Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

For our next giveaway in our Summer of Fun Giveaways, we know how important brows can be. So we’re giving away tools for the PERFECT BROWS…

  • Clinique Brow Keeper in Warm Brown
  • RED by Kiss Slant Tip Tweezer & Eeybrow Brush/Comb

This prize package is worth $20.00! To enter to win, leave a comment telling me what kind of brows you like, and make sure to use an accurate e-mail address (this is how we contact you if you win!) by August 21st, 9PM PST. Remember, there are ways to increase your chances to win, so make sure you find out how (and read additional rules).

Good luck!

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43 thoughts on “Temptalia’s Summer of Fun #022: Perfect Brows

  1. Pam

    I like a clean, neat look. When brows get to skinny it doesn’t look natural to me.

  2. KyaLyn

    Natural looking brows. Not overly drawn and not too thin.

  3. I love Gisele Bundchen’s brows! I love them looking natural and a little on the thicker side.

  4. Elizabeth M.

    I like them natural and clean but I tend to have scraggly extra ones on the top of my arches which have to go.

  5. Tanya from Oz

    naturally full (bushy) but tamed and highly manicured, with no regrowth.

  6. Stephanie

    Like those who commented before me, I like natural brows. Nothing too high arched or too thin.

  7. Erin/slipnslide

    I like a little arch, no stragglers, and as thick as possible while still being clean.
    Sadly, that is not how my brows are and I have to fill in a lot. It’s too bad there’s no such thing as false eyebrow hairs. πŸ˜‰

    Lately I’ve been trying to get brows like Alessandra Ambrosio (the Vicky’s model). Arched but still natural looking, with a little slope down toward the eye. I’m a brow freak, what can I say?

  8. rysc

    I like natural arch, not that thin overplucked thing that make you looked surprised all the time πŸ˜€

  9. Morgan

    Full, natural, not too groomed. I always make sure to get the arch right with no hairs springing up around it and leave it at that. Going all-out includes filling in and putting some wax in them to shape, but I always feel ridiculous putting *product* in my brows. πŸ˜€

  10. Quynh

    I like my brows on the thinner side but not completely thin.

  11. Julie

    I have to say, I never really paid attention to brows in the past. I have always had fairly neat and clean eyebrows, with just a few stragglers that I would tweeze when necessary.

    But, last weekend, thanks to you!, while I was in NYC I had my eyebrows threaded and WHOA! what a difference. Suddenly my brows are professionally shaped and absolutely perfect.

    So, ten days ago I would have said, huh? brows??

    But today, I can tell you that threaded brows are perfect brows. :)

  12. Kari

    I like a natural look, but not too bushy. Gotta tame those suckers down a bit, you know?

  13. Denise

    i think brows are my official favorite part of the face. i like them to look as if they are naturally arched. (so much so that i am letting mine grow out so that i could try to have fuller natural looking brows… but right now i look beastly haha).

    i just think fuller brows look better (:

  14. Ellen

    I don’t like extremely thin brows or drawn-on brows; although I do prefer mine on the skinny side, but still natural. Have been terrible about upkeep the last month or so, need to get myself to a waxer!

    Thanks for the contest, Christine!

  15. Helen Toy

    I like brows that are medium in thickness. I think pencil brows don’t flatter your eyes and thick brows make you look manly. I personally don’t have my hair on my brows so i use brown eyeshadow and a slanted brush to fill in the missing part!

  16. Laney

    I love really high arches. I know that look doesn’t work on most people, but I absolutely adore those type of brows on people who can pull it off!

    Thanks for the contest : )

  17. I just like brows that look nice and groomed. Not to skinny and not to thick. :)

  18. Shayla

    I like nicely groomed brows…not bushy but not too thin either

  19. hazel

    I like dark big brows that are nicely groomed, like Hilary Rhoda’s

  20. Chloe

    I really like naturally full lashes. Overplucked brows do look too fake…natural is the way to go!

  21. Monica

    I love natural looking brows, trimmed and neat. I envy the Arabic girls because they all seem to have perfectly shaped brows, not thin, full but not “bushy”.

  22. I love natural eyebrows too, and I prefer slightly ‘bushy’ ones to non-existing ones. I love Caroline Ribeiro’s eyebrows, just perfect.

  23. reeva

    I like natural brows with the natural arch. For the most part, I like a brow that is “shaped” without a lot of plucking or artificial arching

  24. Kay

    i like the natural shape the brows usually grow but i just like it to be neat by having the area outside of the brow shape plucked.

  25. Stephanieeeee

    I like brows that are shaped with a nice arch and thick enough to be natural (but not too thick).

  26. Danielle

    I like natural looking brown that have some shape, a little arch and definition is always good.

  27. kat

    EEP I never do anything with my brows! I don’t even have tweezers or anything… so this would be really useful to me, actually!

  28. bunny

    I like clean and trim brows that aren’t too thin nor thick.

  29. I like my brows to be clean and neat, and absolutely NOT too thin! However I have only been tweezing my brows so this giveaway will be really useful for me! :)

  30. Lish

    I threaded my brows for the first time today!!!!

  31. I like mine natural and not too thin, but still ‘reigned in’ and cleaned up enough to look neat. No little stray brow hairs for me!

  32. Amanda K.

    I like perfectly sculpted and arched brows…it’s the first thing I look at when looking at someone. πŸ˜‰

  33. Justine

    I like sculpted and slightly arched brows… not too thick (mine are on the thinner side) but enough that I wouldn’t have to fill in my brows if I didn’t want to.

  34. Janet F

    I like brows that look natural and have an arch.

    I don’t like very thin brows.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. aradhana

    strong and defined…not overplucked…verging on bushy…

  36. Aeyrah

    Natural brows are always a nice look.

  37. gracieo

    I also like the natural look, but not to bushy. Definitely do not like the thin drawn on brows, but it does look good on some people….just not for me.

  38. I like a more natural strong looking brow. I do not like ultra thin/drawn in at all. I usually feel sorry for the person!

  39. My eyebrows are thin and fair,so I try not to pluck it too much or I’ll end up bald!!!…But taking a good look at my face features it wouldn’t be nice if I have thick brow,It will look too harsh…
    Greetings from Brazil

  40. Annie

    I like my brows not too thick, but definitely not too thin. Mine are pretty arched- not over the top, but definitely more than most people.. I have thick brow hair so I don’t have to fill in, thank god cause that would drive me insane!!

  41. I’m starting to love full brows with a somewhat high arch. That exactly what Im trying to recreate now but its kinda hard since I used to love thin brows. The in between’s of eye brow growing are tough.

  42. Jennifer Washington

    I love a semi-thin/semi-natural brow with a high arch. They make my cheekbones look higher for some reason!

  43. CrystesMom

    Years ago in high school, I used to shave off my brows instead of taking the time to just pluck the stragglers (always in a hurry)! Worst mistake of my life! By my early 20s, they no longer grew in! Since then, I have to pencil them in, set them with powder and brush lightly to soften the look. I’m so embarrassed about the way I look without makeup; sort of sickly and woe-begone! I even had them tattooed on a few years back, but unfortunately, they have almost completely faded out now. Discovered that I have a rare blood disorder soon after the tattoo job (similar to hemophilia), so now I can’t find any tattoo artist who is willing to touch me in case I won’t stop bleeding. Whether or not I win this contest, I just want to warn everyone, NEVER shave your brows! It’s not worth it! I just use a plain old wooden Maybelline eyebrow pencil to draw the brows on and the only thing I can use tweezers for is the wild hairs that sometimes sprout BETWEEN my brows over my nose and (heehee) occasionly on my chin! Thanks for listening and for the contest!