Tuesday, October 9th, 2012


Tarina Tarantino Beauty Exits Sephora

I reached out to Tarina this AM to see if I could get an official response so I could share it with all of you, and she wanted me to share this with you:

Dear Fans of TARINA TARANTINO Beauty,

Our partnership with Sephora will regretfully run out at the end of December 2012, but don’t worry we are not going anywhere!

The entire Tarina Tarantino Beauty collection will soon be available online at www.tarinatarantino.com and at our flagship Tarina Tarantino boutique in Los Angeles.

Please stay tuned as we announce future collections and new beauty retail outlets that will be carrying them.

Thanks to all of you, and Sephora, for making our brand a sparkling success.

Please let us know what you would like to see next from TT Beauty!

Love & Sparkle,

You can grab remaining stock at Sephora for ~40% off! I already picked up backups of all of the eyeliners :)

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56 thoughts on “Tarina Tarantino Beauty Exits Sephora

  1. Glad to hear TT will still be around. A brand with lots of good solid performers.

  2. Moena

    Sad that it had to leave Sephora. Truly underrated brand with several awesome products.

  3. Joni

    I’ve been so sad about this, but I’m really glad to hear it’s not disappearing forever!
    Now I have some hope of collecting every color of Sparklicity Pure.

    • I was worried that Tarina Tarantino when i saw the complete sale of everything at Sephora. I’m worried that they will not be shipping outside the US from now on.

      • That was my thought. I picked up the Emerald Pretty palette and a couple of eye liners, but now I’m tempted to go back for the blush palette just so I could get it.

      • Your comment freaked me out so I just went in and picked up what eyeliners I could get my hands on.

      • Nicoco Chanel

        I think the jewellery is shipped worldwide, so i’m hoping they do the same with the cosmetics!

      • Malia

        Sephora ships outside of the US? They wouldnt even take my US credit card and US mailing address when I was ordering from an out of country IP address!!!

  4. mirian

    i literally just got my package from sephora. I got floriculturee and penny arcade lipsticks (AMAZING BTW). Also feather blush and a eye highlighting duo. Very nice. The packing is also so cute. Such an underrated brand.

  5. Hannah

    I picked up blushes and a Sparkilicity Pure. I’m tempted to pick up more. You can’t beat the sale price at Sephora!

  6. Jennifer

    Which products would you recommend the most?

  7. Lisa G

    Thanks for the heads up. I had no idea TT was leaving Sephora, needless to say, I just put in a hefty order from Sephora while the prices are so low. This is such an underrated brand, but I’m so glad it’s not going to be unavailable.

  8. akhan

    I’m relieved that the brand will still be around, but also sad that it won’t be at my local Sephora. I also grabbed some backups.

  9. Thanks for the info, Christine! I had been wanting to try TT for awhile, ever since I read a post where you raved about them! When I first saw the sale last week I snatched up all the hyperliners I could; glad to know that now that I’ve fallen in love with them I can still find them at the TT boutique here in LA.

  10. Mariella

    Rats and double RATS!!!! Sephora was the only place I could see/try on/obsess over Tarina Tarantino products. Now I’ll have to stock up before December rolls around and the gnash my teeth for the rest of my life!

  11. Terri

    Nooooooooo!!!! Why?????? I am literally stunned. I just went online and bought what I could but there were only 3 colors of eyeliners left…..I am devastated. Just devastated. Why Sephora, why? :(

  12. Lisa

    When I first got wind of this on your blog, I ran out and picked up 3 eyeliners! Thanks for the definitive answer – the folks at Sephora were not aware. I’m so happy I will still be able to get her stuff online. Thanks again, Christine

  13. Sabriel

    New outlets?

    Like maybe ULTA?

  14. Karen

    I check out sephora.com but the blush palette is sold out then i went to a sephora store and they still have it…

  15. GG

    I placed an order with Sephora a week and a half ago and bought the Magical palette at full price for $39, only to have this happen! I’m furious! The moment I read this, I ran straight for the store and picked up two more palettes and three lipsticks!

  16. Julia

    I placed two orders to stock up on the shadows and lip products – thanks to all the reviews on this blog I could sort out the ones that looked best to me. I hope the brand resurfaces at Ulta so we can still try out the items before purchasing. A lot of very special products in pretty packaging – it’s a loss for Sephora. I always stopped by the TT section when visiting a store.

  17. Alejandra

    I knew something was up when I saw the sale while I was browsing Sephora.Honestly, it’s really Sephora’s loss, because the last 3 visits I made to Sephora were to pick up Tarantino products.What a shame.I’m really glad that the products are still going to be on her website though.I was about to cry there for a second there.I love her products.

  18. Elise

    I went to Sephora to pick up some of the collection, but the sales person said the items in the store were not on sale, only online. Could this be true?

  19. Kathleen

    Different Sephora’s seem to have more/less stock. I went to the one in Century City, and they had already cleared the display and had all the items in their small sale baskets all cluttered on the side of one shelf. However, the one in Beverly Center still had the big display and I was able to get the cheek palette, bronze sparkle spray, pink sparkle pigment, spark of envy eyeliner, and regular mascara.
    The two hyperliners I picked up first were Sparkling Ammunition and Puppeteer, but I ran back to the UD display and they are exact dupes of Stash (I think that’s it, the new khaki from Ocho Loco) and Bourbon. So make sure you don’t have similar shades if you collect the UD liners!

