Friday, September 16th, 2011

MAC Fall Colour Eyeshadows
MAC Fall Colour Eyeshadows

MAC Fall Colour: Eyeshadows

MAC Fall Colour Eyeshadows ($15.00 for 0.05 oz.) include four limited edition shades and one permanent repromote in the MAC Fall Colour Collection, which debuts in North America on September 29th, 2011 and will roll out internationall in October. These include: Blue Candy (clean blue), Passionate (real mid-tone red), Royale (clean violet), Shock-a-holic (deep purple), and Three Ring Yellow (yellow green).

  • Blue Candy is a bright medium blue; it’s like a really intense sky blue–a little cyan. This has a satin finish. The color payoff was good, and the texture was easy to work with. It reminded me of Urban Decay Clash but bluer. It’s lighter than both MAC Blue Calm and MAC Electric Eel.
  • Passionate is a bright pinky-red. This has a matte finish. It’s one of the easiest matte shades to work with by MAC, actually; good color payoff and soft enough to blend but not so soft that it is powdery.
  • Royale is a bluish violet with a matte finish. It’s a gorgeous shade, and it’s one that you may find the most inconsistency in how it looks online, because it really messes with cameras. I had the actual pot next to me to ensure the photos I have are as accurate as I can get them. It’s purpler than MAC Atlantic Blue but softer than Inglot #388. It is similar to MAC Cobalt but with infinitely better color payoff and texture (perhaps a touch bluer). It is lighter than NARS Outremer. It has good color payoff and applies well–not too dry or stiff.
  • Shock-a-holic is a medium-dark purple with subtle red undertones. This has a satin finish. The closest shade I could think of was Inglot #386, which is slightly redder. While the color payoff is decent, it is dry, so it can skip and look uneven if you aren’t careful.
  • Three Ring Yellow is a green-tinged yellow; it’s almost chartreuse but yellower. I imagine this might be the color one would be if they were seasick… This has a veluxe pearl finish (so it’s actually 0.04 oz. of product), which gives it a dense, buttery texture with great color payoff. It is yellower than a lot of potential dupes (think MAC Chartreuse, MAC Double Feature 2, etc.).

First, as you might have noticed, my Passionate is just a pan; mine is actually a depot from whenever it originally launched (I believe it was C-Shock).  None of the five here were problematic at all.  Shock-a-holic was the most finicky, while the other four were nice.  These are really bright, in-your-face kind of shades, and I think those who have longed more for matte or semi-matte finishes will find the answer with these.  The only one that really has noticeable shimmer is Three Ring Yellow.

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MAC Fall Colour Eyeshadows Swatches, Photos, Reviews

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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadow
MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows

MAC Dare to Wear: Eyeshadows, Part 2

First, make sure you’ve read Part 1. In this post, you’ll notice four blue-based shades–this collection is definitely skewed towards blue. There are three permanent shades here: Sky Blue, Atlantic Blue, and Winkle; the first available only at PRO, the latter two at all freestanding stores.

  • Zingy is a medium blue that leans just a little green. It’s a less intense version of Electric Eel eyeshadow. It was also a little fussy to get to layer right in a swatch–though it’s pretty once it comes together.
  • Sky Blue is a soft, pale sky blue with silvery-white shimmer in a frost finish. It’s a little on the sheer side and can be a bit dusty. This is a permanent PRO shade.
  • Atlantic Blue is an intense shade of deep blue with a violet undertone in a matte finish. This is one of my favorite shades–period! This is a permanent PRO shade.
  • Winkle is a softened cornflower blue with a satin finish. It needs to be layered to get a nice level of intensity, but it has a very buttery texture. This is a permanent shade.
  • Shock-a-holic is a medium-dark purple with strong red undertones in a matte finish. It’s a little brighter, richer version of Vibrant Grape; brighter/purpler version of Nocturnelle or Fig 1.
  • Crazy Cool is a shimmery cool-toned lilac with a silver-white sheen in a veluxe pearl finish. It’s a darker version of Digit and a lighter version of Beautiful Iris. It’s a little on the sheer side and not as smooth as I’d expect for a veluxe pearl.

Temptalia’s Recommendations

  • Must-Haves:  Atlantic Blue, Winkle
  • Nice-to-Haves: Zingy, Sky Blue, Shock-a-holic
  • Skip: Crazy Cool

Recommendations by Skin Tone

  • Light: Zingy, Sky Blue, Winkle, Shock-a-holic, Crazy Cool
  • Medium: Zingy, Atlantic Blue, Winkle, Shock-a-holic
  • Dark: Zingy, Atlantic Blue, Winkle, Shock-a-holic, Crazy Cool

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