minutes – depends on if I can get my liquid liner to look right the first time I try. Also take more time covering red spots and highlighting.

  59. Gabsta

    I’m a newbie to make up. I only wear it when going out, I think I take about 25-40 minutes. I’m sure with practice I could do that same looks in 20 minutes. This is for foundation, eyes and lips.

    I do use blush or any contour shading.

  60. Kacie

    FOREVER. If I’m getting totally ready it takes me up to two hours, but that includes hair and getting dressed and checking Twitter and getting distracted by whatever I have on the teevee.

    I take the long way around/multitask, so out of the shower I dry my hair, flat iron it, pull it back with a headband, wash hands, tone, moisturize face, moisturize elbows/knees, wash hands, face primer, foundation, color correctors and concealers, buff all that crap out, highlight/contour.blush, take hair out of headband and straighten it AGAIN (my hair creases/gets marked from something as small as a bobby pin, it’s really malleable), wash hands AGAIN, set my face with a powder, eye primer, eye shadows (again if I’m getting all dolled up there are like 6 or 7 colors in the mix sometimes), liner, mascara primer, mascara, brows, lips, fix anything that needs to be fixed, tease my hair and throw product in it, wash hands, get dressed, clean up makeup area (I have to every day otherwise it gets way too out of control), perfume and then leave.

    That said, if I’m going to work and I don’t give a crap about doing anything fun, five minutes tops.

    moisturize, tone, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, lip balm. Hair in ponytail.

  61. Face around 30+? I’m still not amazing at it, so i can’t move fast. But thats about the quickest thing about my getting ready routine LOL thats so sad

  62. SchizoScherzo

    Full face + eyeliner= 15 mins.

    Full face + eyeshadow= 25-40 mins.

    It really just depends on how dramatic I want to look that day.

  63. I usually take about 30-40 minutes. If I were in a hurry, 15 is probably the fastest I take for a full face (eyes, cheeks, lips and foundation).

  64. Joanna

    For everyday, around 10 mins: concealer, foundation, liner, mascara, blush, lipstick.
    For clubbing, special occasions, 30 mins to 1hr, eyes taking the majority of the time.

  65. muffingrl

    rushed: 5-10 mins
    regular: 15 mins
    special: 30 mins-1 hour

  66. Sapphire

    15-20 minute for every thing. For special acasions itake 40 ;) but if am in a hurry just 5 minute

  67. Anna

    i used to take an hour but recently i surprised myself by finishing everything in 15 mins. :) but i prefer taking my own sweet time to do it.

  68. Julie

    I like to have 20 min for makeup in the morning. I will even skip breakfast if I am short of time, so I have time for makeup.
    I wake up in the morning and get happy because I have so many colors to choose from and it is so much fun to copy some of the looks from your book, and to play with the endless combinations. If I hit a really good one, I write it down, or I will forget it.
    Love to sit alone in the morning and start the day by playing with makeup… what can top this and still be realistic? LOL

    For going out I need 1 hour, it takes me long time to get the darn lashes to sit right and comfortable. I am fair and my lashes are short and can not hold a strong makeup alone. So I sometimes use colored lenses and lashes and it takes time, but the results are well worth it.

  69. about 20 minutes. although, I can scrape by in about 5 if absolutely necessary.

  70. Macfan1966

    For everyday makeup, I tend to spend 10 to 15 minutes. For a night out, i spend about 20 minutes.

  71. Rachael

    I’m really anal and like my makeup to be perfect so it usually takes me 45-60 min if I’m going out. I can usually manage to do a quick look in 20-30 min!

  72. Martha Urriola-Hess

    HMMMM!!! 10 to 20 min. And I’m getting better.

  73. elle

    It depends on how tired I am and where I am going. Sometimes it can be like 10 minutes other times it can be about 40.

  74. Mikki

    Oops… just like… 5 minutes! I’m always in a hurry in the morning and I can’t get out of bed earlier

  75. izabela

    around 10-15 minutes (:
    depending on if i am rushing or not (: