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Sinful Colors Innocent Nail Lacquer
Sinful Colors Innocent Nail Lacquer

Sinful Colors Innocent Nail Lacquer

Sinful Colors Innocent Nail Lacquer ($1.99 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is a bright pop of chartreuse–a light-medium yellow and green hue–with a creamy finish. NYX Lime is a chartreuse as well but has a lot of shimmer. China Glaze Electric Pineapple is similar but a touch greener. Illamasqua Radium is a bit darker and greener, plus it has a very fine shimmer. Zoya Mitzi is also similar, but it’s a little greener.

First and foremost, this polish WILL stain nails a very ugly shade of yellow-green. I’m a huge fan of chartreuse, but the stained version of the shade is too close to looking jaundiced. It’s not overly surprising, because this kind of shade has a tendency to do so, but buyer beware.  Sinful Colors is a very hit-and-miss line–some shades are amazing, but there are a lot of sub-par shades within the line.  It seems to be my luck that the majority of the ones I’ve swatched have been the latter!

Staining aside (which isn’t indicative of a poor product–even chartreuse-hued eyeshadows can stain when used wet!), the formula was difficult to work with.  It was thick, almost goopy, and had a tendency to pull and pool to the sides.  It was very streaky on the first coat, and the second coat didn’t manage to smooth out all of the streakiness.  The drying time was also on the longer side, which I suspect is due in part to the unusually thick consistency.  I don’t have any wear issues with Sinful, but I can’t think of any polish that has chipped on me aside from matte polish when worn without a top coat.

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Sinful Innocent Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

If you want to try a chartreuse-colored shade but know you're unlikely to wear it or have the patience to work with the disappointing formula, it may still be worth the $2 (or $1, if you can find it on sale). If you're only interested in a top-quality polish, this isn't it.











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