Monday, August 9th, 2010

Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow
Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow: Bronze & Moss

Eyeshadow that lasts and lasts and lasts…

Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow ($17.00 for 0.14 oz./cream, 0.05 oz./loose) is a dual-ended eyeshadow product that has a cream eyeshadow on one side and loose eyeshadow on the other.

  • Bronze contains a loose, dirtied brown with a gray cast and green and gold shimmer, while the creamy side is a richer, more bronzy brown. When layered, it gives the loose shade a darker appearance with a smoother finish. Color-wise, it takes on much of the loose shade’s color rather than the cream ‘s color.
  • Moss contains a loose olive green with a green-gold sheen, while the creamy side is a cooler, darker green with subtler olive tones. When layered, the two create a slightly deepened yellowed olive green with a smoother finish.

If you have trouble with products staying on your lids without creasing or fading, you might want to try out Tarte’s Lock & Roll Eyeshadows–these don’t budge for nothing on my lids.  The cream is as budge- and smudge-proof worn alone as it is underneath the loose eyeshadow.  You can sheer out the cream shade for more of an all-over wash on the lids, or you can use it in its opaque form and layer on an eyeshadow.  I do find that loose shades seem to apply best over these.

The cream formula is really more of a liquid than a cream to me; it’s rather thin and almost runny but surprisingly pigmented and applies quite opaque.  Both the cream/liquid and the loose shades have a shimmery finish, with the cream side having a slightly metallic finish, too. Since both of the shades I tested out are on the darker side, lighter shades do tend to get eaten up, so it may take some packing to really lighten it up if that’s what you’re going for.  (There are, however, several lighter shades, too, for those who prefer softer looks.)

The packaging is functional, but the rollerball on my lid took a few tries to really get it down–the learning curve isn’t bad, though, but I recommend trying it once or twice before any big events!  The loose eyeshadow does go on very smoothly with the rollerball applicator, though (which I was surprised by!).

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you have incredibly oily lids, the creamy shadow makes an excellent base that just doesn’t move!


See more photos & swatches!

Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow
Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow: Bronze & Moss

Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow
Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow: Bronze & Moss

Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow
Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow: Bronze

Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow
Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow: Bronze & Moss

Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow
Bronze (Loose/Cream/Both) & Moss (Cream/Both/Loose)

Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow
Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow: Bronze (Loose/Cream/Both)

Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow
Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow: Moss (Cream/Both/Loose)

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38 thoughts on “Tarte Lock & Roll Eyeshadow (Bronze, Moss) Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. love the cream, but the loose shadow seems a bit chalky and dull :S

  2. Heather

    Wow, these look pretty cool. I might have to try a few of these.

  3. yvonne

    i got one of these from a tarte set. a beige colored one? i found the application of the power side really falls everywhere. has anyone experienced that?

  4. Ashley D.

    I love the Moss shade.

  5. Ashley

    The green one reminds me of Golden Olive pigment by MAC!

  6. clemence

    I really like these!
    Especially the green one, so beautiful!
    Don’t know if this brand exists in France… I must take a look!

  7. Megan

    These are really cool! I want to try one.

  8. Roxanne

    Moss is a gorgeous colour! So tempting, but I never use loose or cream shadows. Perhaps I should start?

  9. Ameera

    How do you even apply those with that roller thingy. Impractical.

  10. Elizabeth

    I LOVE these. My favorites (I have hazel eyes) are gunmetal and rose quartz. There is also a 40% F&F sale at now (and they used to have sets of two Lock & Rolls for the price of one)!

  11. Victoria

    I love Tarte Lock&Roll eyeshadow. These really really stay put even on my oily lids. The best smudge-proof cream shadow I have ever tried.

  12. Lauran

    I LOVE these!! My eyelids are sooooo oily everything creases on them. Even Mac paints and paint pots crease, even with a primer underneath them! However, these do not budge even the slightest bit. I’m a busy girl, I often work 12 hour days and don’t really have the time (or energy) to keep touching up my eyelids. These cream shadows are a godsend! You don’t have to use the loose shadow that comes with them either, any shadow will do and they will still work just as well!

  13. Can you do a simple, quick look with one of these? I like them but I’m not really sure how they can be blended.

  14. Steph

    I love the green one, but I have green eyes and I hate the monochromatic look that happens when I wear green shadow! So I will probably check ou the bronze one, I think it will be killer!

  15. Anna

    Moss is so pretty!

  16. hiromi

    are these available anywhere in the uk? moss is just gorgeous

  17. kiwi

    Ok I love the moss color! (I’m such a sucker for greens)

    Can you apply with a finger maybe, like roll a bit out then dot on and blend?

  18. Farida

    WOW Beautiful. I really want these. My two favourite eyeshadow colours.

  19. Luisafer

    when I saw the packing didn’t think they were going to be so pretty!!! like them!!!

  20. The green one is such a gorgeous color !!!

  21. Heather

    I’ve always hated rollerballs for powders. How is the fallout with them? In the past i have found them to end up all over my face.

  22. melissa

    I will have to re-visit my summer set, I had a really hard time getting the shadow to even come out of the rollerball…If I can get it to work as good as you, that will be amazing… They had a set on sephora and hautelook between $15-20 that comes with a pretty creamy light purple, turquoise and light gold color…I would really love to get the same turnout as you…ah I shall try again!!!

  23. Katie

    wow the moss is gorgeous!!! i never used to be a fan of tarte but i am finding more and more products of theirs that i really love!

  24. Lillian

    Oh I am so tempted by this.

  25. Vale

    Question: are other colours available?