Revlon Celestial FX & Hearts of Gold FX Nail Lacquers

Revlon Top Speed Nail Lacquer
Revlon Celestial FX Top Speed Nail Lacquer

Revlon Celestial FX and Hearts of Gold FX Nail Lacquer ($5.99 for 0.50 fl. oz.) are two glitter top coats I spotted earlier this year at my local drugstore, and they looked like a lot of fun, so I picked them up. They were, unfortunately, both very un-fun and more frustrating than anything else.

  • Celestial FX has multi-colored glitter along with larger, holographic diamond-, star-, and moon-shaped glitter pieces suspended in a clear base.
  • Hearts of Gold has gold glitter with larger holographic, heart-shaped glitter suspended in a clear base.

I applied both polishes on a few occasions, and the swatches in this post represent the best results I was able to get–and I went on a major fishing expedition to do so. I just couldn’t get the larger glitter pieces (the shapes) out of the bottle; on the few occasions I did, there was so much of the clear base that it just pooled and dribbled off the nail. The clear base is so, so thick and runny.  To top it off, the larger glitters curled along the edges, so they did not lay flat.  This caused the few glitters to snag on things, and I did have two of the three catch and flake off.

The only positive thought I had was that the small glitters in Celestial FX are pretty on their own, since they’re multi-colored.

Revlon Celestial FX & Hearts of Gold FX Nail Lacquers


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