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MAC Jade’s Fortune Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Eyeshadows Swatches, Photos, Reviews (Part 2)

MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Eyeshadows ($19.50 for 0.07 oz.) includes twelve, limited edition shades: Blue Sheen (melange of navy, black, peach), Clarity (melange of light pink, off-white green, gold, and black), Dark Indulgence (melange of forest green and black), Faux Gold (melange of coral, gold, lime, bronze), Golden Gaze (melange of gold and black), Hint of Sapphire (melange of pink, violet, teal, copper, blue), Jade’s Fortune (melange of bright yellow, blue, lime, black), Mineral Mode (melange of white base with copper and gray), Quartz Fusion (melange of soft pink, silver, deep pink), Rare Find (melange of violet, brown, gold), Smoked Ruby (melange of burgundy and black), and Unsurpassable (melange of green, teal, purple, and copper). This post features Jade’s Fortune, Mineral Mode, Rare Find, Smoked Ruby, and Unsurpassable in the next post. I do not currently have Dark Indulgence, Faux Gold, or Quartz Fusion, and I will post those when I am able to purchase them.

  • Jade’s Fortune is a sheer charcoal gray with a hint of green sheen when applied dry. When applied wet, it’s a deep charcoal gray with a silvery-teal sheen and purple shimmer-glitter dominates. It is interesting how it really doesn’t have much green to it at all, despite how green it looks in the pan. I think I re-swatched this four or five times at my desk. It is similar to Clarity, even though they look totally different in their pots. It’s more faceted with multi-colored shimmer but the base color is very similar to Inglot #451.
  • Mineral Mode is a sheer, darkened rosy pink when applied dry. It’s more opaque and has a brighter metallic sheen when applied dry, but the color itself is similar. Giorgio Armani #7 is pinker but similar, while Inglot #399 is even pinker but still has some similarity, and Urban Decay Scratch is a little lighter, less rosy.
  • Rare Find is a slightly sheered plum purple with multi-colored shimmer when applied dry. When applied wet, it’s a darker, grayer purple with less plum. The multi-colored shimmer seems less apparent when it is used wet. Inglot #445 is pinker, Bare Escentuals Chroma Violet seems rather comparable but in cream form, MAC Azuki Bean is similar but has less depth, and theBalm Curvy Cami is a little lighter/more mauve.
  • Smoked Ruby is a really rich, luxurious blackened brown with a burgundy-brown shimmer and sheen. This is one of the best shades of the nine I’ve tried. The pigmentation and depth are the same whether it is used dry or wet. I couldn’t find any great dupes for this shade. Make Up For Ever #162 is similar in the burgundy-brown aspect but it’s still quite different (no shimmer, no black). It’s more like a combination of MAC Sexpectations and MAC Centre Stage.
  • Unsurpassable is a semi-sheer springy green with copper-bronze sparkle when applied dry. When applied wet, it comes together a bit more, so it’s more opaque, but it has a grittier texture because it is loaded with sparkle. It’s a little less green than Urban Decay Urb (but hey! they share the same glittery issues), while theBalm Makeout Mary has a similar feel, it is darker and greener.

For a detailed review of the formula, please see part one.

The reason the rating for this set is rather different from part one is that the only real gem here is Smoked Ruby, while three others (Jade’s Fortune, Mineral Mode, Unsurpassable) are rather sheer when used dry–more so than you would expect.  Rare Find doesn’t have stellar color payoff when used dry, but it is decent.  The texture of Jade’s Fortune and Unsurpassable is a little on the gritty side from the larger shimmer/glitter particles.  Rare Find is much more of a low B-level shade, while Smoked Ruby is more of an A-level shade.  The discrepancies you see here in the post that ultimately result in a more muddled rating is why I prefer to review products individually, rather than several shades all at once.

The Glossover


MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Eyeshadows Swatches, Photos, Reviews (Part 2)

Within this set of five, Smoked Ruby is the real standout. Really rich in color, complexity, and the texture is divine. Jade's Fortune, Mineral Mode, and Unsurpassable are all rather sheer when used wet, while Jade's Fortune and Unsurpassable have a larger sparkle in them that makes them more prone to fall out. Mineral Mode has more of a shimmer-sheen, so it is more workable even when sheer.











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