Monday, August 29th, 2011

Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer
Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer

Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer

Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer ($2.50 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is a grassy green with a subtle cool undertone and silver shimmer. It’s still on the sheer side after three coats–you can definitely see the nail line. The finish has a slight metallic feel to it, so there are noticeable brush strokes (but they’re “as expected” for a more metallic finish). Zoya’s Apple seemed to be the closest shade I had to compare to, but Apple is a yellower green with lots of gold sparkle.

The consistency wasn’t really thin, but it seemed watery, which I imagine accounted for the low color payoff per coat. For swatches, I don’t like to go beyond three coats, as most polishes should be opaque (or reach the opacity level they’re supposed to have) by two coats, so three is being generous and more to show you what can be achieved. The biggest drawback with this particular shade was the post-manicure staining, which was a yellowy-green (I’d refer to it as the color of fungus, really), and this was over a base coat. I know that green pigments have a tendency to stain, but this was rather unappetizing and it took both buffing and a few soaks in lemon juice to minimize the staining aftermath. The good news there was it did last a week when worn!

Sinful Colors’ bottles have a slick cap (no rubberized cap), so use some care opening (especially when they’re new and very tightly screwed on), or else you might fling your polish across the room–which I totally did the first time I opened one. Luckily, it hadn’t opened, and it was over carpet, so it landed with a soft thud as opposed to a loud shattering!

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Sinful Colors HD Nails (926) Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

It's not my favorite shade by Sinful Colors, and the brand is definitely better (overall) than this shade indicates. If it didn't stain, it'd be more likable, but unfortunately, the sheer color and yellow staining make this a no-go for me/











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