NYX Sparkling Beige Lipstick

NYX Sparkling Beige Diamond Sparkle Lipstick ($4.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a rose-tinged amber brown with lots of copper shimmer and micro-glitter. It is kind of opaque, but it doesn’t apply evenly, so it ends up looking patchy in some places but totally opaque in others. This one was a bummer, because it wasn’t as creamy as NYX lipsticks typically are, and the overall result was less impressive.

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NYX Sparkling Beige Round Lipstick

The Summer Season: NYX 24 Karat Lipstick

NYX 24 Karat Lipstick ($5.50) is an ultra shimmery, borderline glittery metallic copper with a copper-brown color base. This is a very, very bronzy shade, and I definitely think it’s more suitable for tanner skin. It has a high-shine that’s more metallic than shimmery. I love that the color is entirely opaque! I get about two to three hours of wear with this particular lipstick, and I didn’t notice any scent other than waxiness of the lipstick itself. No real taste, either!

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