Shimmer Linna Nail Lacquer

Shimmer Linna Nail Lacquer
Shimmer Linna Nail Lacquer

Shimmer Linna Nail Lacquer ($12.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as an “emerald green, teal mix.” It is primarily a mix of emerald green and teal glitter, but there are also some bits of blue and red pieces, too. While the glitter nail polish gallery is certainly growing, it is by no means comprehensive, and so I don’t have any dupes to suggest for this.

Linna had good density and opacity; I used one coat over a chartreuse green cream (L’Oreal New Money), and then I also did two coats over my thumbnail and three on pinky nail of the glitter polish alone. Two coats were pretty good but three would be best for full opacity (which is what the brand recommended to me for full opacity when I asked prior to even receiving product).  The consistency wasn’t too thick or too thin, so the glitter dispersed and spread evenly across the nail without pooling along the edges and didn’t take long to dry.  I’ve tested two shades (and Linna was one of those) for wear, and I saw seven days with minor tip wear but no chipping. I do warn you that most polishes wear well on me, so even more so than usual, your mileage may vary!  I would recommend wearing a thick top coat on top to give a smoother, glossier finish.

The creatrix behind Shimmer is Cindy, and you can read more about how she got started and her philosophy on lacquer here, but I really love how she names her polishes after someone in her life that is important to her. It is an excellent way to acknowledge someone’s impact on your life. Per her website, she recommends two to three coats on her polishes for a “foil-like” finish. She has a good amount of stock and is available via Etsy, and the first is certainly something I look for in indie brands!

Shimmer Linna Nail Lacquer