Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Revlon Radiant (Blue Mosaic) Nail Lacquer
Revlon Radiant (Blue Mosaic) Nail Lacquer

A Rather Radiant Blue Mosaic Awaits

Revlon Radiant (Blue Mosaic) Nail Lacquer ($4.99 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is a blue-tinted clear base with blue glitter and larger green, silver, and blue hexagon-shaped glitter. It totally reminded me of the glitter in Deborah Lippmann–if you used Radiant (Blue Mosaic) over a blue-black base, you’d get pretty close to the overall shade. The major difference is Radiant has a mostly clear base, while Deborah Lippmann is a colored (opaque) base. That would, of course, make Radiant more versatile, since you could layer it over any number of polishes.

To clear up any confusion: the bottle I actually bought and own is called Blue Mosaic, which was around for a limited time before being re-released–but under the name Radiant, which is what is currently available at stores and retailers nationwide. How utterly confusing–It’s like when L’Oreal thought it would be a great idea to name things differently by region.

Worn alone, even with two coats, it’s fairly sparse. It really does just look like a layering polish, and I can’t imagine there was an intention for much more than sheer base the glitter is suspended in. Even in the bottle, the base color looks clear with tons of glitter particles floating in it. Alone, it makes my fingertips look frostbitten, LOL!

I tried layering it over SpaRitual’s Ebb & Flow, which was a slightly aqua-tinted blue color, and this made it look bluer with lots of glitter. In the swatches of Radiant alone, I used two coats, and with it layered, I used just one coat of Radiant over two coats of the base color polish.  I think if you really want it to stand out, you’re better off trying to do two coats for layering.

The formula is a little thick, especially if you’re doing two coats over two colored coats, but it’s manageable. The hexagon-shaped glitters you do have to fish around a little for, and they slide around easily if you don’t wait long enough between coats.  I typically get a week of wear with Revlon’s formula with minor tip wear but no chipping.

The Glossover



I wish you could get more hexagonal glitter per coat--it's one thing to need two or three layers for opaque glitter coverage, but when you need two coats for layering over a base color, it can result in a rather thick sandwich of nail colors! The formula on this shade could be a little thinner to better accommodate using two coats for layering.











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