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MAC Blue Flame Mineralize Eyeshadow
MAC Blue Flame Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows for 2012

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows ($20.00 for 0.07 oz.) now include: Blue Flame (mineralize black with blue pearl), Cinderfella (mineralize black with silver pearl), Gilt by Association (mineralize black with gold bronze pearl), Smutty Green (cream, warm green, black veining), and Young Punk (mineralize black with pinkish purple pearl). With the exception of Smutty Green, these were originally limited shades that have been brought back for a stint as permanent products. At least once a year, MAC rotates in new mineralize eyeshadows that become permanent for a time, and these are five of ten shades that are now available.

  • Blue Flame is a rich navy blue over a blue-black base. When it’s used dry, the black base is more prevalent, while when it is used damp, the blue sheen comes out. MAC Naval Blue is bluer with a lighter base. MAC Shop & Drop is similar but has a subtler sheen. MAC Blue Storm is bluer with a lighter base.
  • Cinderfella is a brown-black with a silver-gray shimmer. When it is applied dry, it has a chalkier, sheerer look that makes it appear more muted, but when it is applied damp, it appears smoother, more intense, and the black stands out. Chanel Mirifique is the only dupe that comes to mind, though it is a bit different.
  • Gilt by Association is a rich, dark olive brown with olive gold shimmer. Again, when it is applied dry, it has a softer, slightly muted look, but when it is applied damp, it looks much more intense and the metallic sheen comes to the forefront. MAC Golden Gaze is yellower and more golden. I couldn’t think of any other dupes.
  • Smutty Green is a blackened-green base with green and dirty green shimmer. It has rather sheer, uneven color payoff when used dry, but it comes together better when applied wet. It seems awfully similar to MAC She Who Dares, perhaps with more black in it. Make Up For Ever #10 is similar in tone, but it’s not nearly as dark.
  • Young Punk is a blackened-purple base with pink-toned purple shimmer and sheen. When it is applied dry, it looks like a sheer, chalky black with purple shimmer, but when it is applied damp, it looks much more purple and the metallic sheen comes forth. Urban Decay Rockstar is kind of similar but more eggplant-hued. Giorgio Armani #2 has a similar black base but has pink and red shimmer.

I wish I could say this latest batch of Mineralize Eyeshadows was new and improved, but I still had issues with color staying true throughout the day and fall out both during and post-application.  The textures of the shades that have been out previously did seem softer, smoother, so the color payoff was better overall.  Even when I apply Mineralize Eyeshadows damp/wet and over a primer, the colors look faded after a few hours and any shade with shimmer or sparkles leads to fall out throughout the day.  I did a test look using Gilt by Association and Smutty Green, and my under eye area looked like a disco ball.

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MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows for 2012 Review, Photos, Swatches

I know some readers love Mineralize Eyeshadows, and I really and truly wish I could discover the same love for them myself. I'm probably nearing 100 of them and only use them when I have to test them! I like that the blackened base doesn't take over when these are used wet, at least.











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