MAC Ruffian Gold Layered Over Ruffian Red Lipstick

If we weren’t absolutely positive whether Ruffian Red was warm or not, you’ll definitely turn it into a warm red by layering Ruffian Gold on top of it.  Red and gold is a very popular combination, and while it might not read summer (or even fall), it’s certainly a go-to layering for the holidays.  The small sized particles in Ruffian Gold make it ideal for layering, because it really mixes and blends with the underlying lipstick, rather than just sitting on top, like a gloss might. The effect between this and a gold-shimmered gloss is still very close, so if you already have a gold gloss, try layering it over your favorite red lipstick.

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MAC Ruffian Gold layered over Ruffian Red Lipstick

MAC & Ruffian: Lipsticks

MAC and Ruffian have teamed up to launch an online-only collection that features three sets of glue-on nails (to be shown shortly) and three lipsticks: Ruffian Gold (gold glitter metallic), Ruffian Naked (pale peachy nude), and Ruffian Red (classic rich blue red). The collection is available online now. Each lipstick is housed in traditional MAC packaging–a matte black tube with a rounded cap–and has the same vanilla-scent as other MAC lipsticks. Each of these is $14.50.

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MAC Ruffian Gold Lipstick