Friday, April 16th, 2010

Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow

Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hypershadow ($19.00 for 0.09 oz.) is a range of twenty-four eyeshadows from neutral to bold and everything in-between. I was particularly impressed with the size of the range, just because it seemed quite large for a first launch.

Available shades: Amulet (deep moss green with green micro glitter), Baby Sparkle (pale pink with silver glitter), Bangle (bronzed gold shimmer), Beaded (dark maroon shimmer), Bow (matte hot pink), Brooch (dark chocolate with gold and green micro glitter), Butterfly Black (matte black), Chain (smoky gray shimmer), Cord (warm cocoa with gold micro glitter), Crimp (matte ivory), Cuff (light golden shimmer), Facet (peachy beige with iridescent glitter), Headband (pink beige shimmer), Hoop (bright yellow gold shimmer), Memento (dark lapis blue with blue micro glitter), Organza (mother of pearl shimmer), Pave (dark purple with iridescent glitter), Peacock Pearl (bright turquoise shimmer), Ribbon (intense lavender with magenta micro glitter), Rivet (rich plum shimmer), Stick Pin (golden beige shimmer), Sweetzer (bright jade with silver glitter), Trim (light brown with gold micro glitter), and Trinket (pale gray with iridescent glitter).

I’ve been hanging onto this review for about two months. I did all my pre-review work for Ribbon all the way in early February, but I was unimpressed with the shade, and I wasn’t sure if perhaps it was just a dud in the line-up, since there were so many. I tried Stickpin at the end of March, and it gave me a little hope, but since the Sephora V.I.B. sale as right around the corner, I figured I’d try two more shades. I think it’s kind of obvious that I really wanted to like these, ha!

  • Ribbon is a matte, darkened lavender/lilac. It’s supposed to have magenta micro glitter, but I didn’t see it translate when swatched. I could see it in the pan, but it never transferred when I used it. It’s a dusty, chalky matte shade that doesn’t blend easily. It kind of just sits there.
  • Stick Pin is a yellowed golden peach with a frosty shimmer sheen. This one felt a little dusty, but it was only slightly. Overall, it had a smooth feel and look while still being pigmented. Way better than Ribbon!
  • Peacock Pearl is a bright blue. I’m not sure why it seems like companies are calling things turquoise/teal when they’re really not so much. This has the same texture and finish as Stick Pin, so it was smooth, soft, and had a lightly frosted sheen. It wasn’t as pigmented as I’d like or expect, though. It took a little layering to get truly bright color.
  • Sweetzer is a medium grassy green with silver glitter. It’s more like a matte green base topped with an overlay of silver micro glitter. The glitter isn’t overdone, but it doesn’t stick too well in the shadow, so there is some fall out.

After trying four different shades, I won’t be buying any more myself. Two of the shades I tried (Ribbon and Sweetzer) have a more matte finish with glitter on top, while the other two shades I tried (Stick Pin and Peacock Pearl) had a more frosty/shimmery finish. The more shimmery the finish, the better the eyeshadow seemed to be, overall–it was smoother, not chalky or powdery, and it had decent pigmentation.

However, these eyeshadows are advertised to utilize “the maximum pigment load, 20-50% more pigment with less binder.” They’re less pigmented than other mainstream brands known for their brights (e.g. MAC, Make Up For Ever, and Urban Decay), and their texture doesn’t make them any more desirable.

They’re difficult to blend–even the shimmers, not as difficult as the more matte shades, but noticeably off–and I found that they seemed to fade. I had to pack on the color to get it vibrant, but I felt like it just kept disappearing on me after several minutes passed.  (You can see the look I did with Peacock Pearl & Sweetzer here.)  I had no troubles with them wearing for hours without creasing (over a base, of course!), but the fading was really a huge disappointment. Again, the shimmery finishes held up better and faded less than the more matte shades.

It’s such a shame, because they are beautifully packaged and you do get a lot for your money (these are a little cheaper than Make Up For Ever by the ounce). I also love how each eyeshadow comes in a pink satchet with an “intro to my line” card by Tarina. They’re just nice details to see done. You’re better off grabbing some Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows, since they’re the same price (you get 0.08 oz. instead, though) and the quality is much, much better.

I feel like they’re almost a poor quality eyeshadow you find at the drugstore, rather than a high-end eyeshadow that costs $19 a pop.  It’s not the worst eyeshadow I’ve tried, but it’s nowhere near a high-quality eyeshadow, particularly for high-end.  What saves the overall rating from falling into D/F range is that they are a good value (in terms of quantity/price) and the packaging is adorable–but the product itself is an D-.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 18/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

Recommendation: I would swatch in-store before buying, if it’s possible. Otherwise, stick to the shades with “shimmer” as the finish, rather than matte or anything with “micro glitter,” for your best bet. If you want a Tarina Tarantino piece of makeup in your stash, I’d recommend the Eye Dream Hyperliners instead.

Availability: Sephora

See more photos & swatches!

Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow

Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow

Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow

Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow
Ribbon Hypershadow

Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow
Ribbon Hypershadow

Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow
Stick Pin Hypershadow

Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow
Stick Pin Hypershadow

Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow
Stick Pin Hypershadow

Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow
Stick Pin Hypershadow

Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow
Peacock Pearl & Sweetzer

Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow
Peacock Pearl

Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow

Tarina Tarantino Hypershadow
Peacock Pearl & Sweetzer

To be clear: I received Ribbon & Stick Pin as samples for consideration, and I purchased Peacock Pearl & Sweetzer myself.

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46 thoughts on “Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hypershadow Review, Photos, Swatches (Ribbon, Stick Pin, Peacock Pearl, Sweetzer)

  1. That’s a pity..I was going to buy a few. Thanks for the review!

  2. Wow Chris, I’m quite surprise to hear that, as I really thought it was gonna get at least a B rate. I haven’t tried any products of TT line myself, but I had good hopes (specially on eyeshadows). I love the peackock pearl colour though.

  3. Salvinia

    I don’t get the turquoise/teal thing either, even though I seem to see it all the time now. That shadow looks a *bit* more turquoise when swatched on your skin, but it sure as heck looks nothing like a peacock!

    Too bad the quality’s not so good; the packaging is totally gorge!

  4. Kathy

    The colors are lovely, but they look very chalky. What a shame. :(

  5. Amber

    I agree with your review 100%. I bought one eyeshadow to try and I HATE it. It does fade and it is very hard to blend. The texture is a little off too. Thanks for the honest review!

  6. Vanessa

    They looked so nice, too, when I went to go see them while shopping at Sephora for some stuff to buy with the BI discount. And Christine, I really like that you’re honest with your reviews, even when you’re given the products. That’s most of the reason why I read your blog. =)

  7. Nicole

    Christine, I completely agree wtih your review. I bought trinket and ribbon and returned them because I found the color looked different in the pan than when I applied it to my eye lid, they do not blend at all and they did fade after a while. I do however, think the eye liners are fabulous.

  8. jaspreet

    The color are awesome

  9. Candi

    I knew it! Somehow the packaging gave it away that this eyeshadow sucks. and it sucks really bad! I wouldn’t even give it such a high score for the value cuz a low-quality shadow like this loses most of its value for me>:| I rather get a smaller quantity of a high quality product. Excellent review!

    • Value is purely on price vs. quantity – if you lop in quality into value, then there’s no real point in separating it out, that’s why I keep them separate :)

      Thanks, Candi!

  10. Ada

    i love the packaging but I’m not going to fork out that much money for this type of quality..if i really want something for packaging I’d rather get paul&joe ^^

  11. Wow, I purchased Cord as LOVE it. I think the pigmentation is amazing! Maybe you should give that one a shot?

  12. AnGeLwInGz

    I don’t like the matte/glitter combo. It looks cheap. Thank you so much for reviewing these shadows. I had actually considered purchasing one online but now I know not to.

  13. Holly

    Wow! I am really surprised by this review. I bought two of these shadows last weekend. I got TRIM and CHAIN and I have to say I LOVE THEM BOTH! I find them to be highly pigmented and stay on all day. I did find that I needed to “break in” the top layer of the shadow to get maximum pigment payoff. Maybe you should try that? I am going back to get some blush and I also want to try the lipstick as its been getting great reviews.

  14. I’m glad to see another person agreeing they suck :) I went into Sephora and the girlie was trying to push them on me. The packaging is pretty but also bulky and not worth it if the shadow sucks anyways. I ducked out and into the Urban Decay instead 😀

  15. Oh, wow. Thanks so much for your review. My wallet thanks you, too.

  16. phuongk

    :( not really impressed with her line. i swatched some items in store too! boo! such cute packaging too!

  17. mandy

    Hate the packaging. Looks like Fisher Price kids makeup.

  18. Yo

    Thank you for the honest review. With all the freebies that some beauty bloggers are getting, they seem to be compelled to do a good review. It’s good to know that you’re not one of them=)

  19. Elysia Wargo

    Not attractive…I know you said they werent really chanlky but they look it

  20. Steph

    The rhinestones are waaay too much for me. I like my makeup to look attractive and sleek, not like something my sister bedazzled with her glue gun.

    Thanks for the review! I’ve heard a lot of hype about this line but the reviews I read said it was exceptional. Their swatches were not as good as yours, and I don’t think they even used the colours on their eyes. This is why I love Temptalia, you do a great job!

  21. Kim

    Yeah I swatched some of her shadows and I wasn’t impressed eitiher. However, I do like the eyeliners.

  22. AshleyRD

    I tried the Ribbon shadow and I agree! terrible! Only a few minutes after application the color is -poof- GONE! like it fades into thin air. I apply again, and again – gone! I’ve never seen a shadow evaporate like that in my life. It was also chalky and completely unimpressive when applied. I returned it.

  23. MsDee

    Hm, I bought the ‘Butterfly Black’ hypershadow, and I like it for what it is–a black matte eyeshadow with no glitter (plus I wanted something that wasn’t packaged with a ‘complimentary color’. But now I know not to waste money on the actual colors.

  24. cmferret

    i wonder how the lipsticks and blushes are ? i heard they are alot better , can u do a review of them christine?

  25. Lindsey

    when i first heard of this line coming out i was beyond excited, she is one of my fav jewelry designers.. i went to sephora the day they came out to buy peacock.. and much to my dismay it was everything you have said.. ive worn it once but am keeping it for the packaging alone. what a shame.. it had so much potential!

  26. I’m glad I didn’t fall for the adorable packaging. It looks like Tarina Tarantino should just stick to making accessories. In other news – I thought it was so hilarious when I read that each rhinestone on these are hand-placed. Am I the only one who envisioned third-world sweatshop laborerers meticulously gluing these on (instead of the 20-something models dressed in pink illustrated in the marketing materials)?

  27. When I saw the little pink organza bag, I thought oh, it’s Aromaleigh MMU, which I was a big fan of last year. So now the packaging is a bit of a turnoff.