Rant & Rave: Chanel

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my answer: I used to love a lot of their lip products, but their more recent releases have left me wanting more. I like their newer eyeshadow quads and Illusion d’Ombres, but despite more unique eyeliner shades, their eyeliner formula is painful to use. I love their highlighters, more often than not!

Rant & Rave: Contour Palettes

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my answer: I’d rather see contouring/highlighting duos or quads, geared towards specific skin tones, than larger contouring palettes. I also feel like most brands put out a one-size-fits-all (which is rarely accurate), so they’re not my favorite type of product to see.

Rant & Rave: Guerlain

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my answer: I love so many of their base/face products, along with limited edition highlighters and most of their lip products. Their newer nail lacquer is also excellent, though the shade range could use some less basic, more unique shades in it! I don’t love their eyeshadow formula more often than not (sometimes it is really good, sometimes it is a big miss). I really like how they tend to put out more luxurious packaging with less plastic components. I really wish they had refills for Rouge Gs, and they discontinue formulas very frequently!

Rant & Rave: MAC Cosmetics

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my answer: I feel like they’re a brand that is always trying to innovate/develop new formulas, but sometimes I’m not sure if they’re developing them to be truly innovative or simply to throw something new out there and see if we bite. I would like to see more quality control and some better editing in collections so that there is less repetitiveness when 5-10 collections come out in a span of two months. I think they could do with less collections, but it is also kind of their style at this point. I wish they’d bring back Mega Metal Eyeshadows!

Rant & Rave: Too Faced

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my answer: They really understand their target market–I think they put out a lot of really well-packaged, cute kind of things with good themes and color selections more often than not. I wish they would recycle colors and reuse names, or perhaps develop some universal eyeshadow system with singles and then when they rename with something cute, they could always refer back (aka #1 from our range). I definitely feel like they repeat colors very, very often. Love their Melted Lipsticks – one of their best new products. I’d love to see them establish a real blush range, as they put them in palettes but don’t have a full selection permanently around.

Rant & Rave: Urban Decay

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my answer: I’m a huge fan of their lipstick and eyeshadow ranges, and I love that they have a pretty good variety of colors to choose from. I’d love to see their lipstick range offer more finishes and more cool-toned shades, though. And one day, I’d love for them to take the buttery, dense formula of their eyeshadows and apply it to blush! They need standalone blushes/highlighters! I don’t like their build-your-own-palette system at all and think it was a huge miss.