Sunday, August 10th, 2008

For our next giveaway in our Summer of Fun Giveaways, get primped and polished with these HEALTHY WISHES…

  • Tarte’s We Wish You Health Set

This prize package is worth $30.00! To enter to win, leave a comment tell me your greatest beauty wish, and make sure to use an accurate e-mail address (this is how we contact you if you win!) by August 11th, 9PM PST. Remember, there are ways to increase your chances to win, so make sure you find out how (and read additional rules).

Good luck!

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66 thoughts on “Temptalia’s Summer of Fun #018: Healthy Wishes

  1. Brittany

    I think that my greatest beauty wish would be to always love the way I look. I never want to look into the mirror and think that I’d look better if my hair wasn’t this way or pick out all of the flaws that I think I have (I try not to but sometimes it just happens!). I always try to love the way I look, but sometimes I just have a bad hair day or back break out and just kind of go off the loving myself bandwagon. It would be nice to get rid of things like bad hair days, or when they did occur to just not care 😛

    I’m not sure if this is exactly what you meant, but I hope so!

  2. Brittany

    oops typo.
    *bad not back.

  3. Vee

    A collection of perfect items!

  4. Steph

    My greatest beauty wish is to not let my imperfections overpower me.

  5. Darkangie

    My greatest beauty wish is that someday I can work in cosmetics. Whatever brand just that I like it (preferably MAC ^^).

  6. My greatest beauty wish is to have clear skin always and forever lol!

  7. Jennifer

    My greatest beauty wish is to be happy and healthy! Inner beauty does so much for outer beauty!

  8. jess

    My greatest beauty wish is to one day feel 100% comfortable with who I am and beautiful – whether I’m wearing makeup or not, whether my hair is done or not, whether I’m dressed nicely or wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt.

    I also really wish a company would make an affordable nail polish that *really* didn’t chip and still went on easily and dried as quickly as they say in ads!

  9. Kalie

    My greatest beauty wish is that I can keep to eating healthier, and less, while doing weight training and cardio, and get a healthy body.

    Also, I wish I could become a make-up artist and be very successful at it, it’d be a job I LOVED.

  10. Kalie

    jess: at you can get really cheap China Glaze. the shipping is expensive, but even with the shipping combined you still get a great deal. I think all nail polishes will chip, but if you use a base and top coat that will help, and stay away from chlorinated water (but I always swim in the summer so there is no chance for me).

  11. Lisa

    My greatest beauty wish would be to always wake up with fresh, beautiful, and glowing skin!

  12. Morgan

    Oh my. At the risk of sounding soppy: FINALLY getting rid of the pervasive skin problems that have been plaguing me for about ten years and several dermatologists now. I’m at the point where I want to whak random people on the streets for having gorgeous skin.

    On a lighter note: rock colourful/wild/experimental make-up without a second thought about what “THEY” will think.

  13. Christi

    My greatest beauty wish is to keep loving making myself beautiful. This set would really help! Thanks for such an awesome blog!

  14. Lingping

    I just wish for enough beauty sleep to get rid of the blue bags under mye eyes!

  15. Biggest beauty wish? Maybe to love how I look regardless. Or maybe to be able to look amazing even without makeup on. Oh heck, I love makeup. Who am I kidding?

  16. My biggest beauty wish is having a beautiful skin like my mom’s when I’m as old as her. She’s never used make-up or beauty creams, yet her skin is amazing, even now she’s more than 60 years old. I love how she looks comfortable with her wrinkles and all.

  17. Stephanie

    A perfect complection at all times!

  18. Arness

    My greatest beauty wish would be for bigger eyes. I love my eye color but sometimes feel they are a bit small for some of the more daring eye shadow looks.

  19. rachel

    all the new mac collections!

  20. Brooke

    my greatest beauty wish is PERFECT eyebrows that I’ll never have to get waxed, reshaped, or plucked again. They’ll just be amazing every day!

  21. Danielle

    My greatest beauty wish is to be able to create an amazing cosmetics line that would be suitable and afordable for all women, this line would house the highest quality and newest technology in cosmetics. I have so many ideas for new and imporved packaging and product textures and I hope that I get the chance to share my ideas with the world. My first goal would be to create a packaging that is light weight and not bulky as many cosmetic cases are.

  22. Joli

    My greatest beauty wish would be to have a cure for excema. No, it’s not makeup related per say, but ti can be hard to feel beautiful when your face is red and flakey, or you’re itching all over.

    If I can’t have that then I want want cosmetics companies to stop using mineral oil. It isn’t beneficial to anyone, and it’s harmful to those with sensitive skin. Let’s all just say no to carcinogenic bi-products on our skin.

  23. Daantje

    I wish, I could still look like I did 20 years ago and that my attempt on reaching that goal wouldn’t take me over an hour each morning.

  24. rys

    I wish I’ll stop having breakout. It’s been longtime since I left high school, you think at this age your skin will behave… well… one can always wish :)

  25. betsy

    My greatest beauty wish is to always feel good in my own skin, makeup or no makeup (but usually with some help from cosmetics).

  26. Nevin

    To have a product that would diminish discoloration completely!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  27. Kandice

    I’m on the perfect skin bandwagon. I really wish I could improve my skin so that the makeup will look better. :)

  28. My greatest beauty wish… if it doesn’t have to be a realistic wish, I would like something that would give me the skin I had when I was five years old- no visable pores, no imperfections, never any blemishes!

    But that isn’t going to happen, so I suppose my greatest realistic beauty wish isn’t for an actual product, but for more opportunities to wear more dramatic makeup. I like to play around with different looks but don’t feel comfortable wearing heavy makeup to work/ shopping/ the gym/ etc… I have really pale skin, and it seems like colors that look normal on most people are just obnoxious on me no matter how lightly I apply them. :/

  29. my greatest beauty wish is to be confident enough to go out without any makeup on!

