Saturday, November 15th, 2008

I have some very exciting news to share with you all! It’s a project that has been in the works since January: Beyond Beauty: Look Compilation. A few readers have flattered me enormously by going through my looks and printing some of their favorites out, and I had several suggest making an e-book/book of my looks available. I’m so pleased to be able to say you can now order your very own copy of Beyond Beauty: Look Compilation.

It features a compilation of looks from the past two years. It does not feature every look, but it features the looks I feel were my best work as well as a good variety of different types of looks. Each look features an individualized tip, plus an area for you to write in your own notes/comments. The book is 100 pages in length, with just over forty different looks featured in it. All of the pages are 100% full color, and the pages are 8×11″ in size.

It is available in three versions through

Hardcover ($49.95)

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Paperback ($34.95)

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

e-Book ($9.95)*

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

* e-Book is priced at $9.95 during the promotional period 11/15/08 through 11/22/08. After, it will be available for $14.95.

Thank you for your support and confidence in!

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108 thoughts on “Temptalia Announces e-Book, Paperback, & Hardcover!

  1. Wow!! How exciting for you.

  2. Sandy


  3. lisa

    dam u read my mind just this week i was thinking that u should do exactly that.

  4. abby

    wow!!! congratulations!!! I do believe your website is the best. It must have been so hard to choose your best looks because they are all so great and all of the colours look great on you too.

  5. Reesa

    congratulations, christine. much success with your book :-)

  6. congratulations….n all the best wth ur new venture….

  7. lindsey

    OMG that is great!! how exciting! Congrats! I am for sure going to purchase a hardback!

  8. Tamikka

    How about sharing a sneak peek?

  9. Heather

    Wow that is so awesome! Congratulations! I cannot wait to buy a hardback copy!! Would it be possible to get it signed by the beautiful author??? :-)

    • Hi Heather! I’m flattered you’d want it signed! I’d be happy to sign it for you, but I’ll need to order it on your behalf, have it shipped to me, and then ship it to you. I’d just need you to PayPal me for the book and shipping (instead of you ordering and paying through! If you’re interested, just e-mail me at temptalia[at] :)

  10. danielle

    such an awesome idea! CONGRATULATIONS! is it only sold at that website?

    • Yes, it’s only sold through the website! It’s the most cost effective method, and they ship to several international destinations, which was important to me.

  11. Porcelain

    Wow, that’s amazing! Well done Christine!

    Methinks this is going on my Christmas list 😀

  12. Oh Christine!! That’s amazing!! Congratulations!! U r the best!

  13. Julie Vognsgaard

    Dear Christine

    Congratulations from all of my heart, you are such a wonderful person that bring colorful joy to women around the world.

    Just like Heather, I would appreciate to have my book signed by you?
    Do you ship them yourself or should I wait by ordering, so Lulu does not just ship it out too fast?
    For all international reades, Lulu ships international too.

    Good luck and best of wishes, hope it sells out for you (well, not before I get my own copy LOL)

    Best regards,
    Julie from Denmark

    • Hi Julie!

      All books are printed and shipped via if you purchase there. If you would like a signed copy, I would order myself, sign it, and then ship it to you myself instead. I’m happy to do this for anyone who is crazy enough to want it 😉 I’d just need you to pay me via PayPal (instead of Lulu)!

      If you’re interested, just email me at temptalia[at]!

  14. lovekills

    Congrats Christine, So happy for you really, I have learned so much from visiting your site, Although, I don’t post some of my looks, my make-up art and look has greatly improved because of you.

    As a result, I am considering make-up artistry school post Graduate studies.

    As others have mentioned, you have inspired many of us with your looks and techniques.
    For this I say, thank you and keep up the good work.

  15. Tekoa

    *boggles* Why not rule your country while you’re at it?

  16. Rochelle

    That’s fantastic! I’m getting the hard copy!

  17. Kristelle

    a book? why would anyone pay for a book when all your fotd’s are on your website free of charge?

    • Hi Kristelle,

      I’ve had several readers actually painstakingly go through and create their own “book” versions of looks (immensely flattering), because they want to be able to look at the images at their vanity or in their bathroom as they apply their makeup. Most of us don’t do makeup at the computer, so I can see why having something you can refer to would be useful for some!

