Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Urban Decay SWF Eyeshadow
Urban Decay SWF Eyeshadow

Urban Decay SWF Eyeshadow ($18.00 for 0.05 oz.) is described as a “pale cotton candy pink shimmer with silver micro-glitter.” It’s a pale, light-medium pink with a frosted finish and, supposedly, silver micro-glitter. NARS Bouthan is a matte version, and it runs a bit cooler. Urban Decay Heartless has a smoother finish and is slightly gray-tinged, but the two are similar–it was actually what prompted me to see if I could get my hands on SWF for comparison! Chanel Harmonie du Soir #4 is warmer. MAC Love Power is more metallic. bareMinerals Giddy is matte and yellower. Inglot #431 is more metallic in finish but similar in color (though the reflective sheen makes it appear somewhat lighter at certain angles).

I could see the micro-glitter in the pan, but it didn’t translate when I swatched it on my skin or later on when I applied it to the eye. This is great with respect to application and wear, because I didn’t have any issues with fall out–I could not find the bits of silver glitter, period! It does mean that there’s some missing “pigment,” since it’s not translating at all. So, if you wanted glitter, you’re out of luck, and if you didn’t, you may, in fact, escape unscathed. The texture is soft, buttery, and dense; it applied smoothly and evenly, and it adhered really well. I had no trouble having it last a full nine hours without creasing or fading (no primer). It was a cinch to blend, and the color applied opaque without having to pack it on.

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Urban Decay SWF Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

If you wanted glitter, you're out of luck, and if you didn't, you may, in fact, escape unscathed. Aside from the glitter not seeming to show up, it had great pigmentation and texture, along with long-wear.











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Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Urban Decay Feminine Palette
Feminine Palette: Stray Dog, SWF, Midnight Cowboy, Aquarius, Darkhorse, Ecstacy

Urban Decay Spring 2011: Feminine Palette

Urban Decay Feminine Eyeshadow Palette ($34.00 for 0.34 oz.) includes six eyeshadows: Stray Dog (cool medium brown), SWF (light cotton candy pink with silver micro-glitter), Midnight Cowboy (pink champagne with lots of silver glitter), Aquarius (aqua green with shimmer), Darkhorse (bronze patina), and Ecstacy (bright purple with slight pink tint). Also included is Zero 24/7 Liner (black) and Eden primer potion (nude).

  • Stray Dog is a cool-toned, taupe-tinged dark brown with a frost finish. This shade is part of the permanent range and available individually; it has also been in the Foreshadow palette.
  • SWF is a pale cotton candy pink with a bright metallic-frost sheen. This shade is part of the permanent range and available individually.
  • Midnight Cowboy is a gilded champagne bronze with flecks of champagne glitter. It has less fall out than Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, but it still has plenty of it to make one frustrated. This shade is part of the permanent range and available individually; it was also in the Cowboy Junkie set.
  • Aquarius is a pale aqua green teal with a silver metallic sheen. This shade is part of the permanent range and available individually.
  • Darkhorse is a darkened deep chocolate brown with flecks of bronze. This shade was in the Naked palette and is not available individually.
  • Ecstacy is a brightened, medium cool-toned violet purple with a soft frost finish. This shade is part of the permanent range and available individually; it was also in the Book of Shadows, Vol. 2. By the by, marginally annoyed that ecstasy is misspelled–imagine it was deliberate but find it annoying nonetheless! It is spelled correctly in the actual BoS Vol. 2, though…

my thoughts on the formula: Urban Decay’s eyeshadows are rich in pigment, apply evenly, and feel like butter. Generally speaking, their formula is excellent. I will warn and caution you against their shades with “glitter” or “sparkle” in the finish–some of these can be prone to fall out (for example, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again).

In terms of value, the palette includes 0.18 oz. of eyeshadow ($61.20 value), 0.03 oz. of eyeliner ($12.75 value), and 0.13 fl. oz. of primer potion ($6.88 value). The total value of the palette is $80.83, while the retail price is $34.

I think sometimes we lose sight of what the beauty industry and market are like as a whole — not every person purchases every palette or even much at all.  Not everyone enters at the same time, so even though you may find yourself owning many of the shades, it doesn’t make it a terrible product – Urban Decay does some really excellent shades that you can get year round, but these sure make those shades more accessible and affordable to people who don’t have a lot of Urban Decay or have always wanted to try it.  It would be great to see new shades, of course, but I recognize what value they may hold to others.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: In this palette, only Midnight Cowboy is the finicky shade, while five of the six are lovely.  Only Darkhorse is not available individually, but at least a couple shades here haven’t been in half a dozen palettes previously.  As long as you love at least two shades (and like one or two others), then it works out to be a deal, since two eyeshadows will run you $34 if purchased individually.

where to buy: Urban Decay

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Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Dangerous Palette: Haight, Mildew, Virgin, Oil Slick, Rockstar, Gunmetal

Urban Decay Dangerous, Feminine, & Fun Palettes: Sneak Peek

Just launched, Urban Decay has three new palettes for spring.  Each features six shades of eyeshadow and a medium-sized 24/7 Liner, plus a miniature-sized primer potion.  I’ll have full reviews up tomorrow, but I wanted to at least get a quick palette photo and swatches.  Each palette retails for $34.

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