  30. My biggest beauty wish would be for them to invent the makeup device they had in 5th Element! It looks like binoculars, and when you put it up to your eyes, press a button, *flash* and Yay! You’re done! Perfectly done makeup! LOL!!

    • LOL, I remember that- it was sort of like a Viewmaster toy, and her eyemakeup was done in a second! I’d want one, too, but only if it had been tested quite a bit for safety first. 😀

  31. Jill

    Biggest health wish is to be happy with myself. I always compare myself to others, and forget that they’re wonderful, but I am, too.

    Clear skin and weight loss would be nice, too. :p

  32. kristen

    my greatest beauty wish is to someday master the perfect cat eye (liner)

  33. Sheena

    biggest beauty wish? to have relatively flawless skin…hyperpigmentation and acne drive me crazy, and having skin that’s even-toned and smooth would be a dream come true :)

  34. Sherri

    My greatest beauty wish is to have beautiful wrinkle free skin!!

  35. KA

    for society (us included) to accept a woman as she ages and appreciate our beauty at every age regardless of gravity.
    I am a licensed professional MUA and it just astounds me how desperate we all are for that miraculous anti aging solution.

  36. AmyLou

    My greatest beauty wish for myself would be to be able to “tweak” those little things about myself that annoy me–the little expression lines on my forehead, the acne, the redness and the pores. Increasing the size of my eyes and decreasing the size of my nose would be good tweaks, too!!

    Of course, a *makeup* related wish would be to find a mascara that doesn’t clump, smudge or flake off. I’ve tried all the “cult” favs and STILL have yet to find one!!

  37. Tiffany

    My greatest beauty wish would be for every woman to feel amazing with or without makeup. I think makeup is there for women to have fun and play around with, it should never be taken too seriously.It would be my wish for all women to embrace what they have and use makeup to enhance their beauty, not hide themselves behind it.:)

  38. Seraphic

    My greatest beauty wish is to become a makeup artist where I will be able to help any woman(Or man) that comes to me feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

  39. Nell

    I also wish for perfect, blemish- and wrinkle free skin for all time, sigh…
    what a great give away!!!!!

  40. ellie

    my greatest beauty wish is to fully accept and embrace my looks and flaws to be happy with the way i look.

  41. Asta

    I wish for an all-in-one cleanser/toner/moisturizer that’s all-natural and organic. I want to use one product and not have to spend much time on it. (I have dry/combo skin and cannot skip the moisturizer ever.)

  42. aeyrah

    I wish for healthy glowing skin!

  43. My greatest beauty wish — all my milia, blackheads and other acne problems would be gone…
    There would be a wonder product that can control all those above [and yes, can effectively control oilies 24/7 as well]
    An anti-ageing cream that would forever wipe out wrinkles & sagging skin
    Plus…. a heck of a lot of MAC products =)

  44. claudia m.

    My greatest beauty wish is to have normal skin. Mine’s way too sensitive and oily, to top it off, the ac at work is down right now, I’m gonna be a melty/sweaty mess by the end of the day ='(
    Hope no “friends” pop up because of this!!

  45. gracieo

    My beauty wish is for something to make my curly hair easier and faster to style.

  46. My beauty wish is to quit my day job and get one in the industry.

  47. I have never tried Tarte, so this would be a perfect starter kit for me!

  48. KyaLyn

    My greatest beauty wish is to have a great complexion. No makeup necessary.

  49. Sanayhs

    Good health. Start from the inside out. *nods*

  50. aradhana

    my greatest beauty wish would definitely be to always remain healthy!

  51. Maren

    My biggest beauty wish would be having a calm and nourished skin, so I wouldn´t need an oily salve in order to make a foundation look flawless anymore!

  52. Ashley

    My greatest beauty wish is to have healthy, clear skin.
    But this health set looks pretty awesome as well!

  53. Kella

    My greatest beauty wish.. would be to always feel good about the way I look. Whether it’s when I’m just laying around, or when I’m out downtown or to dinner. Feel good about what I’m wearing, my body, my skin, my makeup, my hair.. That would be my ultimate wish. Because even when to others you look perfect, it’s still so much harder to feel good about yourself.

  54. Lauren

    My wish is to find a makeup that is good for my skin.

  55. Samira Jeimy

    .. to be able to ignore the hype and be comfortable in my own skin as I age :)

  56. My greatest beauty wish is to become an esthetician so I can help others in achieving the beauty and confidence they desire. :)

  57. Snoe

    I think my greatest beauty wish is to be comfortable with God gave me and be proud of it. With or without make-up :3

  58. mj

    My greatest beauty wish is to be able to age gracefully and to keep a youthful spirit.

  59. Alisa

    …to develop a multi-use product that is natural and good for you yet lasts a long time!

  60. Amy

    My greatest beauty wish would be lips that were naturally always the perfect shade of red the guts to pull it off.

  61. kat

    Incredibly silly, but hey it’s a wish! I’d love to be able to design my own line of makeup. I just think it’s be a lot of fun, and since I have a background in chemisty and material engineering I think if I really really wanted to, I could give it a shot…..

  62. Shelby

    My greatest beauty wish… I know it might seem crazy, especially to those who have them… but I’d love to have beautifully smooth, freckled skin. Freckles are unique and striking and every time I see a girl with them I rave about their freckles to them.

    But after reading all these entries, I’d really love to be able to grant all of us girls the beautiful skin that we want. Or to live in a world where we’d all be comfortable without perfect skin.