MAC Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Eyeshadows (Part 2)

MAC Round Midnight Extra Dimension Eyeshadow
MAC Round Midnight Extra Dimension Eyeshadow

MAC Wants You to Travel to an Extra Dimension

MAC Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Eyeshadows ($19.50 for 0.04 oz.) includes eight shades, and this post highlights four of them: Round Midnight (dark burgundy), Stolen Moment (dark taupe), Stylishly Merry (mid-tone dusty violet), and Tall, Dark, & Handsome (black with pearl).

MAC first launched this formula this past March, which I reviewed here and here.  You can also read a more in-depth review regarding the new shades here (this post just has a recap and some tidbits regarding these four shades).  The formula feels like a cross between MAC’s regular powder eyeshadows and their Mineralize Eyeshadow formula, because it feels like a powder, but it’s a little dry in a way that’s characteristic of Mineralize Eyeshadows.  These bind and adhere better, though, and tend to apply more smoothly.  Of these four, Stylishly Merry was less smooth compared to the others, but Round Midnight was extremely smooth.  In my testing of five of the eight shades, they wear the six hours MAC claims, but when used dry, they are prone to fading somewhat.  When used damp or over a primer, I was able to wear these for eight hours without fading.

Round Midnight is a purple-burgundy with a soft frosted finish. It had excellent pigmentation both dry and wet. It was also exceptionally smooth compared to several of the other shades. MAC Rich Core is a bit lighter, less purple. MAC Deceit is very similar. Make Up For Ever #311 is redder.

Stolen Moment is a plummy taupe with hints of brown and gray and a frosted finish. It had pretty good color payoff when used dry and was totally opaque when used wet. Urban Decay Armor is less plum. MAC Satin Taupe is similar, a little browner. theBalm Come-Hither is darker, grayer.

Stylishly Merry is a fuchsia pink with a frosted finish. It had good pigmentation dry and better payoff when used damp. Urban Decay Noise is pinker. MAC Moon Rose is pinker and darker. Urban Decay Infamous is a bit more purple. Urban Decay Junkshow is more vibrant, less pink. Make Up For Ever #52 is darker, less frosted. MAC Infra-violet is similar, less frosted. Sugarpill 2AM is more purple and matte.

Tall, Dark, & Handsome is a soft gray-black with a soft, frosted finish. It has multi-colored shimmer that’s very fine, so it’s hard to see it on the eye. The color payoff was almost the same both wet and dry, though when used dry, it’s just a little softer. MAC Dark Dare is darker, blacker, less gray. MAC Cinderefella is similar when used dry. Buxom Black Lab is similar but in cream form.

MAC Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Eyeshadows (Part 2)