      • Kristelle

        hmmm…. playing devil’s advocate here… I’m curious as to why “several readers” would “painstakingly go through and create their own book” of your looks as your looks are all the same – just different colors… it’s not like they’re creative – it’s the same look, same metallic shadows, same placement everytime – far from inspiring ~cue fangirls defending ~ i mean, more power to you (i guess) for wanting to make money off something like that but i just don’t get it.. ~shrugs~

        • The book was created in response to suggestions received through reader feedback surveys as well as inspired by readers who ended up doing it DIY. There was a demand, and this was felt like the right time to meet it!

        • lindsey

          “Kristelle” can I just ask you why do you come to her website to talk sh*t all the time?!! You need to get a life or get OVER Christine, because you are either a psycho stalker, or someone with WAY too much time on your hands. You never once have said anything nice, so why do you continue to come here???

          • Kristelle

            “Lindsey”,like i said above ~cue fangirls defending~
            a little thing called freedom of speech allows me to voice my opinion, and i’ll continue to do that thanks :)

          • lindsey

            I am not a little fangirl. You are just a psycho obsessed loser with WAYYYY to much time on your hands. Get a life. Seriously.

        • Anna

          lol, i’d like to see you do better.

  18. Lauren

    Ive tried other beauty sites but honestly after i found this place I could never appreciate any other. This site is too great! Congratulations!

  19. Kella

    Congrats sweetie! 😀

  20. Jan

    Oh wow Christine! I’m so happy and excited for you, this is amazing news! Ever since I found your site, it has been such a great help, inspiration and I’ve learnt a lot from you. You dare me to try colours I would not have otherwise used, and techniques I never did want to try. I think this is a wonderful way, to end 2008 with a bang. Congratulations! This is so gonna be on my Christmas list of things I want 😀

    • Thank you, Jan! I’m so honored to have been able to inspire you and help you learn more about makeup. It is what keeps me going and loving what this blog does :)

  21. Betsy

    Wow, a book. Your looks are so versatile and vibrant, I’m so happy for you!

  22. Linz

    Congratulations. Your fans are so proud of you. Couldn’t have happened to a better person. I am looking forward to getting a copy in support. Best of luck to you.

  23. Julia.

    Congratulations, Christine! What an accomplishment!

  24. Milan

    I’ll be ordering a hard cover. Congratulations! This is great.

  25. michelle

    oh my gosh!
    how very awesome!!

  26. Posley

    Hey Christine

    Congrats girl you are really doing great. I was expecting nothing less from someone so creative.

    I tried to get the hard cover but!!!!! It looks like it’s not available outside of the US. I live in south Africa and really need to get my hands on this book.

    Please advise


    • Hi Posley,

      It is available internationally, but after looking at the international countries, it looks like they do not serve any in the Africa continent (I’m not sure why!). I would be happy to order one on your behalf and ship it to you myself, and you can just pay me via PayPal instead. If you’re interested, just email me at temptalia[at] :)

  27. Rochelle

    I wanted the hard cover but they wanted

    • The shipping was that much? Because according to them, shipping is not at all like that… Is that the total price or just for shipping alone?

      It says 1 item costs

      • Rochelle

        Hi Christine,

        That was definitely the price for shipping. I chose the hard copy then went to checkout, and they gave me two options for shipping.

  28. Claire

    Is there anything in it besides looks? Just asking becuase the title, Beyond Beauty, suggests something more. Or is it just a rehash of looks we’ve seen on the site? Just curious what we’re paying for.

    • Beyond Beauty is part of Temptalia’s tagline/motto, actually. The title sets up a potential for a series of books published for Temptalia. These are looks seen on the site with instructions on how to achieve the look, along with a tip specific to that look (or type of look).

      I had several readers request a book format, so they could bring it with them to the beauty counter or be able to refer to it while they’re actually doing makeup (in the bathroom, at their vanity).

  29. Fantastic Idea! I love the looks you create so this is the perfect book concept.

    Good Luck!

  30. maddie

    Hi Christine!!
    what a great book.. im ordering mine now!!! can u sign it???

