Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Tarte Holiday 2012 Collection

Carried Away Collector’s Set ($54.00) ($512 value) (Limited Edition) (Sephora Exclusive)

Travel beautifully with this impressive collection of tarte essentials. The all-inclusive set features six eye shadow quads for a show-stopping palette of bold, high-payoff shades in both shimmering and matte formulas. The deluxe maracuja glosses will perk up any pout with a mix of neutral and stunning shades, ranging from pale petal pink to deep crimson. The kit also includes an Amazonian clay 12-hour blush and complementary domed brush to brighten complexions, finishing powder to balance skin, and dramatic mascara for voluptuous, attention-getting lashes.

6-Piece SmolderEYES and Skinny SmolderEYES Collector’s Set ($39.00) ($144 value) (Limited Edition)

These pure, powerful, and always-pretty smolderEYES™ liners glide on like butter and impart a precise line for a sleek look. Use the built-in smudger to go sultry and smoldering and enjoy the completely waterproof finish. Amazonian clay ensures longer wear, while nourishing lids, reducing surface oil, and improving overall texture. No matter how you wear these versatile shades, the rich pigments boast true, bold color.

Picture perfect Curler & Deluxe Lights, Camera, lashes 4-in-1 Mascara (Limited Edition)

This eyelash curler is dressed to the nines with an exclusive print silk-screened around the handles for a bold, colorful pop— the ultimate collector’s piece for any vanity. The curved angle and wide mouth suits all eye shapes and promises not to painfully pinch or crimp. The four-in-one mascara lengthens, curls, volumizes, and conditions for dramatic, attention-getting lashes.

Fantastic Foursome 4-Piece Amazonian Clay Blush Enthusiast Set ($35.00) ($60.00 value) (Limited Edition)

4 x 0.1 oz Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Angelic (shimmering champagne), Fantastic (soft fuchsia), Magic (pink coral), Stellar (shimmering nude)

5-Piece LipSurgence Collector’s Set ($34.00) ($120.00 value) (Limited Edition)

5 x 0.1 oz LipSurgence™ Lip Luster Natural Matte Lip Tint in Escape, Enchanted, Exposed, Sweet, Elite

The Stand Outs Besters Kit ($25.00) ($58.00 value) (Limited Edition)

Discover this set of Tarte favorites for beautiful lips and eyes. The full-size lip luster delivers a surge of moisture for a naturally plump appearance, while peppermint adds a refreshing burst of flavor to each application. Line and define eyes with the full-size Amazonian clay waterproof liner for precise, high-definition or use as a smoky, sultry shadow. Apply this creamy formula with its counterpart, a double-ended liner brush, that makes the process easy and effective. Complete the look with the all-in-one mascara for dramatic, thick lashes.

For the Love of Lipgloss 15-Piece Maracuja Lipgloss Collector’s Set ($32.00) ($120.00 value) (Limited Edition)

Contains 15 shades of maracuja lipgloss, exclusively at Ulta.

The Big Thrill Color Collection ($48.00) ($435.00 value) (Limited Edition)

16 eyeshadows, 4 blushes, 3 glosses. Exclusively at Ulta.

Availability: ULTA, Sephora

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50 thoughts on “Tarte Holiday 2012 Collection

  1. MJ

    Totally eyeing that 15 piece lip gloss set. Would love to split it up for stocking stuffers. XD

  2. HélèneSud

    Wowwwwwwwwwwww …. “I have a dream…. Tarte sold in France”….. this collection is gorgeous but it will remain a dream !!!!!!!
    sad day !!!!:((

  3. Rachelcarlene

    Wow this is the only holiday release I’m excited about!! I want the blushes and the lip surgences!

  4. Biddi_NZ

    Gah! I want it all! And it’s typical that I’m not able to get my hands on any of it :(

  5. Lauren Click

    For The Love Of Lipgloss will most definitely be on my list this year!

  6. Sasha

    The Sephora set, and the blush set, and the lipsurgence set, oh my! I know what holiday brand I’m turning to this holiday season.

  7. Sana

    Hi Christine, I just want to say that I really appreciate everything u do for us. Ur the best I know. Keep it up. Second, do u k ow exactly when they are going to be available?

  8. So many goodies to choose from! I currently do not own any Tarte eyeshadows whatsoever so I am curious how they stack up. The Carried Away set is a phenomenal deal if the quality is there. I am also intrigued by the Smolder eye set (it looks like a peacock green in the set..oooohhhhh) and the Lipsurgence set. I have one Lipsurgence pencil and I love it! It has phenomenal staying power on me without drying. I frequently use this pencil as a base when I want to add staying power to a more glossy lipstick. It’s fab on its own too and resides in my little travel makeup bag as a staple.

    • xamyx

      I have several Tarte palettes, and I love them *all*, but the one Holiday palette I have (2010, I believe) isn’t all that great, and I completely passed on last years, as they weren’t nearly as pigmented as the others I have. I would definitely wait to see reviews/swatches if you can’t see it in person. I’m hoping the Carried Away palette *is* good, though, because I really want it! That violet shade in the upper right quad looks stunning…

  9. Renee

    Love them as long as they are not all made in China

  10. K.C.

    Thank goodness, a holiday collection I actually like! I’m only going to let myself get the LipSurgence set, though…I’ve been wanting to try the for months, but individually they’re so expensive. Now’s my chance! :)

  11. Jaz

    GAHHHH!!! Dear companies : please stop the madness. Stop making this stuff so friggin pretty. Thanks

  12. Megan

    Wow, these are some pretty awesome deals. Excited to see swatches. :)

  13. Beckie

    Just ordered the blush set OMG so excited! I only have one other Tarte product, the amazonian blush in Flush.

