Sunday, January 29th, 2012

5 Luxurious Eggplant Purple Eyeshadows

Deep, decadent purples with red undertones make me think of eggplants.  They can be a tough beast to master, often because they come in matte finishes, but they’re so worth practicing and perfecting.  They can add so much depth to your look; I love using them as a crease color paired with soft browns, beiges, pinks, and lighter purples.

What’s your favorite eggplant-hued eyeshadow?

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Tarina Tarantino Fantastical Jewel Eyeshadow Palette
Tarina Tarantino Fantastical Jewel Eyeshadow Palette

Tarina Tarantino Fantastical Jewel Eyeshadow Palette ($32.00 for 0.32 oz.) is a purple-themed eyeshadow palette that features five shades. Tarina Tarantino’s eyeshadow formula can be used wet or dry, and each shade is supposed to have excellent pigmentation.

The top shade in the palette is a plummy mauve with a satiny sheen. It has more of a reflective finish than lots of shimmer, but it is not metallic. The color payoff is lovely–really soft, smooth application and opaque color. Wet ‘n’ Wild We’re Blasting Off has a similar shade that appears lighter, almost pinker. Bare Escentuals Rowdy is has less of a sheen, so it appears darker. MAC Tendersmoke is similar in color, but Tarina Tarantino’s is much more pigmented. MAC Shale is browner.

The shade on the left of the palette is a fuchsia-purple with a soft, frosted finish. The texture is soft and smooth with good color payoff. It’s purpler compared to MAC Stars ‘n Rockets and Urban Decay Fishnet. Bare Escentuals Boudoir comes the closest, but it’s pinker.

In the center, there is a creamy, pale yellow gold with a frosted finish. It’s super soft and dense–feels buttery to the touch–that has excellent color payoff. It seems like a lot of the brand’s palettes have this kind of color in them, though. Tarina Tarantino Wonderful has a similar shade that’s slightly yellower, less gold, and Dreamy has a shade that’s whiter. It’s a little warmer than MAC Femme-fi. MAC Manila Paper is slightly less warm.

On the right, the shade is a warm, light-medium brown with a frosted finish. This shade had decent color payoff, but it wasn’t as soft or as dense as the other shades in the palettes. Giorgio Armani Rock Sand is similar but more metallic in finish. Urban Decay Spotlight is darker, not as warm.

The bottom shade is a rich, purpled eggplant with red undertones and a satiny finish. The pigmentation is amazing, and the texture is really soft and smooth when applied. MAC Grape is purpler, less red in it. Bare Escentuals Nightcap is similar but more eggplant and has a matte finish. It’s slightly less red-toned and more shimmery compared to MAC Fig. 1. Inglot #446 is more frosted but similar.

While purple-hued eyeshadows tend to suffer from pigmentation and texture issues, all of the purples in this palette were splendid.  The only shade that I had trouble with was the lighter brown shade, which was decently pigmented but not as dense as the other four.  Tarina Tarantino’s eyeshadows wear around eight hours without creasing/fading (but minor creasing after ten hours) when applied over bare eyelids, and when applied over a primer, I don’t have any wear issues.

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It's a really nice palette with wearable purples! The two more neutral shades work well with the three purple hues to create a look that is neutral with oomph from the purple.











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