Rant & Rave: Urban Decay

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my answer: I’m a huge fan of their lipstick and eyeshadow ranges, and I love that they have a pretty good variety of colors to choose from. I’d love to see their lipstick range offer more finishes and more cool-toned shades, though. And one day, I’d love for them to take the buttery, dense formula of their eyeshadows and apply it to blush! They need standalone blushes/highlighters! I don’t like their build-your-own-palette system at all and think it was a huge miss.

Rant & Rave: Pastel Eyeshadows

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my answer: When they’re REALLY pigmented with smooth consistencies, they can be really fun ways to incorporate color into a look that isn’t neon. I tend to prefer my pastels with some shimmer, just because they’re often better quality! Otherwise, they can be really chalky when they miss!

Rant & Rave: Eyeshadow Pencils

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my answer: When they’re really creamy, they’re amazing for quick, easy looks, and they can almost double as an eyeliner (some are better at this secondary task than others). When they’re stiff, they can be really annoying, because even using a brush doesn’t always make it work!

Rant & Rave: Curling Irons

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my answer: My only rant are ones without some sort of stand so it can rest on something when I’m not using it, and ones where the buttons aren’t placed right so it is too easily turned off/adjusted. My rave is they produce very pretty results!