Ozotic #904 Nail Lacquer

Burberry Pink Apricot Lip Velvet
Ozotic #904 Nail Lacquer

Sugar That Goes to Your Tips and Not Your Hips

Ozotic #904 Nail Lacquer (AU $12.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) looks like lemon drops in the bottle, but the way it looks applied really just depends on what you apply it over. On its own, it’s a light-medium, yellow. When I layered it over a purple, you could see the sparkle shift from golden yellow to green. I haven’t reviewed a lot of duochrome/tri-chrome kind of polishes, so I couldn’t think of a dupe. The duochrome is a lot like China Glaze Rare & Radiant, Color Club Editorial, and Chanel Peridot–with a stronger start on the golden end of the spectrum. None of those are dupes, since those are full-color polishes and not shimmer/micro-glitter.

I applied this shade with two coats on its own, and then one coat layered over L’Oreal The Mystic’s Future, which is a fuchsia, eggplant-purple. It’s semi-opaque after two coats, but it didn’t apply evenly. The polish had a rather thick, almost gel-like consistency, which made getting thin, even coats more difficult to do. It’s possible, but there was a little learning curve with this shade! This shade is designed to be used as a layering shade. I tested this polish (worn alone, not layered) for wear, and it lasted a full seven days without chipping on me; there was just minor (but no more than average) tip wear.  The texture is somewhere between micro-glitter and glitter but very flat.

Ozotic #904 Nail Lacquer