theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette (Part 1)

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette ($44.50) includes 16 eyeshadows (1.0 oz. total), two lip/cheek stains (0.14 oz. total), and one lip gloss (0.07 oz.) and is a palette designed with The Muppets in mind. It is a limited edition palette to-be-related (late September/early October) and only 1,000 will be available (each one is numbered). The approximate value of this palette is $160.00 worth of eyeshadows, $17.00 worth of lip/cheek stains (I didn’t see a really comparable product, so I went with the value of lipsticks, since these can be used as lip stains!), and $7.00 worth of lipgloss–at the very least, this palette is worth $170+ with some uncertainty as to total value because of the lip/cheek stains (totally different formula compared to Stainiac).

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