Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

OCC Magenta Pure Cosmetic Pigment
OCC Magenta Pure Cosmetic Pigment

OCC Magenta & Turquoise Pure Cosmetic Pigments

OCC Pure Cosmetic Pigments ($12.00 for 0.088 oz.) are a professional-use product sold by the brand. They’re pure, uncut pigments, so they are best used when mixed with other cosmetic bases; OCC suggests things like body lotions, cosmetic grade talc, mixing mediums, primers, or their clear Lip Tar. I’ve shown them swatched wet (with just water) and dry. These kinds of products can stain the skin as well.

  • Magenta is a vibrant purpled magenta. When applied dry, it sheers and blends out easily as a result. With just a little water to dampen the color, it goes on more intensely. I couldn’t think of any dupes.
  • Turquoise is a vibrant medium-dark teal. It’s a green-based teal. It didn’t apply as smoothly when I applied it with water, but it worked well dry, though it looked a touch chalky against my skin. Inglot #372 is a little lighter but similar in color. MAC Double Feature 3 is also similar.

This is kind of a product in its raw form; it’s something waiting to be transformed, so for readers who love to play with makeup and mix and twist things up, these could be fun. If you prefer ready-made products, check out OCC’s Loose Colour Concentrates instead, which have already been mixed and formulated to wear with much less fuss.

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