Monday, January 21st, 2013

Blue Eyeliners
Blue Eyeliners: YSL #9, bareMinerals 4AM, Korres #13, MAC Smoothblue,
CoverGirl Blue Boom, TT Glamorous Thief, UD Radium, UD Deviant, NARS Kitty,
MAC Hi Def Cyan, MAC Artistic License, MUFE #7L, TT Kanzashi, UD Electric,
NARS Abbey Road

Blue Eyeliners: Your Guide

This is just part of blues — I have a whole separate post planned to cover navy blues! (And teals, too.)

  1. YSL #9 is a teal-tinged blue with silver sparkle.
  2. bareMinerals 4AM is a medium sky blue. It has more of a sheen than MAC Hi Def Cyan. (LE)
  3. Korres #13 is a periwinkle blue with a matte finish. (DC)
  4. MAC Smoothblue is a darkened blue with just a hint of teal.
  5. CoverGirl Blue Boom is a medium-dark blue with a soft, frosted finish. This is similar to TT Glamorous Thief and UD Deviant.
  6. Tarina Tarantino Glamorous Thief is a medium-dark blue with a frosted finish. This is similar to CoverGirl Blue Boom and UD Deviant.
  7. Urban Decay Radium is a medium blue with a frosted sheen. It is a bit lighter than CoverGirl Blue Booom, TT Glamorous Thief, and UD Deviant.
  8. Urban Decay Deviant is a medium-dark blue with a frosted sheen. This is similar to TT Glamorous Thief and CoverGirl Blue Boom; a touch darker than both. (LE)
  9. NARS Kitty is a darkened sky blue with a matte finish. Darker than MAC Hi Def Cyan and bareMinerals 4AM.
  10. MAC Hi Def Cyan is a sky blue with a matte finish. It is more matte than bareMinerals 4AM, lighter than NARS Kitty.
  11. MAC Artistic License is a brightened blue with a hint of teal. It is comparable to MUFE #7, TT Kanzashi, and UD Electric. (LE)
  12. Make Up For Ever #7L is a brightened blue with a hint of teal with silver sparkle. It is comparable to MAC Artistic License, TT Kanzashi, and UD Electric.
  13. Tarina Tarantino Kanzashi is a brightened blue with a hint of teal with silver sparkle. It is comparable to MAC Artistic License, MUFE #7, and UD Electric.
  14. Urban Decay Electric is a brightened blue with a hint of teal. It is comparable to MAC Artistic License, MUFE #7, and TT Kanzashi.
  15. NARS Abbey Road is a darkened teal-blue over a slightly black base.

TEMPTALIA PICKS:  #2 (quality), #6 (quality), #8 (quality, pigmentation), #10 (quality, longevity), #13 (quality, pigmentation)

Behind-the-Series:  It was my intention to provide heavy, opaque swatches to provide an accurate color comparison.  Some eyeliners required one pass, some required five, and a few even more.  When possible, the shade name (above) is linked to the original review so you can read more about the quality, wear, etc. of a particular eyeliner.  If we’ve never done a review, there will be no link.  Shades that were limited edition will be marked with “(LE)” and shades that were discontinued will be marked with “(DC)” after the color description.  You can also find all comparisons on The Dupe List.

What’s your favorite blue eyeliner? How do you like to use it?

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Monday, November 7th, 2011

Tarina Eye Tarantino Dream Hyperliners
Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliners

Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner ($15.00 for 0.04 oz.) were recently relaunched at Sephora. The Eye Dream Hyperliner formula are supposed to be waterproof, soft, smooth, richly pigmented, and provide good coverage. There are thirteen shades in total, and I received eight for review, which are included in this post. The shades in this post are: Crystal Gun (shimmering frosty white), Locket Book (medium brown with gold shimmer), Ultraviolet (metallic almost-black plum), Amethyst Android (royal purple with silver shimmer), Broken Doll (shimmering frosty light pink), Sparkling Ammunition (deep olive with gold shimmer), Kanzashi (turquoise with silver shimmer), and Glamorous Thief (rich sapphire with blue shimmer).