    • xamyx

      I was just at the Hollywood store on Saturday, and the shelves were *full*, as if they were just stocked. Also, the free-standing store in the Westfield Culver City Mall doesn’t seem to sell much of the brand, as the SAs are always trying to steer me toward the display; I don’t know what the stock looks like now (I haven’t been there for a few weeks), but I imagine it’s fairly well-stocked given my past observations. If anyone lives in the Los Angeles area, you may want to check out these two locations.

  20. Emily

    Thanks for letting us know, Christine. I’m disappointed. I liked having them at Sephora.

  21. TygerKitty

    Although I’m disappointed for the ease of shopping TT products with my other Sephora orders, I’m glad the products will still be available! Thanks for the update :)

  22. An

    I only have a random TT lipgloss and one lime green eyeshadow so far, but both are beautiful products that I like.

    Luckily, I was able to order the hyperliners online after searching for them last week at my local stores. The TT section was already gone from my local store, but I have no idea when it was removed.

    I hope TT will be available at other online/offline sources. They have pretty cute products. Excited to try out the hyperliners for the first time when my package arrives! ^^

  23. Mietta

    Great! I’m heading to NY in November and now a brand I’ve been waiting to see is exiting Sephora. Just my luck, I’ve been looking forward to see TT products all year. =C

  24. paigest

    TheBalms not in store anymore, then Tokidoki, and now this boooo :(

  25. Caroline

    I stopped by my local Sephora this weekend and they’d already yanked all of the TT products off the shelves.

  26. blueraccoon

    My local Sephora didn’t have a TT section that I know of, and I’m bummed because the one product I wanted–the Dollskin palette–is already gone on the website. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it again someday.

  27. Melissa

    Looks like it’s time for me to suck it up and buy the Emerald Pretty palette, I’ve been longing for Saw Dust Heart for a long time!

  28. Yeah….and Kat Von Dee or whatever her name is….still around…have to do with contracts… Estee Lauder is now in Sephora…Sephora has lost its uniqueness…Never bought those eyeliners, but tested them on my hand….I think they surpass UD…UD just has more color selection. TT eyeliners are smooth and I had to scrub it off my hand after I tested them.

  29. Michelle

    I am so bummed! I LOVED this line. Some of the things were a little too ‘sparkly’ for me, but that’s because of my age (39). But the quality of the eye shadows was on par with my Dior, her eyeliners were as good as UD and had a ‘prettier’ color selection, and the blushes were awesome. I love sale, but truly sad to see it go. hope it’s a great success elsewhere.

  30. Malia

    I think a lot of the products are really great, I have a couple of her jewelry things that were way before the makeup came out. I think it’s awesome that the cosmetics side is sticking around!!

  31. Amanda L

    I’m glad that I grabbed some stuff last week – it seems like a lot of shades are gone now!

  32. Steph

    Ooh, this means I’ll be able buy Tarina Tarantino cosmetics in Australia! I’ve been wanting to try them out for a while but I didn’t see them on the shelves in the Sephora I visited on my last US holiday so I didn’t get a chance.

  33. Liz

    Christine, do you know anything about Illamasqua leaving Sephora? I was at a Sephora in Dallas yesterday and asked an associate about their Illamasqua products, which I couldn’t find. She told me they won’t be available in-store anymore, only online. I really hope that was a mistake. :(

    • I haven’t heard anything!

    • Nellie

      Illamasqua left NorthPark at the end of March. It was supposed to move to the Watters Creek one, but then plans there changed, so it’s not available in North Texas. I don’t think it has anything to do with Illamasqua’s overall retail situation — at least that’s not the impression I got when I asked back in March.

      It’s a shame, although NorthPark was never able to keep stuff in stock anyway, so going was usually a wasted trip.

  34. 18thCenturyFox

    I just dropped about $300 I can’t spare to get as many items as possible because I LOVE Tarina. Her jewelry that I picked up in Disneyland years ago is still some of my all time favorites.

  35. Ao

    I went to sephora on my way back from MAC after picking up a few Marilyn Monroe products on Thusday and am glad I did. I picked up the cheek palette, a single blush in Neapolitan Lane, a few sparklicity glitters, and bunch of eyeliners!! They are absolutely amazing!

  36. Carriel2

    Oh no! I started purchasing TT eyeliners and eyeshadows based on Christine’s reviews, but only because I could sample them first at Sephora. I hope TT will at least move over to Ulta; I really like being able to sample before I buy.

  37. Aly

    I picked up two things today her Eye Dream Highlight Duo Eyeshadow palette and a blush. I must say, I’m so sad to see this brand leave, this brand has amazing products and a reasonable price point to boot! I also love her sturdy packaging. I’ll go back soon and grab as many things as I can lol.

  38. asha

    If someone is from Indianapolis, they still have lotsa stuff in the Keystone crossing, Fashion mall.

  39. Danielle

    I had to come back to this post. I never tried TT products until this post and I can’t tell you how much I am in LOVE with the eye shadows and lip sheens. I am a Mac addict usually. My only regret is not snatching up more. I am a little concerned with the product only being sold online through her store now. I like to see makeup in person and Sephora is so widely available for most.I don’t feel like I’ve heard much else on this. Sephora seems to be depleted in everything at this point. Does anyone else know a launch date for the makeup to continue on the TT website?