  31. pia

    Christine! Congratulations!!! May your creation sold out real quick and you have to do a reprint!

    By the way, is there anyway we could have a sneak peak how what’s inside the book like? I’m interested in the e-book version.

  32. Cat

    Just wanted to say congrats!!!

    I got your book and for those who dont have it yet go out and get it its great!!!!

  33. Hey!! just wondering how do you take your make up pics? without flash? how do the colors seem so bright and pretty?

  34. Maria

    Hi Christine!
    I would love to buy your book, but I live in Sweden.. Is it possible for me to buy it anyway?

  35. knittingthrough

    Are all the looks shown on Temptalia’s face? Because if so, this book does interest me a lot, as my colouring is somewhat similar to hers (I’m a bit lighter, otherwise it’s perfect)

  36. Anna

    Hi Christine,

    Love the site and I ordered to online version- will then print and bind it myself, living in the UK the shipping for hardback for too much.

    I love how easy you make it all sounds and this is perfect to help us to recreate the looks. Not to mention I wont have to sit by my laptop copying the instructions for certain looks I want to do !

    Cant wait for the 2nd one !!

    • Hey Anna,

      Yes, shipping is expensive. I shipped one myself, and it cost about $20 for 2 hardcovers, so even though the shipping costs aren’t cheap on Lulu, they’re not inaccurate in terms of what it costs these days :(

      I am happy to hear you like it!!

  37. elle

    Ok so I want to just get the online version but theres two. Does it matter which one I do?

  38. Victoria

    I love the book!! I bought it just last week and I’m already anxious for a second one to come out.

  39. Wow!Congrats!This is definitely going on my “must-have” list, I will buy this as soon as possible :)

  40. margot

    CONGRATULATIONS !!! This is so great !! I’ll ask my mum to buy me a copy :p I’ve always wanted a look book but never found anything good enough : this one looks great !!

  41. NH

    yes its an accomplishment but you can view her looks on this website for free instead o_O it’s not that hard to get dup colors at the counters. phones now a days are equipped with internet access and can easily view through there.

  42. Zsofi

    Oh wow,ths is awesome :-)
    If You remember i also printed Your looks maybe a year ago or so,so i was one of the first to have them :-))))

    Good luck,this is such a wonderful thing 😀

    • Thank you so much, Zsofi! I do remember, and I was (still am!) SO flattered and honored and blown away that you did that!

    • Julie from Denmark

      Hi Zsofi and Christine

      LOL, I did the same thing. I downloaded every picture from every look and tut, loaded them into a template in AutoCAD and printed each out (on my dad’s laser color printer, if he knew…)
      There are so many I had to devide them up into two huge binders, with two sheets in every plastic chateque. I tapped them into colors and put notes on the ones I have tried.
      I keep track and print every new look you do.

      I am vere very happy for my book, it is such a great way to show my girlfriends about makeup, show them what your site is all about and and the gift book is being used a lot by my GF, since not everybody got the patience to print (and a free printer ehmm…)

      Hugs to both of you

      • Hi Julie,

        You always manage to make my day SO much brighter with your kind words and encouragement! I appreciate your support tremendously, and it makes the blog incredibly rewarding. I am blown away by the fact you (as well as Zsofi!) printed out my looks well before the book! I am SO happy that you love the book and so do your girlfriends :)

        Thank you SO SO much!


  43. hi,

    i just wanted to ask you that if I purchase the e-book, can I add your
    looks as “inspiration” looks on my blog along wth the colours mentioned..
    Will that be legal or it will be a copyright issue..i am clueless, so i wanted to know.

    Thank you

  44. Congratulations, this is great! I think I might just order the paperback version! Very cool.

  45. jaspreet

    thanks i really like ur idea

  46. divinem (Melissa)

    Because you bring me so much joy and have kept me in the know on all things beauty over the past two years, I ordered your book as a thank you. I also appreciate how easy you made it to achieve these looks.

    THANK YOU, Christine!


  47. Anna Veeraagsorn

    I love your site alot… thank you. I feel that mac does not have all the colors tested on their models in the pics and you make it easy to see all the colors. btw i just got soiree nail polish (sweet)!