  • Crystal Gun is a bright, metallic-finished white. It has decent color payoff in one pass but not fully opaque.
  • Locket Book is a warm medium-dark brown with gold shimmer. It delivered semi-opaque coverage in a single pass.
  • Ultraviolet is an eggplant purple with soft purple shimmer with a slightly metallic finish. One pass won’t get you full color coverage (about two passes), but it doesn’t skip at all and was still fairly pigmented, given the trouble with purple eyeliners.
  • Amethyst Android is a blue-toned violet purple with a shimmered, metallic finish. Like Ultraviolet, it’s not quite opaque in one pass.
  • Broken Doll is a pale, warm-toned pink that looks almost champagne against my skin tone. The finish is fairly metallic, and this would be a good color to brighten the eyes without being too stark. It has decent color payoff in a single pass.
  • Sparkling Ammunition is a rich olive green with golden shimmer. In a single pass, it reads less green and more brown, but if applied in two or three passes, the green starts to come out.
  • Kanzashi is a bright blue with silver sparkle. It’s so-so in pigmentation in one pass. It is one of the most vibrant shades I tried.
  • Glamorous Thief is a medium-dark blue with soft blue shimmer. This shade was the most pigmented in a single go–nearly opaque.

I actually reviewed Glamorous Thief and Amethyst Android when these originally launched here, and I liked them then–and I really love the Eye Dream Hyperliners generally, after trying several shades for the past few weeks. I’ve been digging Locket Book and Sparkling Ammunition for a defined eye that’s not as stark as black. These are so, so smooth.   They have the same softness and smooth application as Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liners, actually, which wasn’t how I felt originally.  They deliver a fair amount of pigmentation in a single pass, though I’d probably use the same back-and-forth method I typically use with eyeliners for a really rich, opaque line of color. They hold up well without budging, fading, or smudging. I’ve worn them during a shower (the easiest and quickest way to test out “waterproof” claims–plus, humidity!) and had no issues there.

The eyeliners had a slight packaging re-do, and they look more streamlined than they were previously, and I do like that the entire length of the pencil is done in the shade’s color, rather than the pink it was before. Curiously, the eyeliners actually came down in price; they’re $15 a pop, compared to $17 when they debuted–which makes these a better deal than my favorite eyeliners by Urban Decay and Make Up For Ever. I definitely want to check out the other five shades in the range, like Spark of Envy, which you know is calling to me.

The Glossover


Eye Dream Hyperliner

These are really good, and now that they're cheaper than mainstays Urban Decay 24/7 Liner and Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes, they're totally worth checking out next time you're at Sephora.











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Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyper Liner

Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner Review

Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner ($17.00) is a soft pencil eyeliner available in thirteen colorful shades.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from Tarina Tarantino’s makeup line, but these two eyeliners are the first products from her line that I’ve tried, and I am pleasantly surprised!   They are soft but not super soft — think firmer than Urban Decay 24/7 Pencils but softer than Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes — and apply very smoothly.  The color range seems fun, even if I’ve only seen two, I’m interested in checking out a few more shades (like Spark of Envy!).

  • Glamorous Thief is a brightened medium blue with silver spairkle and a soft sheen.
  • Amethyst Android is a blue-based violet purple with a soft sheen but no real noticeable shimmer.

I found these liners stayed put on my lower lash line (I didn’t wear on my water line, since I wasn’t sure if these were waterline safe or not) without budging, smudging, or migrating during the day.   The liner itself applies intensely without work, and it glides on without tugging on the lash line, too.  I really like the level of softness, because it’s not so soft it’s easy to break, but it’s not so hard that it tugs or drags on the lash line either.

The eyeliners are also very simply packaged–colored end followed by a silver strip, and then the majority of the pencil is a pink all topped off with a silver cap.  They’re the same price as both Urban Decay and Make Up For Ever’s eyeliners–and just as good.  I’d say the color range may differ here and there, though Tarina Tarantino’s closer to Urban Decay’s.   In fact, Glamorous Thief is incredibly similar to Deviant, while Amethyst Android to Lust.  (If you have those, I’d pass on both these shades.)  On me, all three wear about the same, with Make Up For Ever doing the best on the water line, and then Tarina Tarantino and Urban Decay doing just slightly under Make Up For Ever (but I personally prefer the color range and softness of Urban Decay).

Have you tried Tarina Tarantino’s Hyperliner yet?  Any must-have shades?

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation:  If you’re either an eyeliner fiend or you don’t have too many Urban Decay/Make Up For Ever eyeliners, then Tarina Tarantino is a nice line to try if you’re looking for a pop of color in your eyeliner.  I don’t think the shade range is as standout when the market has so much that is similar, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that these work well and are high quality eyeliners.  If you own all of Urban Decay’s liners, you may find these too similar to own both–the only shade that looks different from anything Urban Decay has is Broken Doll (light pink).


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