Thursday, October 13th, 2011

5 Glitter Nail Polishes Worth the Hassle

So many of us love the way glittery polishes look but loathe the effort and patience required in the removal process–these are five of my favorites that are worth the extra time! Let me tell you, there are a ton of shades I find worth it… so if you see a part two… or part eight of this one, don’t be surprised :)

Do you have any glittery polish favorites?

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Nails Inc. Connaught Square Nail Lacquer

Nails Inc. Connaught Square Nail Lacquer ($9.50 for 0.33 oz.) is described as a “clear with blue glitter and chunky purple glitter” shade. It’s part of Nails Inc.’s Special Effects 3D Glitter line-up where each shade uses two different-sized glitter particles to create a “3D effect” as well as give full coverage. Connaught Square is predominantly blue–lots of medium-dark blue small-sized glitter with larger, larger fuchsia-purple glittery bits that are strewn throughout.

By the nature of the polish, it has a rough, uneven texture–which is essentially by design, hence the “3D effect”–the texture has more to it than a single-sized particle glitter polish, because that tends to have a more uniform unevenness, while this one has more of a bumpy feel. It doesn’t bother me, and again, it’s what Nails Inc. was going for with these polishes.

The coverage is good but not completely opaque in places, and it took three coats to get to the coverage level as pictured. It is important–as with most glitter polishes–to let each coat dry enough so that the next coat doesn’t pull at the glitter from the previous coat. This helps give you more opaque coverage and better distributed glitter. For a glitter suspended in a clear base, the coverage is still rather impressive. ┬áBecause it has a clear base, you could definitely use it to layer, too.

Removal is at par in regards to glitter polishes–it will take more elbow crease and patience than creams and shimmers. I use Zoya’s Remove+ on felt, and then I press it against the nail for 30 seconds or so. I then move on to the next nail, and I do this for the rest of the hand, before going back to the first fingernail and removing the glitter. This gives the remover some time to breakdown the polish.

Over a week, I did not experience any chipping, but tip wear seemed a bit more than norm, which makes sense, because it’s difficult to wrap a clear polish with lots of glitter over the edge of the nail.

The Glossover


Connaught Square

Though I do look forward to the day when glitter polishes are a cinch to apply and remove, until then, we just have to find shades pretty enough to be worth the extra effort. I think the mix of sizes and colors in Connaught Square make it a bold, standout shade that--for me--is worth it.











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