Step Into My Shoes – Hair Gone Crazy!

SCENARIO: My hair gets greasy after three days, but it never did this before.  I used to be able to go five days without washing it!  Do you think it might be too warm in my room during the winter?  My hair is very long, so I’m scared to wash it too often for fear it will get damaged or I will experience hair loss (it has happened to me twice in the past).  Do you think I need to get a better shampoo, maybe something from Redken?  Help!

Situation courtesy of Zsofi!

Step Into My Shoes – I’m an oil field!

NEW COLUMN ALERT! Step Into My Shoes is a new column that I am testing out that will revolve around “what if” scenarios. The point is for you to put yourself into the person’s shoes and come up with remedies for them, and offer any advice you can for them. Sometimes the scenarios might be outlandish, ridiculous, hilarious, or totally and utterly applicable and serious. You are welcome to submit your own scenarios, too! Just e-mail them to [email protected].

SCENARIO: I have incredibly oily skin. It’s like I’m my own grease pit! All I want to do is find a way to reduce the excess oil–permanently? Is it possible? I look like it’s 100 degrees outside, I’ve run ten miles, and it’s humid. What do I do? Are there any products that will tame my super slick skin? Save me!