  14. My boyfriend ordered the blush set & the lipsurgence set last week! Waiting for it to come… 😀

  15. Anne-Sophie

    OMG there’s all my favorite products from Tarte…!!! I need all these!!!

  16. Twodove

    tarte is really in touch with what customers want:)

    • Lisa J

      i agree. i think they are a great company and release some of the best value sets i’ve seen from any brand. especially on qvc. :)

  17. Stephanie C.

    Couldn’t help myself and ordered the Carried Away Set and the Blush set! I love that these blushes are only about 1/2 the size and have such a great range of colors! Totally travel friendly! It will be cute to see the small mini blush that comes with the Carried Away set side by side! I wonder exactly how the quad eyeshadows will be packaged though. I hope I’ll be able to just take 4 with me, and not the full set. Might have to depot somehow for travel.

    • Lisa J

      There are more pictures on the sephora site if you’re interested. It appears to be one book of shadows that slips behind the mirror in the middle section of the case. It doesn’t look like they are individual quads, but it is sort of hard to tell. The detail photos show another shot of the case opened fully and it looks pretty roomy. I think its perfect for travel regardless, so I picked up one for me and one for my mom and sister for christmas. ;D

  18. Cat

    Ohhhh, I don’t own any Tarte products, but the Carried Away Collectors Set looks amazing if the products are good. These are all intriguing me. I am really into eye shadow palettes right now, so I like the Collectors Set and the one from Ulta.

  19. Sarah

    Will you be reviewing anything in this collection?

  20. blueraccoon

    I NEED the blush set and the lipsurgence set, and I *want* the eyeliner set. So many pretties!

  21. Elysia

    Omgggg I need the blush kit!!!!

  22. Ariel

    Does anyone know when will the Lipgloss collector’s set from Ulta will available?

  23. Zoey

    How many of these sets will you be swatching? And how soon? I’m sooo excited by these, but I don’t want to purchase until I see your swatches and reviews!

  24. I just ordered the blush set and the carried away collectors set…I cannot wait to try them out.

  25. sarahd

    I ordered the LipSurgence kit and it came yesterday!! Love it..colors are perfect!

  26. Lisa J

    Totally just knocked 5 people off my christmas list!! WOOHOOO!!! Look at me….shopping for christmas gifts in September instead of on christmas eve!!! ;D

  27. That eyeshadow, blush and lip set looks beautiful!!! O_O Too bad there’s no Ulta here in Montreal…

  28. Kafka

    I keep coming back to this page and staring at the sets. So many things are tempting me. The Carried Away Collector’s Set not only has that incredible purple in the top right palette but I can’t get over the fact that one gets $512 worth of stuff for just $54.00!! I *LOVE* a bargain and those numbers are just insane!!! Lord knows what I would do with that many additional eyeshadows, but, seriously, look at that deal!! *blink* The 2nd set with the blushes also draws me in. But I would have to see reviews before buying either as Tarte isn’t a brand I’m super familiar with, other than the blushes. I’ve certainly never tried their Lipsurgence stuff, so I have no clue if they’re actually long-lasting, too creamy by my standards, etc. etc. But that’s tempting too, esp. as they’re matte. I really hope you will do a review of this collection. I wouldn’t feel super comfortable buying 2 or 3 sets, blind and with no clue as to duration, pigmentation, etc.

    • I feel the same way too. I love the carried away set but don’t know anything about their shadows and haven’t found any reviews of those particular shadows. I also don’t know that I would use the lip products…

  29. AhCapp

    I don’t see the Ulta exclusive available online yet. That’s the one I’m eyeing on. Anyone has any idea when will it be available on Ulta?
    Tarte Holiday sets this year is simply divine! I’m definitely getting this one and the UD holiday set for sure! 😉

  30. Wow! such savings! I would love to get the sets of eyeliners for just $39. It’s very budget friendly and aside from that, I love the colors. Thanks for sharing this one.

  31. is this in stores already ???

  32. Ms. Z

    I picked up the Carried Away Collector’s Set last night and it is sooooo pretty. Tested 2 of the pencils on my hand and could not rub them off with my fingers; going back for those although I will not use the Chmpg or Gold one.

    I want that Ulta exclusive kit too!

  33. I literally just picked up the Carried Away Collector’s Set and my god is it gorgeous! The quality on the shadows is impeccable, the glosses are great, and the blush is gorgeous. The additional four piece blush set is also very lovely, though one of the colors is essentially a highlighter.

  34. After watching lastnight Dusty Hunter’s review on the Carried away collector’s set I just had to have it… so i just bought it xD <3!
    Finally a holliday collection that's worth it.. Can´t believe they're such a bargain and such a good oportunity to try Tarte products for the first time :D! awesome awesome awesome. Love!

    so.. if you are interested in a good review (and a gorg man) about that set you can watch one in dustyohunter's channel (YT)

  35. Love, love Tarte! Want the Carried Away Collection to be mine!

  36. ????

    I just got the 5pc lipsurgence set, and I’m having a problem with it. The matte color smells strong-REALLY strong to the point it burns my nose and hurts my throat, and when I try to wear it it really stings! None of the other four colors do this, there is one that smells a little like peppermint but nothing painful…I am wondering if this is just the formulation or I just got a dud product.