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I love their Ready formula for blush/eyeshadows, and even though they’re technically different brands, I like a lot of their Buxom lip products. I really didn’t like their most recent pencil eyeliner formula – that was a rough one.

-- Christine

Rant & Rave: L’Oreal

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my answer: Sometimes they seem really pricey compared to other brands at the drugstore, so I really try to wait for some sort of sale before buying anything. I think they have some really strong formulas in their eye and nail products. I wish their lip products had a better scent.

Rant & Rave: YSL

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my answer: I’ve noticed them repeating in seasonal collections by taking a permanent eyeshadow palette and putting a new cover on it, and I have found it difficult to 100% tell online and only discover it when I open it in person. I like a lot of YSL’s products, but there are some misses–primarily anything that’s powder and supposed to be intensely pigmented.

Rant & Rave: Sephora

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my answer: I love how it can be a total one-stop shop, as they have a lot of brands available, and I like that their online selection is large and frequently updated. Their stores overwhelm me every time, but I go very, very infrequently (like once a year or less). Their reward tiers/system could use a ton of improvement. I think they’ve created a pretty good house range of products, too, and they have also backed some good brands.

Rant & Rave: ULTA

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my answer: I think it’s cool that you can get your drgustore and mid-to-high-end favorites in the same spot. I’ve only been to ULTA two or three times in person, so I have primarily experienced the retailer online. They’ve had some atrocious shipping in the past with a record-breaking number of shattered items arriving upon arrival for me compared to any other online retailer, which has been a sore point for me. I love their rewards system, and I think it’s easy to use and good for the customer. Their website needs a major overhaul, and their processing and shipping speeds are the slowest for a major retailer.